Why You MUST Never Worry About Google Again!

Do you know…    forget Google

Why You Shouldn’t Worry about Google in Your SEO and Link Building?

  1. Every SEO, link builder, blogger or webmaster that worries about their traffic is obsessed with Google.
  2. Panda ate my website (and you want to fight back)!
  3. Penguin 2.0 is going to destroy link building!
  4. We have to implement Authorship immediately!
  5. Google is going to penalize guest posts!

And it keeps on coming – people just love to proclaim the end of the SEO world at the hands of Google but it’s all just a waste of breath.

What you MAY NOT KNOW is that the moment you forget about Google, you’ll start to drive organic traffic and get better results. Sounds weird, right?

Google is going to be around for the foreseeable future, and the landscape of SEO is constantly changing as Google gets better at penalizing spam and recognizing poor quality sites.

Having said that, stop getting worked up about the number of visitors, links, click-throughs, keyword density, and all of the other numbers that people stress about when thinking about optimizing for Google’s algorithm.


Focusing on the Numbers Gets You in Trouble

What did almost all of the webmasters and SEOs have in common? Most have been hit by the Panda, Penguin or a manual penalty or both?

It doesn’t matter what your website is about: marketing, entertainment, service-based, nono hair system or whatever, don’t focus on the number. Provide value. That’s all you need to get good results.

They’ve tried to game the system in some way because they abused the numbers.

They bought tens of thousands of spam back links, submitted spun articles with high keyword density to directories.

And abused exact match anchor text along with other so called “black hat” strategies that worked the algorithm into ranking the site highly. Stop obsessing over the numbers. In fact… stop focusing on Google altogether.


Quick – Act Natural

If it’s not obvious by now, Google is trying to promote a web experience that favors natural content that searchers interact with.

Search engine optimization has in turn had to change to fit with Google’s evolving view. One thing that the zoo animals have done is to put most SEOs focus on set farther in the horizon, rather than near sighted instant gratification.

Granted, some black hat SEO strategies have been proven to still work, and work well in some cases – and too often a website with good practices gets hit by a penalty for no good reason.

The kinks are still getting worked out but Google knows this and has gone as far as to ask for help spotting spam sites that are still ranking in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

Even so – the best long term strategy you have is to act natural, and the best way to do this is to in fact be natural.

This doesn’t mean that you should cast onsite SEO and link building aside, but just imagine that you live in a world without Google.


Focusing on User Experience

user experience

Google wants their users to have a good experience when they search for sites.

They want to showcase the best, most relevant sites for the query at the top of the SERP so searchers are happy and keep coming back to use Google as their main search engine.

While Google may be struggling to remove all of the spam sites that are ranking, it will only continue to keep refining and getting better at targeting and penalizing sites that do not deserve the page one rankings.

With that in mind, why would you want to go down a path that will inevitably lead to the sites downfall?

Sure, you might make a quick buck in ad revenue, but isn’t creating a lasting site that can bring in revenue for years to come better?

Now once again, imagine what your strategies would be like in a world without Google or other search engines that you try and manipulate. Where would you get links? How would you layout your site? What kind of content would you create?

Surprisingly, or not surprisingly, you may find that your strategies when you ignore Google and focus on people are the same strategies implemented by white hat SEOs.


Link building is one thing that almost every SEO, from content marketer to blogger, is aware of in one sense or another and the abuse of link building has caused a lot of the spam on the web.

Without a search engine to trick, all of those thousands of back links you bought from a link network are worthless because they provide no direct traffic which translates to conversions.

With no search traffic, you’d need to build links on websites that have a strong standing within your industry, because they’ll drive quality traffic to you; meaning that the traffic consists of people that are already interested in what your site has to offer.


Make a Clean Site Layout

What’s the point of having hidden links and keywords if there are no web crawlers to trick?

By making your site easy to navigate for people you also make it easy for Google’s crawlers to index all of your pages.

Maintain a clean site layout with a good interlinking policy (don’t overdo it) to keep visitors digging deeper into your site and have obvious routes from your biggest landing pages to relevant content.

I discovered an Amazon review site where you can try no no laser device and I discovered that the site is clean and always retain her users.


Provide Your Best Content

You’ve heard it a thousand times, and you’re about to hear it again. Content is king! In a world without Google, content is the single most important aspect of your website.

Without a search engine to find your site you won’t have any other way for people to find you besides links, references, and email or social media and people will find no reason to share your site with others if they don’t find it useful somehow.

Your content needs to address a problem, and provide a solution whether that be selling a product or writing a blog post.

Worrying about what Google is going to do next only leads to you being at least a step behind and reacting rather than acting with confidence.

Take the reins and create a strategy that puts the visitor first rather than the algorithm.

Trying to game the system will only lead to penalties and extra work down the line which is a waste of resources that could have been put towards creating a website that actually provides value to your target audience rather than clutter?

About The Author: Thomas McMahon practices white hat link building for Page One Power by utilizing guest posts and ignoring the calling to the dark side. When he’s not writing at his desk you’ll find him chasing fish around the Boise River.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more. As long as your focusing on quality content and writing for real people (not for Google) you’ll be alright.

