73 Cool Ways To Write Content For Targeted Traffic

I love to talk about website traffic.   write targeted traffic

The harsh truth is that even if you’re not one of the so-called experts or professional bloggers, with the right traffic coming to your website, you’d definitely succeed.

That doesn’t mean you should fold your arms and expect traffic to bring money.

You still must take advantage of the traffic by monetizing and building relationships.

That aside, I want to show you the 73 cool ways to write content that can bring you targeted traffic.

These are cool ways because; you could easily pick one of the ideas and scale it up. I don’t care the number of visitors you’ve right now, it can be doubled or even tripled. Just keep reading to find out how…


Content alone may not bring you targeted traffic

It’s quite unfortunate how website owners esteem content as though it’s the ultimate. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for helpful content, but that’s not what your ideal customers need.

What they need is a solution to their problem. Did you not know that they (your visitors/readers) would appreciate it so much if you can solve their problem without asking them to read your 1000+ article?

In case you’ve missed it, I want to call you to order once again. Content alone MAY not bring you the right traffic. You need to learn how to write the type of content that sucks traffic from the web.

And trust me; I’m not talking about writing content that obeys all grammatical rules (which is vital by the way).

There is a way to write content for the web that would generate insane readers to your blog. For the past 30 days, I’ve not written a single blog post, but my blog hasn’t seized to grow. Why?

It’s because since 2011, I’ve been producing one of the best content that my readers need. Every blog post is an additional source of traffic for me.

Enough… here comes the 73 cool ways to write content that gets you traffic day in and day out. Are you ready?


1.       Before you write, study your niche market

You’ve to study your niche market. This can be difficult task for you, especially when you’re a generic blogger or marketer.

I mean, you write on virtually every topic you hear the birds whisper to your ear. Studying is part of market research, and it’s got nothing to do with keyword research.

What you’re basically doing is trying to know who you’re going to write for, their needs, their age brackets and what their tastes are. To successfully do this, you need to spend time discussing with them on Twitter, Facebook or niche forums.

For instance, if you know that your audience is startup businesspeople, then you can drive them to your blog by writing tutorials and posts with practical examples. Correct?


2.       Be specific with your title

If your content page ranks in Google, would it be clicked?

We’ve been advised to write powerful, catchy titles, which is a great idea. But the best thing that can happen to your content is when you’re specific.

For instance, if you’ve in mind to show people how to optimize their YouTube videos and get it ranked in Google top 10, then don’t digress from that single thought.

Once you make that known in the title, stick to that idea. May I remind you that your readers/target audience doesn’t like to be deceived, not in the tiniest of it?


3.       Introduce a call to action early

Now, this is powerful and I’m sure you’ve not been doing it. Listen, I want you to mark the word “early” because that’s going to determine whether or not your readers are going to eventually click the link at the bottom of your content.

Most of the time, we miss out on driving traffic to our websites, because we didn’t “pre-sell” our call to action link beneath.

From the introduction, creatively tell readers that a link is below, which when clicked, would take them to the perfect place for accurate answers.

Don’t add your link at the beginning, but build up momentum first. This way, when readers read down, they would recall what you had told them and click. That’s traffic to your website. Isn’t it wonderful?


4.       Write strong subtitles

In order for your content to get you the required traffic, you’ve to write strong subtitles. It’s very simple to do.

Just identify or list out the benefits you’ve for people and use the strongest of them in your subheadings and bullet points. This single act can act as a hook, thereby driving traffic to your website effortlessly.


5.       Write for the wants, not the needs

In Economics, we learnt that human “wants” are insatiable.

Truth is, your target audience may not necessarily care about their needs. They’re 100% mindful of their wants. For instance, do you think people prefer to make “more” money or simply get a job?

Understand this: getting a job can be seen as a need, but making more money isn’t a need. It’s a want. Money is a need, but more of it comes from the yearnings to get the better things of life.

That’s why money making products still sell like hot cakes if you know what you’re doing. When you’re writing to your target audience, find out their wants and focus on meeting them. You’ll win lifelong customers – and I mean it.


6.       Sneak peak your competitors

You want more targeted traffic, then stop struggling all by yourself. You’ve got to learn from your competitors.

