How Young Entrepreneurs Can Strike Big Business Deal And Win

In this article, you’ll learn:  young entrepreneurs

  1. The ultimate business hindrance
  2. What makes a deal, big.
  3. How failure can be turned into success
  4. The best way to strike big deal and win

Is it difficult to strike a BIG business deal and win?

Young entrepreneurs are known for their tenacity and guts. I had to quit my job as a content producer in a marketing firm to pursue my BIG dreams online.

There were times when I faced life-threatening challenges – I thought the world has come to an end. I learnt how to be persevering and waited for the right change to happen – and I’m glad I didn’t give up.

Most of what you need to climb the ladder of success, as a young entrepreneur is already inside of you.

It has nothing to do with age – under30ceo blog has shared countless success stories of young geeks who are making a living online and impacting lives around the globe – in orders words, they were minding their businesses.

Great paying clients are out there. Corporate firms are desperate to connect with you – they’ve huge capital outlay to lift their business up. And these people are willing to pay what you’re worth. Rather than settling for the crumbs that fall of

the table, you can target the big dogs in the market and cash-in.

The ultimate business hindrance

Maybe you started your business on a shoe-string budget, and you called it a small business – don’t you think it’s high time you make it BIG?

Every small business has the potential to grow and leave the ground floor. The real business is done at the top and until you climb up, success will be gradual or dormant.

What if I tell you that the ultimate business hindrance isn’t lack of money, time, resources, connection, intelligence, qualifications and so forth?

All these are vital ‘inputs’ to aid in achieving business goals, but they’re not the ‘real’ problem of young entrepreneurs. So, what’s wrong – what are young geeks failing to do right?

You may be on the right track, but your mind is off the track. In order words, the ultimate hindrance to growing a successful business is the “mind.”

It can work for or against you. When I left my 9-5 job and started my freelance business, I struggled to pitch my first prospect.

Off course, I was qualified, had the necessary training and tools to succeed, but I wasn’t prepared for the ‘aggressive’ world out there.

My mind was behind the fast change going on around the world.

But I triumphed, and you too can. Here are 3 highlights to clear-off bumps on your mind and become a go-getter:

  1. Seek the counsel of a credible mentor
  2. Trust your instinct and take bold step, irrespective of fear
  3. Mind your business, not your mind. Your mind may tell you to be careful and play safe, don’t succumb.

What makes a deal, big? young entrepreneurs deal

You would think a great business deal is all about the money. But there is more to it. There are several strings to achieving tremendous results in life, one of such is money and the other is relationship.

Every young and aspiring entrepreneur must recognize these two marketing weapons and pursue them.

It’s ideal to go after building relationships with target prospects and businesses.

In effect, the only deal that’s what pursuing is the one that can affect your goals – can you achieve a definite goal or come closer to achieving it? If not, strategize and seek for better deals.

If a client is so concerned about getting ‘there’ without considering your efforts and creativity, it may be a bad deal. Look for deals that make you better, leave a trail on your mind and help you think like an aggressive salesperson. My experience with find notary thought me several lessons. BTW: Find Notary is the largest notary public and mobile notary directory in the United States.

The best deals that are worth looking into are:

  1. Deals and projects that makes you thick.
  2. Prospects that came to you via inbound marketing channels (blog, SEO, SMM et al) – they’re more targeted than paid leads.
  3. Prospects who value ‘communication’ rather than ‘hit-and-run deal.
  4. Deals that challenge your social life. It’s all about relationship building, nothing else counts.

How failure can be turned into success

Failure has a way of weighing young entrepreneurs down. When it comes to handling failure, I think there is a huge difference 16 and 60 years. I learnt from my Dad that failure is part of success.

And according to Robert Kiyosaki, “you may have to lose several businesses before you build a solid one.”

If you’ve failed before or you’re experiencing failure in your business right now, be strong – the world needs you.
Failure in business may not be what you’re doing wrong, but who you’re. If you can change your thoughts, there will be a sudden business transformation, leading to success.

When failure tries to hold you captive, do this:

  1. “Recognize that failure is a temporal event, not a person” – (anonymous)
  2. Know that successful businesses once failed.
  3. Challenge your creative instinct to step forward, even in the midst of fear.

The best way to strike bigger deals and win

We’re almost done with this article, but before I leave you, I want to show you the tiny, yet, a powerful strategy to winning BIG deal online.

As I mentioned above, you don’t need extra qualifications or funds to make it work, all you need is to “take action when opportunities appear.”

“Step out and grab opportunities.”

If you gaze upon failure, success will disguise itself as work and pass you by. Learn to take action when the right opportunities appear. The way to make it work is this:

  1. Recognize there are great opportunities out there
  2. Don’t wait for opportunities, go after them
  3. Be confident and prepare to fail if that’s the only option
  4. Keep at it; you’ll do exploits if you don’t give up.

Over to you

Did you agree or disagree with this article. It’s time for you to share your comment and let me know what you think. I’m giving you a wake-up call today – what you need to get to the top is not hidden in the clouds, it’s someone – it could be right under your nose. See you at the top!

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  1. When you’re new in your business, you find really difficult to take any action as you fear to get failed. Nobody likes to fail but you have to take action only then you can expect any result, and failure only makes ready for future success. To never fear to fail, take it as an opportunity to learn and improve your skills.

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