Why Your Blog Posts Are Dead (No Traffic or Less)!

How to transform your blog postswhat?

A lot have been happening to my blogging career since I started. I’m pretty enjoying every moment I spent writing.

Although, I felt like quitting several months ago. Blogging is like LIFE herself, the more you blog, the more you learn.

Why is your blog post dead?
Please get me right, I don’t mean your blog itself, I mean the posts you make. Have you always wanted to improve your post’s comments, drive more traffic and supercharge your RSS subscriptions? Then this would be the best blog post ever you will come across.

As always, I’m not going to LEAVE you hanging, you will get the nitty-gritty right here. Guess what? I’m ready to open your eyes to certain things you don’t know about a single posts (actually, my opinion).

My Heart’s Desire

My heart desire is to check my blog traffic stats every morning, and discover 2,000 page views or more. Off course, it doesn’t have to be that way all the time, but if you must succeed as a blogger, you need to start aiming that much. It seems as though your heart desire is obstructed, nothing is working and all the claims made by pro bloggers are not coming to pass.

What’s wrong or have you over-stepped or under-stepped the boundary? Don’t mind me, I love asking emotional questions that causes you to either cry out loud or keep quiet for some moments and think. The more you think about something, constructively, the better answers you get.

If you truly want to see a spike of traffic on your blog posts, I recently discovered something that thousands of bloggers haven’t. Discouragement and heart-ache certainly must set in when your goals as a blogger is short changed for mediocre results, or none at all.

Follow these steps to I.M.P.R.O.V.E your posts traffic, comments, backlinks and strong on-page performance.

(1). Plan Every Of Your Posts

I know sometimes, an idea would drop on your brain like an egg drops on the next, just bear in mind that planning has no alternative. If you don’t plan, you ultimately are heading for failure. Even when an idea falls on on you like a lightening bulb, don’t just write and post, you’ve 3 steps to take. Funny steps I bet you; Lol

  • Get a pen, a writing pad and jot it down
  • Get a seat and sit
  • Analyse the possibility of this idea

(2). Research Your Keyword

Contrary to what you have read or heard about keywords, they are still pretty important to search engines. Keywords are like the spices all those funny stuffs used to garnish a delicious meal. Without them, your food would look awkward, although chewable. If you don’t research your keywords properly, there is no link bait for the search spiders.

They would simply escape (neglect) your posts, including that fresh 1000 word blog post. However, you don’t have to over-do this technique. The most important aspect of this whole game is to include the primary keyword on your blog headline.

See my blog headline for this particular post, the keyword I’m targeting is “blog posts.”

Wow, can’t you see I walk the talk – you should give me a round of A.P.P.L.A.U.S.E.

For a proper keyword research tutorials, see placerville seo tips

Once you have gotten the keyword on your headline/title in a natural state, just write your article. Don’t try to squeeze keywords in, sometimes, Google spider could be intelligent – I said sometimes after all, no system is perfect yet. Not even the almight G.

But for your own good and better ranking, don’t be overly keyword-engrossed. Write as though you are talking. When it’s appropriate to include those terms, don’t hesitate.

(3). When Your Post Goes Live, What Next?

Actually, this section is the main reason for writing this post. Several bloggers are still wiling away time, without seeing any success with each blog posts they make. Writing is never easy for everyone, except for those who are DECISIVE enough to put their foot down and overcome procrastination.

I have a wonderful idea, I have done my research, my cute post is live, what happens next.

Do your blog marketing right away.

Blog Marketing – What’s That, Huh?

Simple, marketing is the only way you get across to your prospective customers with your offers, blog posts, articles, videos, audio clips and advertising campaigns. Except your blog already has thousands of readers, you don’t have to end there. Take it a step further by promoting your blog. Well, I believe in practical, this is how to promote your recent posts.

(4). Find CommentLuv Blog and Share

What are you sharing? Your blog posts off course. But it’s a lot easier when you comment on a blog that has the commentluv plugin installed. When you submit your comment, this plugin would scour your blog, pick up the web address of your most recent posts and display it for other commenters to see.

That is why, your blog posts must be unique, enticing and full of promises (make sure you deliver…!)

By commenting on the above kind of blogs, maybe 5 or 7 daily, you will not only get your blog posts across the web, but your backlinks and page rank would improve ultimately. That doesn’t mean you should neglect blogs without this plugin, but concentrate majority of your time on commentluv enabled blogs.

Go to Google, type “Your Niche + Commentluv

Don’t be tired of commenting, you will observe a spike in traffic, frank comments and feed subscriptions by engaging in this activity.

(5). Build A Hub Around Your Post

2% of bloggers only do this. What I do each time I make a post is to write one single article, 300 – 400 word preferably on my niche topic and publish to hubpages.com. Within the content of this hub, make sure you link back to your blog post with an anchored text. This is called “Contextual linking” and Google love it so much.

Well, I don’t think Google love any site, they just love you when you obey their terms. By linking within the content of your article, you’re an obedient child;(sorry, an obedient blogger). Remember you have done your keyword research initially, this process of building a hub around your posts boosts your changes of ranking on Google top 10 within 14 days.

Remember, hubs are instantly approved, that means, you have the guts to land on Google #1 faster. Why not take this a lot deeper, go to squidoo and create a lens. Now, instead of linking back to your blog posts, simply link back to your hub to create a POWERFUL LINK WHEEL.

Ask any of these SEO experts and blackhat-ees, link wheels is an underground ranking system that is proven to work.

Phew! I guess I have to rest, my fingers are aching me. I’m sure you enjoyed this? Share the love, tweet, comment and link back to this post. Your readers would enjoy it better than you did. I’m just kidding, don’t you take jokes anymore?