But this time, don’t enroll in an intensive class, just sneak peak on what they’re doing well, stand on that insight and write a better content. Which keywords are they targeting? How do they write their titles, call to action, subtitles, where are their links coming from?

You’ll definitely see a leap on your traffic. If this doesn’t work for you, then you need to go see a Pastor for special deliverance. Period!


7.       Write to one person only

You already know this. When you’re writing on the internet, even if thousands of people would eventually read your content, don’t be deceived by that. Write to one person only.

When each person reads it, it’d seem as if you specifically wrote it for him or her. Personality is cute. Instead of using “we” in your content, use “you” more often.


8.       Draw readers down with questions     content marketing questions

The right question would always get the right answer/response.

If you want people to read your article, blog post or e-book and take action, ensure you don’t leave them hanging.

Ask questions and they won’t even know when they have gotten to the last line – with your website link.


9.       Use figures on your title

How would you feel if the title of this post is “ways to write content for targeted traffic?” To be honest with you, I don’t like such generic titles.

I want it to be unique and explanatory. Use figures. Include numbers.

And if possible, use an odd number, instead of even. I’m expected by intuition to use “72” but research shows that “73” is an odd number and so, would captivate you better. Wow!


10.   Entertain first, educate second

Inasmuch as you’ve the best information to share, which can solve your readers’ problems, don’t just be focused on that yet. Everybody loves music, because it soothes the soul of man. In essence, entertainment is everybody’s favorite. Be lively. Be you.

Write content that reveals your love for people. Justin Bieber is just a young teen, but because of entertainment, he has millions of fans. Isn’t that targeted traffic?


SEO has always been the same. Quote me anywhere and I can appear from nowhere to defend it. Google knows that if you’re writing about Microsoft, you ought to mention Bill Gates.

What about Facebook, social media, Mark Zuckerberg and Timeline should become your LSI keywords. That’s how to show that you’re an expert in that particular topic – and not some passer-by writers.

Before you write any content, research other related keywords and use them to garnish/optimize for SEO and for readership.


12.   Targeted one specific keyword

Yes, LSI keywords are for optimizing, but you need a “seed” keyword. That seed keyword will appear in your title, and naturally in the content body. I know someone would argue that this SEO practices don’t work anymore.

But I can quote you wrong because it still works and forever, would continue to work.

If keywords become an irrelevant factor to rankings, then Google may seize to exist. Get traffic by targeting a specific keyword.


13.   Use Google top 10 data

Don’t be in a haste to write content and expect traffic to start coming in instantly. You’ve to do something first. Go to Google and type in the keyword you’ve in mind.

Then look through the top 10 results and learn from them. This is like studying your competitors – but it is more indepth than taking a sneak peak like in (#6).


14.   Write more on Alexa suggested search queries

Alexa is another powerful search monitoring tool. All you’ve to do is plug your website/blog URL in their search box, and dig it.

Then click on “details” and look at the search queries provided for you. When next you want to write a blog post, pick one of the search queries and write on it.


15.   Dominate your writing fear

Do you feel any iota of fear when writing? Didn’t you know that this can discourage you from writing content that would hitherto generate traffic to your website?

Truth is, you may not know that that “useless” blog post idea you had in mind would go viral, but because of fear, you ditched it.

I’m giving you a wake-up call today. Learn to dominate you writing fear. How? Just do it and face the consequence. Writers are like Crusaders – we don’t value our lives, even unto death.


16.   Spy on what works

What’s happening around you right now? Did you ever read a blog post or piece of content and discovered that thousands of people shared it on twitter and left valuable comments?

That’s a sign that the topic idea is in demand – go and expand on that idea and this time, dazzle readers and make them go WOW!

17.   Get insane exposure

Quality traffic can come to you when you get insane exposure. In 2011, I purchased 100k global traffic for $9.99 in order to promote a blog post.

And even though it wasn’t targeted, I got a lot of subscribers who wanted to learn more about my subject matter.

From there, I began to build rapport with them (about 229 leads) and some of them are still loyal readers today. Once your content goes live, it’s time to get away from your blog/site and reach out to those who need it.