    • Haha I’ve tried, Mark. But as Matt Cutts has pointed out, Penguin 2.0 and the spam fighting team is putting a heavier focus on those spammed verticals so I expect them to start moving “towards the light” as well. It’s not just for the average webmaster either.

      If you check out the rankings for Page One Power where we utilize the same tactics you’ll find we’re ranking for often spammy and competitive keywords like “link building services” “link building” and a host of others as well.

      Thanks for reading and for the comment – I appreciate it

  2. Agreed that the less you try to beat Google, the further you will go. Link building, content, quality and quantity all carry equal importance but first and foremost importance should be given to improving user experience.

    • Thanks Dezellin – I like that, “the less you try to beat Google, the further you will go.” I’ll be using that in another article I’m sure. Thanks for reading and for the comment.

  3. This is the nth article I have read about how to get the numbers the natural way.

    I mean great information and very useful reminders which have been written a hundred time already but mentioned too many times. I wonder why, but then I realized how we can be so stubborn and that applying these suggestions is honestly easier said than done.

    So thank you for these timely reminders. 🙂 Well written, I must say, Michael. I’ve “Kingged” this on Kingged.com, an IM social networking site.


  4. It truly is sensible to everybody who’s coping with content. Everyone is really fretting about the truly amazing Search engine optimization so that they ignore other things.

  5. I must say that google has got a lot of attention these days, and google updates have been wrecking much havoc than ever. Yet, this post has successfully explained what needs to be done and how. It is definitely a nice piece of work I would like to recommend to everyone to read.

  6. It really makes sense to everyone who’s dealing with content. Everybody is so worrying about the great SEO so they forget about anything else.

  7. Good day,

    Such an incredible article. I have small touch of information about Seo , But this post gives me a few cognizance about Google .It’s fascinating and extremely enlightening as well. A debt of gratitude is in order regarding imparting, Keep it up.

  8. If a person thinks that he has not used ethical techniques for building links and he simply posted high quality content, used natural link building techniques then he/she should stop worrying that google might penalize his/her blog. Thank for sharing the info bro .

    Best Regards from Pramod

  9. SEO is always on going thing. And if one want to rank higher in SERP then is one should od it properly. Not the the higher quality article is reuired, but ot also need to be promoted well.

    by the way it just an awesome artice I have read about SEO in last few days.

  10. Google organic traffic is vital, but relying on Google to help you grow your business is a waste of time. Thank you so much for writing this article Michael – it’s highly informative

  11. Hi,
    Such a great article. I have little bit of knowledge about SEO , But this post gives me some awareness about Google .It’s interesting and very informative too. Thanks for sharing, Keep it up.

  12. I really like this blog. I agree… content is king, but Google does worry me if they’re going to penalize such valuable things like Guest Posting which helps both parties involved and usually adds great value to readers!

    • Hey Nick – I checked out your blog and it was fun watching your videos. As for Google penalizing guest posting, I don’t think it’s going to happen. The only thing that could happen is that Google will track the kind of links guest bloggers build and the content they publish, with different authors name.

    • Nick, glad to hear from you. I think that *abusive* guest blogging will be targeted by Google – but don’t be surprised to see links from this strategy devalued rather than penalized. I don’t think Google wants to hurt guest posting since it is still a great way to spread your name, they just don’t want it to be spammy like it’s become. My two cents anyway.

  13. The ideas of this post are spot on. In the world of SEO’s and Internet marketers, the fear of Google is the beginning of wisdom!

    However, I agree with your take that we should forget about minding Google and concentrating more on driving natural quality links to our blogs and sites.

    Indeed these are techniques that are employed by ‘white hats’ that have become GOOGLE PROOF today.

    I must state that this is well-researched and helpful post!

    This comment was left in kingged.com after its worthy content was “kingged” in the IM social site – kingged.com.

    Sunday – kingged.com contributor.


  14. Hi Thomas, I really love your introduction to this post–highly engaging and catchy. Cool… And as for the content, I agree with your point that we shouldn’t reply on Google.

    By the way, haven;t you noticed that some spam sites and web2.0’s are ranking high on the search engines?

    What’s your view on this?



    • Daniel, thanks for reading and for the comment

      It’s okay to rely on Google, but I don’t think people should stress over the search engine. If you provide a good user experience Google will recognize that and you’ll do just fine. Which is why some sites rank well even though they may look basic and never link build or do any other SEO.

      As far as spam sites, I agree with Michael. Getting these sites to stop ranking is an ongoing battle for Google and will continue to be so. For every strategy that Google implements to stop them, black hat SEOs will find another one that works. While it stinks to see a spam site ranking for your keyword, there isn’t much you can do besides promote your own site with a long term strategy that has no risk of getting penalized.

  15. Well Without a search engine to find your site you won’t have any other way for people to find you besides links, references, and email or social media and people will find no reason to share your site with others if they don’t find it useful somehow.

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