Who Else Wants To Write A Quality Blog Post In 15 Minutes?

In this article, I talk about how to write a quality blog post in 15 minutes.

Can you guess what happened to me last two days ago?   write a blog post 15 minutes

I got a new job – No, I don’t need that!

I got a new client – Hmm, NO, I’m still in the process of finalizing. But that’s not what happened!

I built a new blog – No, I don’t have plans for that yet.

So, what exactly happened that changed the way I run my content writing blog?

You may not believe it – I discovered how to write a valuable blog post in 15 minutes.

Yes, just 15 minutes.

No matter the content-type you’ve in mind, the 6 strategies below can help you produce a quality work.

One challenge content writers and bloggers have is coming up with article ideas. But you can change all that now – but wait…

Disclaimer: When I say 15 minutes, I’m only talking about the writing itself. Not the research and brainstorming sessions.

Those could take more time. When you’re writing on a topic outside of your niche or for clients, you need to research exclusively.

Don’t assume you know it all – there is time to write from your tiny brain, and other times, you need to spend eons of time at research.

Can I write a blog post in 15 minutes?


write blog post 15minutes


Answer: Yes, you can!

Too often, bloggers spend 45 minutes or even 1hour trying to come up with blog post ideas. You already know that updating your blog regularly is important.

If you’re running your blog like a snail, it can take years before you generate a reasonable readership, let alone make money through blogging.

So, you need speed. Have you seen speed boats? You’ve to keep you head up (focus) just like the speed boat.

Don’t be distracted when you set out to write your content. Writing can become your life if you ‘value’ it. In fact, before you can write a valuable content, you must ‘value’ yourself. {Tweet this}

You have to believe in your writing. The last email I sent to my subscribers encouraged me so much. They can now believe in themselves. Their confidence level confidence is growing – and that’s the key to writing effectively.

Enough of the news, or should I call it rant. Here are 6 practical ways to write a quality blog post in 15 minutes:

1.      Model other people’s headline

Before traveling to a strange country, you need Visa and a Passport, right? Now, when it comes to content marketing and internet business, the headline is the Visa to travel the World Wide Web. {Tweet this}

If your headline is not attractive or trigger the human mind, you can’t attract a sizable audience to your blog.

Nobody can read your post, without a good headline. Even industry experts outsource “headline writing” to professional copywriters. Yes, the headline is that important.

When I started blogging, I had a lot of challenges trying to come up with clickable headlines. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel – just be wise and you’ll master the craft.

If you want to write a great headline, quickly, just model another person’s art and add your style to it. What do I mean?

What kind of headline would you click on in Google SERPs? Why would you click the headline? There is something in that headline that piqued your mind. I suppose.

Now, copy the headline, study it carefully and craft yours. No, don’t outright copy and make it yours. It’s a crime and could get you prosecuted. Just be creative – add the same elements to yours and that’s it.

Watch this video about headlines – hurry…

2.      Write your subheads and bullet points down

Before you write a blog post, the headline, subheads and bullet points must be written down. You know why? So you can eliminate writer’s block.

Over the years, I discovered that this Devil’s plight called Writer’s Block doesn’t exist. Content writers and bloggers are the ones who create it in their minds.

I’ve been writing for 5 years now and I’ve never had issues coming up with ideas. Every idea you need available – find it!

You may not agree with me on this, but it’s the truth. You can do a little experiment to prove me right or wrong.

How? Find a resourceful list post like “50 Ways to” or “10 Steps to” and read it. Jot down ideas using Evernote or notepad.

Come back later, write your headline and use your ideas to fill in the subheads and bullet points. If you still experience writer’s block after this experiment, go and see a Doctor. Lol!

3.      Conclude the blog post, first

Once your headline, subheads and bullet points have been written down, proceed and conclude the article. In other words, summarize the bullet points and subheads.

The introduction (lede) promised to serve the reader with helpful tips, and now that you’ve fulfilled your promise, wrap up the post.

And here is the shocking truth – the moment you conclude a blog post, you’d feel so much relieved and fulfilled.

At this point, the energy to fill in the blanks will be present. I’ve been using this strategy for a month now. It works and I don’t intend to discard it.

4.      Start the introduction with a question      

Blog post introduction

I like to ask a lot of questions. The right questions would always generate the right answers. In fact, when you ask intelligent questions, you’re telling the reader to come onboard.

Blog readers want to feel at home. If you’re a successful blogger or writer, your audience wants a taste of your success – asking a good question can cement that relationship.

Content marketing is all about interacting with your visitors. If your posts are full of fluffs, facts and lacks the emotional triggers (e.g. are you embarrassed by…), it’d be difficult to convert readers into subscribers.

If you continually introduce your blog post with a question, even if you lack the idea to write a 1000+ article, you’d be motivated to move on.