18.   Go beyond guest blogging

Guest blogging was once powerful and it still is. But you’ve to do it correctly. Have you ever thought of submitting a valuable article to a website owner, not a blogger?

I mean, your article will be published on a static website that doesn’t get updated more often?

Listen to me. That’s the best traffic generation strategy.

For once, forget all the A-list blogs and go in search of real business websites. Ideally, if the website has a tradition of publishing once a week or twice monthly, then your content would have adequate time to get massive exposure and traffic.

Stop wasting your time writing guest posts for bloggers like YOU – go after AUTHORITY static websites that publish once or twice monthly.


19.   Be friendly in your blog post

Just be friendly. You don’t have to frown in order to convey your message to the target audience. I’ve watched several videos lately and I swore never to watch certain marketers because they aren’t lively at all.

They’re too serious with their businesses – Give me a break. There is supposed to be a fun-side of business – even Richard Brandson wears a joyful/lively countenance.


20.   Don’t wear two watches

Your content can get you all the traffic you need, if you wear “just” one watch. Have you ever heard that a man with two watches CAN’T know what the time is saying?

That’s the truth. Don’t stand in the middle of the road. If you’re not happy with Google for all the updates, then don’t pretend in your blog post.

Say it and move on with your life. Your readers want to know what your take is on every matter that concerns the both of you.


21.   Write to express your view, not impress anyone

On the internet, you don’t want to become men pleasing, just like the Holy Scripture says. Don’t try to impress anyone/reader to like you. Write to express what you feel is correct at the time of your research.

Be open to correction and learning – but don’t try to impress them. Because no matter how much you try, you can’t please everyone with your blog post. Take it or leave it!


22.   Tell stories (don’t be a coward)

The harsh reality is this: everything you would ever want to write about have already been written by some experts who knows better than you. What’s left now? Storytelling!

Just tell a story. Only cowards are afraid to say it as it happened. If your marriage failed, inject it into your blog post, but find a way to build momentum of love. Let your story inspire others to keep moving towards actualizing their goals.

Don’t try to manufacture a story – I’m convinced that you’ve gone through a lot in life and that’s your story. Don’t only tell sad stories, talk about your birthdays also.

Stories can make your content sticky and interesting. Consequently, it can inspire others to share it, leading to thousands of free traffic coming your way.


This is straightforward. Go to slideshare. Search for popular presentations and view them. Then use the ideas in each slot to write your post.

There is a reason why the presentation is popular – you could harness that to drive free targeted traffic to your website.


24.   Write lengthy posts (yes it can bring more traffic)

I love to write detailed/lengthy blog posts. Many have argued that it doesn’t lead to more traffic, but it’s not true.

Even Neil Patel did a research and concluded that longer posts of 1000+ words had always outranked 500 – 700 words blog post. Blog readers are more likely to share an epic detailed article than an epic short article.


25.   Reverse-engineer readers’ mind

You can capture a particular person and introduce them to an entirely new content on your website. How? You’ve to use a technique – reverse engineering method.

Let’s assume that someone read a post on your blog for link building, then you can redirect them to another post for affiliate marketing, and presenting your strong reasons. Now, it’s like using one stone to kill two birds.


26.   Write a review article every now and then

I’ve niche blogs in diverse niches and I enjoy writing review articles. First, the reason is because such type of articles can captivate the ideal customer. It can bring sales and even rank highly in Google top 10 if you target a long-tail keyword.

Secondly, review articles are without bias. You’ve to share the good aspect as well as the ugly aspect of any given product. And guess what?

People don’t like to be sold. Instead, they want to make buying decisions based on their knowledge. So, educate them with review articles. You’ll win loyal readers and get quality backlinks easily.


27.   Spend an Hour a day studying nature

You need an idea for your content? You should go and study nature. Take a vacation to a clement Island and spend few weeks there.

Take your writing pad or iPad and jot down ideas as they come. Better yet, leave your laptop at home to avoid distractions. Relax your mind. Most often, we get the best ideas when our minds are at rest.

Study nature: seas, trees, wild animals, landscapes, antiques and flowers. You’ll marvel at the rejuvenation from the infinite intelligence. You’ll write better content next time. And people would fall in love with your content and share it.


