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It’s the hot phrase online? I first heard about it from Corbett Carr (thinktraffic.net) and since that time, it’s stuck to my brain. Funny, isn’t it?

Although, a lot of content writers and internet marketers use that phrase every now and then, most don’t even know what it means.

The harsh truth is, Google might not consider your blog a resource, if all you do is regurgitate ideas, write a 500 words articles and call it a day.

You need to create epic content that can take your site to the next level.

I’ve decided to address this issue of writing epic shit. If you don’t know what it means, this post is going to help you. I’m bringing you the step-by-step tutorial, so that you can go out there and implement the tips right away. Are you ready?

What is epic content?

Don’t be so concerned about the shit for now, let’s focus on the content.

Epic means a “long narrative poem in elevated languages, celebrating the achievements and adventures of a hero or legend, e.g. Homer’s Odyssey.”

Well, that’s the definition I got from the Encarta Dictionary. So, let’s bring it into content marketing and make it clearer. Epic content is that, which targets a specific group of people, and providing answers or solutions to their problem in a lively manner.

Any guess work? Not at all!

In order words, you can’t successful write an epic content or shit if your audience isn’t defined. I also discovered that most epic content are lengthy. “Epic” actually means ‘long.’

So, a 500 words article might not cut in – because you can’t express and say it as it is. In writing epic content or shit (I hate shit); it’s all about solving a particular problem, without holding back.

Now, let’s look at the step by step process. We’re going to look at 6 steps to help create an epic shit, and you can replicate the tips to keep your site/blog bubbling with quality content and avid readers.

#1. Target a select group of people

You can’t write for everyone. Yes, you might not know or understand 100% of your target audience, which is why trying to please everyone, is a wrong marketing principle. In fact, if you ever try to do that, failure would be looming.

For your content to be epic, and I mean a blog post or guest post that’s valuable and helpful in a very special way, you’ve to target a select group of people. Every topic is good to create epic shit on.

You could do that with list building, email marketing, blogging, traffic generation, SEO, freelance writing, social media et al.

For instance, after you conduct a research that your readers are desperately looking for more comments on their posts, create epic content to address that.

Only talk about comments building, don’t try to bring list building into it. This can confuse your readers and in turn, defeat the purpose of your writing. Got it?

#2. Don’t assume you’re helping someone

There is a difference between assuming and knowing.

Content marketing is about knowing that ideal reader or customer, and crafting a piece for them. Don’t ever assume that by chance, or luck people would fall in love with you.

You just might wait forever. Writing is not a game of chance; it’s a deeper knowledge about your readers. {Tweet this}

As a content marketer whose goal is to attract potential customers and make profits, don’t assume that people will benefit from your content – Just know they will!

This would cause you to research your topic, listen to your audience more and write an epic shit. If you don’t know me, how would you solve my problem?

I started blogging in July 2011. Before this time, I was into affiliate marketing, and did a couple of writing for clients. But I never really invested time in listening to my audience.

See, if after creating your blog post, guest post or whatever content and it fails, it’s a sure indication that you’re still ignorant of who is reading your content. Period!

Sure, by accident a post you wrote with less seriousness might become the most popular on your blog, but it doesn’t happen all the time.

Here is my confession: I truly started listening to my audience early this year. That was when my blog started getting comments, and earning serious money.

It’s time to listen to your readers, so that you can feel their pains and joys. Then use those triggers to capture their minds and create some epic shits. Yes baby!

#3. Be clear on your content, don’t confuse readers

Epic content are clear.

You want the content to go viral, for people to share it and use it to better their lots. Make the points easy to understand. Don’t use big words or try to express your English Vocabulary. Blogging is not bragging – don’t forget that.

Big words and cluttered sentences could hinder your blog’s growth. I’m so sure about that?

Epic content are easy to read, credible, informative, entertaining and mind-blowing.

And when you write epic shits, make it more like a case study where you share your experiences of failure. Then cap it up with your success and action steps. Epic content works better when it’s practicable. Just like this post.

#4. Add a personal touch, (85% of the time)

The fact that you’re solving a serious problem doesn’t mean you should frown and be blunt. I think I got you there…

That’s not the lifestyle of a writer. Instead, add a personal touch – like humor, emotional triggers (fear, joy, smart, angry, earn, shock and if you’re a bad ass blogger, garnish it with sex).

It’s like teaching students how to get a specific task done. You don’t push the topic down their throats, and expect miracles to happen.

But if you communicate well, people can grasp the points and even teach their fellow students. And that’s how to get quality links without asking link exchangers to do their blackhat tricks. You should avoid those by the way.

The last epic shit I read had so much personality in it. The storyline was fascinating and guess what? I subscribed to their email list. Powerful, isn’t it?

#5. Focus on your readers’ business goal

Are you writing for yourself or to help someone, somewhere who is depressed, in pain or recovering from Panda attack? If you’re truly passionate about supporting others with content marketing tips, then it’s time to focus on their business goals. Not yours.

The last time I created an epic shit, I got over 90 tweets on that particular post. By the way, the epic shit is right below:

6 Lies About Guest Posting That’s Killing Bloggers’ Creativity

The post is targeted at guest bloggers who find it very difficult to pitch or write quality content.

I had to address that issue, and the comments came like a burning Kiln. Hmm, why was it successful?

Simple: I focused on my readers’ business goals. They all want to land their guest posts on A-list blogs, generate hoards of traffic, convert such traffic and get hired.

I did exactly that on the post. That’s a typical epic shit. I hope this post also joins the league. I need you to comment and share with your readers as well. I’m counting on you dude…pretty baby…help me out!

But I’m not done yet. After addressing your readers’ business goals, it’s time to call for action. Are you ready?

#6. Communicate your call-to-action

When do you initiate a call-to-action on your content? Is it at the beginning of the post or after?

Well, it depends on the nature of the content. I’ve tested this concept and I think having a call-to-action link at the end of the content can perform better. Why is this so?

It’s because you’re not trying to push your ideas or “quality” information into people’s head, but you want to help them first. Giving, giving, before receiving.

You want to earn their trust, before asking for theirs. It’s about giving, and giving until readers feel obliged to help you. That’s the nature of content marketing, which also makes it different and unique from traditional advertising.

Traditional advertising is failing because; the call-to-action is more like a command, which sounds like hype.

To stand out and create epic content that truly attract blog readers, potential customers, build natural links and sales, always communicate.

Don’t command. Communicate your call-to-action link, by being lively ask people to click it. Express your unique ideas and your target audience would share, comment, like and consider your professional services.

My ear is itching, say something

Have you written an epic shit recently? What do you think is the most important element when writing for your audience? Please share your comment below, my ear is itching.

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