A good question not only captures and connects the reader with your idea, it also prepares you to provide the answer – write faster.

5.      Share your best tips

Do you hoard your best ideas, secrets and tips only to sell it for $37 or $47 (e-book)? I know bloggers who don’t give all. You’ll observe that their headline promised so much, but the content didn’t deliver on that promise.

Each time you hold back your best ideas, you’re destroying your productive mind. Don’t be scared that when you share all you know, you’ll be blank. That’s a BIG lie and the reason why you struggle to write faster, and offer plenty of value to your readers.

Share your best ideas and tips. It’s the only way to write naturally. It’s the best way to type faster. Because the idea is in your brain – you don’t have to research for several hours.

This post took me 14 minutes to write, because I’m giving my best secrets. Not holding back, whatsoever. Share your best tips or you stand a chance of failing in your content marketing career. Period!

6.      Don’t try to impress readers, or you’ll fail

impress writing

Phew! It’s time to go. But I must stress the importance of expressing your views. Most content writers try too hard to impress people.

They say that first impression matters, which I agree. But the harsh reality is that no matter how hard you try, some people will never read, subscribe or buy your product.

Before I started writing sales copy for clients in 2010, I attended a marketing conference and there, I learnt that expression is the best writing virtue. Write to express, not to impress. {Tweet this}

Consequently, you’ll spend hours trying to write a blog post that can impress readers. Why not take the easy route.

Pick a topic. Conduct your research. Then write a blog post with your voice. Don’t try to write like another person, your writing style is special and the earlier you realize this, the better for you.

15-Minute writing hack

What if you fail in your attempt to write a blog post in 15 minutes? Hmm, failure is not a bad thing for writers. It’s a simple nudge on the head telling you to move on.

Interestingly, if you follow my 15-minute strategy, you’ll learn other helpful writing secrets along the way.

But it works – it can bring you to a productive level in your writing career. If you finish an article in 20 – 30 minutes, it’s fine, too. The lessons learnt through writing are more valuable than obeying the rules of writing. {Tweet this}

So, how many minutes do you spend when you write a blog post? 15, 20, 30, 1hr or 3hrs? Leave a comment below – I’d reply as soon as I can.

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20 thoughts on “Who Else Wants To Write A Quality Blog Post In 15 Minutes?”

  1. Great article, Michael. When you said that bloggers like to impress their readers, you must have had someone like me in mind. Thanks to this article, I am going to concentrate writing things that readers want, and not necessarily what I want. Thanks.

  2. I would like to rename this post to “Best tips to write a quality post” because it has everything needed to write one of the finest blog post.. and probably that is the reason you are getting so much response..

  3. Nice, this is very helpful especially for the more casual bloggers. We know that posting frequently will help you start out your blog but its the writing phase that will eventually turn us off because writing frequently can be a drain.

  4. Hi Michael,
    I have also found structuring a post makes it easy to write. The writing process is reduced to just filling in the blank spaces, so to speak.

    Great work here, keep it up.

    • Yes Yeremi, once you get the structure right, it’s very much easier to fill in the blank spaces. Which is why 15 minutes is fair enough to write a blog post, and move on with other projects. Don’t you think so?

  5. Have you ever spoken to someone recently that said they hold back their best ideas?

    This does not seem like a common issue bloggers would experience, providing they are not trying to sell the “GOOD” stuff for a price. I’m writing a post in 20mins which is 5mins too slow but with some fine tuning I think I can improve my process.

  6. Hi Michael,
    writing post in 15 minutes is possible. But writing quality post (with proper keywords and interesting for readers), even in one hour, is impossible. And thanks for sharing your tips – they are realy helpful.
    BR, Chris

    • Hey Chris. It’s not impossible to write a quality blog post in 15 minutes. Forget about the keyword placement, and just write like you talk. That’s how I’ve been writing and it’s working for me. 15 minutes is fair enough if you follow the tips. Your comment is welcome, friend!

  7. Hey Michael,

    Thanks a lot for this post. Honestly, this is the type of post
    I enjoy reading most on your blog.

    A lot of bloggers are good writers but lack confidence in themselves.
    This type of post will help awaken the sleeping writer in them.

    Keep up the good work bro. I’m so proud of you.

    Your chap,


  8. Thanks for this post Michael.

    I was looking for a post like this from long time. I have another tip that I want to add and it’s “set a timer” This will encourage you to finish the post before that time, also you need to write without editing and then edit the post after you finish writing.

    There are many other tips, just search for them and you will find them.

    Ahmed Safwan

  9. Thanks again for an extremely useful post. I tend to waste precious time when writing a blog post. And I need to develop speed because I need to earn from my writing.

    I’m going to use these strategies Michael and will let you know the outcome.

    Excellent advice 🙂

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