10 Words (Phrases) That Kill Your Blog Unknowingly

Are you killing your blog without knowing?

Just like the creative sheriff in our city, I’ve caught the 10 words that sabotage your blog. Maybe this words are not obvious, but they affect you.

1. I can’t

Whenever you say you can’t, your mental focus is damped. You no longer have the zeal to begin and whatever it is you desire, it’s not going to come because, you taught you can’t

2. It’s Not Working

Have you ever tried something, maybe a new way to drive traffic and concluded it doesn’t work? Wow, that’s a blockage that creates a hinge. Stop right there and take that word back.

3. When I’m Ready

You’ll never be ready to change your life. I’m yet to find a blogger or an internet marketer who is ready to embark on a project. When you feel like stepping out, do it!

4. Maybe I will

When maybe comes into your talk, it’s a shadow of doubt. You’re not certain about the job at hand.

But the truth is that, even though you aren’t certain about that “thing,” why not try and fail and then count the cost and try it – you could succeed

5. I’ll Tell Them Later

This is a word used by whenever you want to hoard a knowledge.

It’s a big disease because when you hide your knowledge from others, with the hope of making money from it first, you definite a scarcity mentality and hinders your progress.

6. It’s a Waste Of Time

To certain extent, some activities are pure waste of time on the internet.

But you don’t have to do it the same way that makes the ‘waste’ obvious. Why not automate the job. Just like forum posting, it’s a waste of time but by being creative, it works.

7. Marketing Is Easy

Off course we all know that nothing worthwhile comes that easy.

Have you found yourself telling someone that marketing is easy? Please stop. Instead of being so ‘straight’ about marketing, why not tell them it’s “achievable.”

This paves room for mistakes and learning – don’t be held responsible when issues arise.

8. Marketing is Hard

On the other hand, marketing on the internet is not that hard.

In as much as you shouldn’t see it as being too easy, don’t be overly “consumed” with the terms used. It’s just jaggons. By breaking every marketing concept down, you’ll not only master it, but you’ll reap the rewards easily.

9. Tomorrow is Great

It’s good to be certain about tomorrow, in our religious gatherings, we were admonished to speak good words into our future. But let me tell you what I believe, tomorrow is only great for those who plan today.

As a blogger, if you want to become famous and earn a living, you must work hard today.

10. Had I known

This is a regretable word. Whenever you utter that from your precious mouth, you create an aperture/opening for the unseen forces to work against you.

Truth is, the more your life is full of regrets, the greater regrets you’re going to experience, unless you change your thoughts.

Extra Words That Jump In…

11. SEO is hard

Well, not everybody use this word, some blackhaters don’t use because they’ve discovered back-door loopholes to dominating Google Top 10.

But in the real sense, SEO is not hard and anyone can get it. But it takes time – taking time doesn’t make it hard – or does it?

12. I can’t fail?

This is the most disturbing of all the words that kill blogging career. Although, it’s not recommended that you fail, and the world does not reward failures, but at least, it shows that you are an action takers.

Listen to this: those who don’t take action don’t fail – alright, they fail in their minds!

13. Writing Is Hectic

When I say hectic, you can replace that word with “time consuming, tedious, hard etc.”

But is writing really that difficult? I don’t think so. I’ve been writing web content for over 3 years and I’ve come to a conclusion that for you to write effectively, you need to read extensively.

Do you agree? It’s what you’ve inside, that you pour out as articles.

14. It’s Hard To Earn Online

If it’s that hard to make money online, then why are so many people taking home 6 – 7 figures? Don’t let this mindset enguff you.

It’s not hard – just position and acquaint yourself with the right knowledge and skill, making money is really that easy once you discover the button and push it.

15. I will Do it Tomorrow

Is tomorrow in the Calendar? I doubt!

So, why putting off something you should do today for tomorrow – procrastination is the thief of time. Don’t let it kill your blogging career entirely. Even in network marketing, postponing to speak to downlines is the kiss of death.

Do you enjoy  this post, share your own insight and let me know if I missed out on other phrases that kill blogging.