How To Win Clients – 7 Ways To Attract Paying Clients Fast

This post is not for you, if you already have thousands of clients fighting over their heads to get your expertise. If not, I present you this post to enable you win those paying clients and finally make money from your blog.

I’m sure your ultimate goal as a blogger, is to finally get someone who agrees to pay you for what you know best – writing! Well, we are both on the same level.

But something happened recently in my life, my prayers have been answered and that dream writing job have arrived.

I have won a writing contract for the first time ever!

How did it happen? Not what you think, in this post, I want to break everything down into nuggets so you can go immediately and win that job (possibly) Lol! I started blogging on the 26th of July, 2011 and barely 30 days, my dream of hitting it big online is finally coming to limelight.

In order to win clients, it’s not a matter of what you must do, but who you must become. I’m taking it from the scratch, by saying:

(1). Be Yourself – You’re Able!

Obvious isn’t it? But that is the first thing you need to do if you must win that dream contract and start profiting from your blog. A lot of bloggers are barely making any money at all from their blog, one of the reason is because they keep copying others. If you don’t believe in your abilities to win, keep and add a benefit to others’ lives, you won’t achieve a lasting success.

Blogging is not different, you need to put a round peg in the round hole, if things must fit. Be yourself for there is no great person you can imitate. Even though you need others to succeed, allow the creative guts (chutzpah) in you to arise. You can achieve so much more when you stick to your innate abilities. You can make it if you want. Decide today and the sky would be your starting point!

(2). Listen To Your Clients

Do you know that there are hundreds of clients out there, who are willing to pay you heavily for your service? But guess what, none of them would until you start giving a listening ear. You don’t have to show how creative you are when your client (would be) is talking. When they ask questions, don’t give a different answer. It’s for your good if you could deliver on what you CLAIM you know how to do.

Clients are human beings, with blood running through their veins and they can spot the slightest of arrogance on your emails, phone conversations and even tweets. Most of the time, you allow your clients to speak.

You don’t need to be heard, what you desire the most is the contract and once it becomes yours, the credit goes to you. Therefore, allow your clients to win during the bargaining instances, you don’t have to win. There is a better reward for bloggers and that comes when you have delivered on your promise.

(3). Build A Relationship and Showcase Your Skills

Relationship marketing remains the pivot by which your skills could be showcased. Before I finally won a writing contract, I have built up a decent relationship with their core personalities. No, you don’t have to know how tall their wife is, or whether the child speak good English, that’s not your business.

Relationship building means that you know the needs, the wants and how desperate your client (would be) needs it. You need to study them, listen to their words and from there, you will recognize their greatest desire. This helps you to converse with them from a knowing-point-of-view. There is a big difference between a client you know a bit about and one you don’t.

In selling your service, know that the goldmine is in relationship you have built over the week. Yes, it doesn’t have to last 12 months, neither is it going to be instant or overnight. Just take your time and develop a bit of trust. Even though you are not a good person, act as though you are and your client would love you for it.

(4). Interest Client’s Emotion and Logic

In selling psychology, we learnt that people buy out of emotion, but this they justify but logic. When you appeal to these two innate substances that emanates from the subconscious mind, you stand a better chance of becoming a future go-to for quality service. Don’t just leave your clients wondering what made them to take that step and gave you the contract.

Give them some vivid reasons, how? Use your product/service benefit to supercharge their thoughts. Give your client what to think about and you will win their hearts for a long time. One you win their hearts, their pocket is the next thing. Lol!

(5). Solve Your Client’s Problems

Have you presented a solution to her problem (s)? Then do that quickly. Until you begin to add value to another person’s life, they are not entitled to relinquish their hard earned cash. Money is not difficult to get, you just need to locate a pressing problem that needs immediate solution and brighten it up.

One best way to solve problems, is to first get trained on the solution to it. For instance, if I don’t know how to write email copies, how on earth I’m I going to solve that problem for my client who lives next door? When I humble myself and take a part time course on writing, it becomes easier to meet that need.

So, the basis for solving problems and making it online is to Get Trained. Thereafter, locate the problem and start solving it. This goes even deeper to when you have landed a job. Solve the problem you were paid for and your client would advertise you via the most powerful method – word of mouth!

(6).  What Mode Of Communication (email, phone, in person) does your client prefer, use it?

Clients are kings! This phrase is quite simple but very true. If you must please your client and make him/her to jump on everything you say, you need to communicate with them effectively. No, not on your own terms, but on theirs’. If they prefer phone calls, give them one. Spend that money and make that call. If email communication is what they prefer, why not do as they said.

Like I said earlier, you need to listen to them – there is no better way to persuade your client of how great you services are. And one more thing, stick with the time specified by your client for phone calls (if any). It makes the journey a lot juicier.

(7). Change Your Language When You Win Them Over

A time would come when you finally win your client over. Contrary to what you think, it’s not when you have an advanced payment, it’s when they start asking you questions about your services and how long you have been doing this.

Questions like:

how long have you been do this (your service)?
Who are your clients currently?
What’s your hourly rate? etc

Once they begin to ask you these questions, know that you are on the right track. They have moved from

mistrust to TRUST


. You don’t have to lose them on this spot. Start by aligning your words and language to suit whatever they ask. But don’t, I repeat, don’t ruin your reputation and expertise by accepting mediocre pay.

But remember, building relationship, solving clientele problems  and being the all-in-all for your clients is the ultimate gift. I’m signing off, so I can allow you to think and share your frank comments below… Thank you!

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  1. Hi Friend,
    It is really unbelievable that you have achieved this in less than 5 months. Your growth is amazing and you impress and inspire the newbies.
    Your articles speak your success and bright future!

    • Thank you Jayaar, if you stay focused on your writing career or any other career and read consistently, you would gain massive knowledge to win no matter what situations you face.
      I hope you check again for updates. Thank you!

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