28.   Write list posts

You heard me right. Spend adequate time to compile your data. Then write a list post that none of your competitors can ever write. Have you forgotten that competitors are lazy?

When you write a list posts that’s valuable and full of helpful information, just like the one you’re reading, thousands of people would share it willingly and send you free traffic. I know it works and that’s one of my aims for writing this list post.


29.   Write a case study – ‘why’ you failed

Yes, everyone has failed at one point or the other in their endeavors. You’re not the only person. You can write a case study sharing the reason why you failed, and guide your target audience properly.

Even the laziest of your readers would be motivated to share this with his or her own community. Word of mouth marketing will become the order of the day.

I’ve failed before and I still do today. In fact, I experienced one failure yesterday. If you’re reading this post and you’ve never failed before, prove it to me and I’ll hand you $1000 right now.


30.   Add relevant infographic to resource post

A resource post is always detailed, well-researched and contains practicable ideas. Now, go a step further and add a relevant infographic.

When you do that, you’ve successfully created an epic content that people would love to read and distribute/share.

The best action step is to explain each segment of the infographic by writing it out in text-format. Such a blog post will be 100% unique, helpful and rare to find. If it’s rare to find, that will be traffic bomb waiting to explode.


31.   Create a PDF format of your article

Make use of e-book distribution websites. There are hundreds of them.

After writing your article, convert it to PDF and share with new people who prefer to read without distractions from sidebar, headers and advertisements. But make sure you publish the original article on your blog and get it indexed first, before converting to PDF.


32.   Write a controversial post

I wrote a controversial post the other week titled, “the worst SEO advice.” Guess what? Within 45 days, I’ve gotten over 5,000 pageviews on that post and it’s still growing. As I write this, the webpage is sitting in Google #1.

But be careful when writing controversial posts. You need to have your data ready and use your voice to write and stand out from the crowd.

A lot of people will spite you, disagree with you but don’t be moved by those. Even if one person agrees with you, take pride in that and write your next content.


33.   Write a series-blog posts

You want consistent quality traffic to your website?

Disintegrate your blog post idea into parts. For instance, write Part 1 this week and at the end of the article, tell readers to look out for Part 2 next week or tomorrow depending on the plans you have.

In fact, a series-type of post can get you more subscribers and trust. I tried it once and it worked like magic. I’m going to give it a try sooner than you can imagine.


34.   Answer the question, “Why?”

As a content marketer, you want to drive targeted traffic to your website, but your targeted audience wants to solve their problems. You can SEE clearly that the purposes are DISTINCT. So, why should someone read your content, instead of your competitors?

That’s the “why.” You’ve to answer that instantly in the first paragraph of your content. Here’s the example I used in one of my posts:

Are you looking for ways to become productive? In this article, I’ll share with you 3 steps to becoming highly productive without causing your children pain.


35.   Study offline marketing catalogues

You’re a blogger, I know. But if you want serious growth, you’ve got to step out of your comfort zone. Get to meet other people.

Read offline marketing catalogue. Flip through the pages and see how colorful and creative these brick and mortar marketers are. Learn from them and when next you want to write content for online prospects, inject your offline spoil into it.


36.   Ask your readers what they’re struggling with

Most of the time, you can be stranded on what to write about. Don’t get yourself worked up. Just use surveymonkey to create questionnaires and extract vital information from your readers.

Even if you don’t have an email list (which you should have), ask your twitter followers, facebook fans and mastermind. If one of your readers is struggling with a challenge, it could be an indication that thousands of other people are drowned in it, already.

Carry out your research and write some epic content to solve their problem. You’ll get free targeted traffic, build strong rapport and smile to the bank (if you’ve a product or service).


37.   Become a teacher – ignore writing

Bloggers are meant to write blog posts for their readers, right? Absolutely!

But writing alone can’t help. You need to teach what to do, how you do it and what they should expect if they follow your instructions.

If you want more people to stand visiting your website, then write more tutorials, step-by-step guides, case studies and give practicable advises.


