Now, You Can Write A Press Release In 6 Simple Steps

Can you write quality press release that wins?press release distribution

It’s so unfortunate how bloggers and content writers have neglected press release distribution.

This simple system of building up your credibility and driving targeted traffic still potent, unsaturated and resourceful.

Have you ever written a release article before? Well, you’re on the merit side because you’re here.

I’m going to pop your mind open and reveal 6 (simple) steps to write a press release that succeeds. I’m sure some newly married will be reading this, so let me not bore you with marital stories and get down to business. Lol…

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1.    Define “Press Release”


From the word “press,” your mind should steer towards media and news agencies. Yes, press release has a lot to do with latest news and how authentic they’re. But more than that, you get to write to a group of people known as “media practitioners.”

These people have the potential to promote your quality works, send the right clients your way and make you rich. Actually, not in a way of giving you money, but they can aid business exploits if you give it a shot. It was of recent I discovered the great potential in well-crafted press release content.

So, every press release your write should be news-worthy. That means, the title doesn’t have to be article-like or blog post. Take a look at my title for this post. That’s a typical press release or news title-style.


2.    Don’t Be Short-Sighted


Note: What we’re doing in this post, is to un-train our minds from the norms that hinder business growth. The few bloggers and web writers who write press release are either shortsighted or they lack the necessary attribute to approach creatively.

In a nut shell, anybody can be a media practitioner. It’s not limited to those working with Los Angeles Magazine or Australian Newspaper.

As you’re reading this, you may be a potential media person in the making. All you need is a little awakening to get started. So, who is a media practitioner?

He’s someone with the potential to distribute, share and communicate your brand to others without your primary supervision. In order words, when someone shares your press release with his twitter followers, that person is a media person.


3.    Research Your Answers


Sounds ridiculous, isn’t it?

We’ve been admonished to research market, products and problems in our niche, but no one has ever told you to research answers. When writing a press release, it’s not the problem that matters, but the authenticity of the answer and how accurate it is.

Off course, there ought to be problem in the first place, but that’s not what you’re digging through.

People have problem and there is no denying about it. But there are free solutions and information online. If you ask Google anything, there would be one million answers in 5 seconds or less. The more answers prospects get their hands on, the worse their problem gets. Researching answers mean you weigh options, compare alternatives and carefully lay out what several sources agree upon.


4.    Develop A Persuasive Voice


If your press release is to affect lives and attract media, you must develop a persuasive voice. Not everyone is born with this rare talent but it can be developed. The world is moving at a faster pace and has provided resources, tools and virtual portfolios to enhance your knowledge.

You cannot attract the media persons or win any freelance project with a beggarly voice. It’s got to be persuasive, enlightening and full of vigor.

Don’t just write anything that flies into your head, sieve it and purge unnecessary information to the waste bin. Communicate your ideas with the hope of making someone’s day. Remember, it’s not the problem that counts, but the accuracy of your answer.


5.    Write In The Third Person


How should you write a press release that wins?

First, it’s not about you or the problems you’re trying to solve. It’s about trust and how the media people would see you. Whatever step you take in this news-derived age of internet, it’s going to make or destroy your business.

Those who build web credibility understand the importance of news-worthy contents. Nothing can be compared to a quality release article that is written in the third party. You’re merely reporting an event and how the end user (media) should use it.

The process is entirely different from traditional article marketing. For those affiliate marketers that want quick commissions, press release distribution isn’t for you. When you write your release, popular press release sites like,, etc will not publish it.

Every news article isn’t to sell, it’s to educate, inform and persuade the reader to share with others. Viral marketing has never been easier, but now, it comes right to you on a platter with well crafted press release content.


6.    Synchronize With Social Media


Do social media play any role in press release marketing?

Yes, it’s not enough to write press release and hope and pray. You need to get up on your feet and market it. It’s called “press release marketing.”

You should trust your content to spread like wildfire. The press and media persons are waiting to receive and distribute your content. How do you locate these people? The quickest route to follow is social media networks. These are professional portals where the right minds hang out and you could invite them without any prior notice.

All they’re after is your quality information. They’re seeking for accuracy because the web is filled with lies, fraudsters and marketing hype. If you follow the crowd and do what’s in-vogue, you’ll end up in frustration.

Crafting quality article is not easy, and press release is even more hectic and time consuming. Why? Because your brand is at stake and you’ve got to protect your reputation with open heart. It’s like giving your readers free gneil coupons to enhance productivity in their business. Quality content will announce your business and produce results ultimately.

Press Release Recap

Phew! We’re done with 6 simple steps already. I was actually enjoying the writing but it’s time to pause and take a nap before coming back to jam my keyboard. But there you’ve it, the 6 simple steps to write quality press release contents that win.

Your next door neighbor could grow your business. Get the right persons on your blog or website and help you land a Freelance Gig. So, don’t downgrade anyone. Content writing is an open field and we don’t know who is watching. Get your mind in order and start writing – see you ahead!

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