38.   Take people to bed with humor

I don’t mean the ‘real’ bed. But come on, why did you ever think of going to bed with someone else’s wi*f*

If you’ve not been using humor on your content, it’s time to do it. Sure, I understand that some readers’ problems are bigger than your best jokes.

But don’t be discouraged by that fact. Don’t go overboard with humor. Crab their ribs, but solve their problems. Because that’s why they came in the first place.


39.   If possible, delete every nice comment (I’ll explain)

You don’t need people to stand praising you for writing a wonderful blog post. Comments such as “nice share,” “fantastic addition friend” and the likes aren’t good for you.

You need concrete contribution. Someone who values the time you spend writing that “nice post” should be able to write one or two sentences to applaud you. Ideally, a commenter ought to add her 2-cent in order to keep the ball rolling.

Nice comments that look as if they were written by robots can swell your head. You’d think that you’re on course, but in reality you’re not touching lives. If possible, delete such content and approve “valuable” ones.


40.   Take writing courses (go free if you’re broke)

If you lack the required skills to write content that gets shared, it would be wise if you take writing courses. Search Google for free premium lessons.

The more knowledge you get on this regard, the more inclined you’re to writing better content that gets you targeted traffic.

41.   Write to help someone, one person is enough!

Since targeted traffic is what you desire, you’ve to focus on fewer people who truly matter. Why should you drive 1000 visitors to your site, if none of them is interested in your service?

Isn’t it better you send 10 responsive prospects and get 7 to take action? On the internet, it’s not about the quantity, but quality.


42.   Write low-quality content – but don’t live there

Low-quality content may not get you the targeted traffic, but if you’re new to writing, that’s the first stage.

I’ve had my own share of useless content that scared readers away. Get the words out and you’ll be glad you did. But don’t live there – seek to improve (#40).


43.   Have a hot-converting landing page

When you write a guest post, don’t link to your blog homepage. Instead, call to action using your landing page URL. This way, you can capture email leads and begin to follow up.

If you don’t do this, you’re wasting time because a first-time visitor can leave your website and forget about it. But if you’ve their email address, you can remind them again that you’ve a new post.

Start building your email list today; because that’s the only way you can take charge of your own targeted traffic, especially now that Google is throwing darts at us.


44.   Steal ideas from several sources

You’re not a tree of knowledge. Are you?

If you want to write content that would help someone, your readers, then you’ve to steal ideas from several sources and use your own idea/angle to make it better.

Don’t copy someone else’s content – it’s called plagiarism and could get you prosecuted. But you can steal and still go scot-free. Please don’t report me to copyscape.


45.   Write for the money (don’t do otherwise)

I know what you truly want deep down. It’s not the traffic – it’s the money. Why are you lying about it?

If that’s so, then align every piece of content you write in such a way as to help your target audience see a reason to hire you, buy your product or consult with you.

This is the good side of content marketing. Even if you’re doing this for passion, you can’t last a decade in it, because you need money to renew your hosting and email autoresponder service.


46.   Write content with one answer (really)

I don’t mean “1” answer. I mean, the promise you made on the title. If you said 10 tips, then your article must be 10 tips and not 9.


47.   Beat silence in your paragraphs

For any article or blog post to drive traffic to your website, you’ve to add value in each paragraph you write. Each paragraph must connect to the subtitle and then to the main idea. Don’t beat about the bush.


48.   Reveal your best-kept information

There is Abundance around you. Don’t think that if you reveal that “ultimate” idea, which you hold dear that your business would crumble. No, a thousand times No!

If you’re in money making niche and you discovered a loophole for cashing in on affiliate commissions, don’t hold back that secret from your readers.

You’ll even make more money if you share with them and charge for it. Don’t you think so? Share your secrets, and get the traffic you need.


49.   Free traffic isn’t free. Write to people who care

There is nothing free about free traffic. You may not have paid money to get it, but your time is worth money. In fact, time is worth more than any amount of money you can give. So, before writing your content, take time to make it better.

Don’t dabble into it and rush out.

Such blog posts don’t always resonate with readers. It’s better to let your website be, until you’ve something significant to say. Don’t try to drive everybody to your blog/site, focus on the people who could at least identify with your topic/title.


50.   Overthrow lazy writers with epic content


Each time you write epic content, you’ve built a hedge to dismantle failure around you. It can’t be easy for every blogger to write 4000+ words blog posts, filled with practicable tips just like the post you’re reading now.


Now, the number of words may not necessarily mean that the content is valuable, but it’s a good benchmark to start with.

Therefore, if other people can’t write or imagine your type of content, they’ll cite it, share it, reference it and print it. Isn’t it wonderful?


51.   Connect new subtitles to the title

Yes, this is just a simple way of making your content flow from start to finish. Your subtitles are like the building blocks. The title is the building itself. Readers love coherence and flow.


52.   Persuade readers to act now

Your ability to persuade a person to click your title, read the introduction of your article and get hooked is what would differentiate you from the crowd.

With millions of blogs already online, it’s getting a lot difficult to build a community or tribe of people who believe, trust and love what you’re doing. You can learn copywriting techniques and start applying them today for increased traffic and income.


53.   Write to solve a tough challenge

Who wants to read “how to monetize your blog with Google Adsense?” That’s a generic idea and even though newbie bloggers can find it helpful, it’s everywhere.

But when you discover a tough challenge that your target audience are battling with, and decides to solve with your writing, then you’re going to get an influx of new readers and prospects to you.

Using our example above, instead of showing people how to monetize with AdSense, show them how to earn $50 – $100 daily from it, in a legit way. Can you do that?

Now that’s tough, but it’s doable. Find a solution to it and that can become your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).


54.   Focus on the conversion, not numbers

Remember, you’re writing for traffic, but not the numbers actually. What you want to consider is the conversion rate.

How many subscribers are you receiving on your email list? If you’ve 2000 twitter followers, are they really responding to your tweets? How do you make money online? Are you a freelancer, a consultant or product creator?

The traffic you’re getting to your website, what actions are they taking. If they’re not doing anything except leaving comments, that’s a wrong metric to track.

Sure, it can enhance your prestige as a blogger, but it can’t put food on your table. To increase your conversion rate, persuade and be specific on what you really want people to do.


55.   Captivate readers with a one-shot conviction

You’ve about 10 seconds to convince a first time visitor that your content is ideal for them.

How do you do that? Shockingly, it’s not with your article or blog post, but with your design. Yes, a part of writing for traffic is to get a professional blog design.

Make your blog design simple. Use fewer matured colors. Most times, if the blog design is cute, readers can stick around and accidentally consume your content. Isn’t that what you’ve always wanted?


56.   Make “em sweat

I don’t mean the ‘real’ sweating like from armpit. Oops!

Here’s what I mean: when someone is reading your content, they should be able to pause and think.

If they don’t think hard, then you didn’t touch their soul. And words are supposed to be more powerful than physical weapons. Make “em Sweat cowboy!

People should be able to wake up by 12.00 am midnight to reread your content. Can you do that? It takes time to master, but it’s achievable if you open up to divine intelligence.

57.   Quote influencers and experts

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed 

― Ernest Hemingway

Use more of this when you write – it’s better than exaggerating or using facts that never existed. Your audience would enjoy the quotes and ride with you.


58.   Use hot/powerful words as qualifiers

You and I know that the title of your content is the most important. It’s even more important that the call to action.

Because if you can’t get people to click and read, how are they supposed to click and buy. Therefore, for your titles to be powerful, you’ve to use powerful words like:

  • Smart
  • Hot
  • Effective
  • Best
  • Fast
  • Right now
  • Awesome
  • Great
  • Lazy
  • Expert
  • Blank…


59.   Motivate, entertain, then inform

I learned this insight from Eben Pagan. In his product launch videos, he explains that in order for you to successfully win the hearts of your target audience, you’ve to motivate them first, then entertain before educating or informing them with your knowledge.

And this is so vital when you’re writing to drive quality traffic to your website. Learn to appreciate people’s time – don’t bore them to death just because you have an idea to share.

It’s not by force to share and force them to accept it. That’s why you must get them motivated to act and dance to your tune. Then you can strike…


60.   Don’t rewrite the rules – like Google is doing

You can see that since 2011, there have been major Google updates? Matt Cutts have literally become a Celebrity or search engine engineer God. But as a writer that you and I are, don’t try to reinvent the wheel.


If you found out that a particular style of title had worked for years, don’t waste time crafting a better one. Just replicate that with your uniqueness and bam – you’ll reap a similar or better dividend.


61.   Make reading easy – avoid clouded paragraphs

For every piece of content you write, ensure that your paragraph is never more than 4 lines. In fact, I prefer 3 lines maximum and the fourth can be shorter.

If your paragraphs are clouded, you can’t effectively convey your message no matter how stellar it may be.


62.   Use contractions

It’s basic grammar rule. If you want to write content that can build interest with fresh visitors and drive traffic to your website, use “don’t” instead of ‘do not.’

Similarly, your content will flow better if you “wouldn’t” in place of “would not.”

Which of these sentences flows better?

If the man had not come, what would have happened?

If the man hadn’t come, what would’ve happened?


63.   Write like a college dropout (Aha! I just said that)

Professionals make poor bloggers, while college dropouts are the ones transforming the blogging world. Why?

The reason is because the educated thinks they can use BIG words and Grammatical Jargons to impress readers. But on the internet, your target audience doesn’t need to know that you’ve your own words and phrases.

No matter who you’re writing to, use simple and correct words and English Grammar.

For instance, don’t say you’re “famish,” simply say, ‘hungry.’ Instead of using “ubiquitous” on your content, say “everywhere.” Speak the language they (prospects and readers) can understand without going through the dictionary.


64.   Optimize your content for mobile

Better yet, get a mobile-friendly theme so that your friends on mobile can connect and read your content. 


65.   Sell yourself, not your content

The purpose of your content is to sell you, not the other way around. You’ve to show that you truly understand what you’re writing about.

Yes, you’ll drive good traffic when you follow the tips here, but if the impression they’ve for you is lame, it can cause a bigger problem than not having traffic at all.


66.   Have a clear message in 3 sentences

If a 2-year old can’t understand what you’ve written in 3 sentences, then you had better look for another topic to write on.

You see; the message of your article or blog post must be clear from the onset. Even if you’ve a 1000+ words article, the idea must be communicated immediately.


 67.   Write what you’ve never written before

– If you can do it, you’ll get more and better traffic than bloggers and content marketers who are scared to take the bold step.


68.   Write a blog post – try not to proofread it, then publish

You may say that this is a bad advice, but I don’t think so.

In fact, if you ever forget to proofread your content and publish it, a lot of readers who love you would email, leave comments and ask you to make adjustments. Now, what do you think happened?

That’s closeness – a deeper relationship that will come as a result of your deliberate effort. You just need a way to get your readers to talk to you, so that you can reply and answer their questions.


69.   Use negative comments as your new blog post

I could recall when I received a negative comment in one of my best posts. When I read the comment, I broke down and almost shed tears.

But a friend of mine encouraged me to take up the challenge and write a detailed post to address the negation. Guess what? The post went viral, generated 2,090 readers in 48 hours and became one of my most read content.

As you writer, every comment, both sweet and bitter is for your own profiting. Use it. Don’t take it too personal. Shed tears if it’d make you better, but use it to write a stellar article and get free traffic to your blog.


70.   People judge a book by its cover (especially online)

In other words, if you’re giving away free report to build your list, ensure that the e-cover is professionally designed. There is no joking about this – because on the internet, people do judge a book by its cover.


71.   Offer 1-hour consulting service for free

You want to build buzz for your consulting business? Then start off by using your time to help others at no cost. What you may not know is that people love to hear the word “FREE.”

When you write guest posts or blog posts, on your bio, specify the free services you’re willing to give.

Watch it. A lot of people are going to recommend you to their friends, and groups on social media networks. Be ready for free targeted traffic – but get ready to fulfill your promise, as well.


Ready. Set. Go  

What is that idea that you’ve in your mind? You need web traffic; your target audience needs something more dearly to their survival and business.

They want right answers. Deliver the right answers they need by finding out the various keywords they’re searching the web with.

I can’t wait to read your valuable comment. Thanks for reading my 6000+ words post – Now I know you’re truly awesome!

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