Traditional Media is obviously very important with any business.      traditional marketing

Because a successful traditional marketing campaign would give them an edge over their competitors.

However, these days, traditional means of advertising such as television commercials are becoming more expensive.

This makes it very difficult or even almost impossible for the average business to afford.

It also proves to have barriers such as geographical regulations which make it hard to benefit from results.

Marketing with your website (content marketing) may be the right way to get targeted leads and increase in sales.

With the high prices required for traditional media, businesses are now opting to create websites for their companies as a form of Internet marketing.

This form of marketing also proves to benefit companies with the following points:

1.      Faster Speed

Online marketing, especially email marketing campaigns prove to be fast with regards to reaching customers these days, when there is too much distractions.

When in traditional marketing—especially those on newspaper ads and mail marketing—can take weeks or even months to reach customers.

2.      Geographical Restrictions

Traditional media has limits geographically, so you can only target local audiences while the internet is available regardless of countries and continents as long as there is an internet connection.

Therefore, with the latter, you can cater your services to foreigners as well.

3.      Pull Marketing Effect/Inbound Marketing

If you have a successful online marketing campaign, customers are bound to come across your website when they’re looking for products similar to yours. Hence, having a pull marketing effect.

While traditional marketing would have to introduce their businesses to every single location that come to them, which, in most cases, would mean a lot of time, effort and money to achieve.

4.      Easier Selling Process

E-commerce sites, such as Amazon, make it easy for customers to pick out a product and purchase and pays for it on a secure page.

Hence, a faster, convenient and easier selling process for both you and your customers. Enough said.

5.      24/7 Operation

Your website can be managed wherever you are and can be operated non-stop; in fact, it still runs even when you are sleeping and you can check it right away the first thing in the morning.

Brick and mortar stores, however, are restricted to human activity in a certain time—you open in the morning and close in the evening, hence, no sales during that time.

6.      Lower cost

T.V commercials cost thousands of dollars for only 30 seconds of airtime.

And that would depend on the time and length of the commercial; while newspaper ads would depend on the duration of days and the size of the ad—the worst thing is that you’re not even sure if your target customers read the paper.

In online marketing, however, it would allow you to make a short video or audio commercial and submit it to thousands of media communities which would cost you similar or even a cheaper price.

7.      Longer life span

Posting an article on a website can appear “forever.”

And be untouched for a long time with a well-implemented online marketing strategy, while traditional ads can only be active within a certain span of time that has been agreed-upon.

Consequently, a longer period would mean extra payment.

8.      Geo-Targeted Customer

Prioritizing local or geo-targeted customers are easier with a well-implemented online marketing strategy on your website.

By stating the specific keywords on your desired geographical area, it could give you the top rank in search engines should your customer look for products and services in that specific area.

9.      Customer Support

With one email you can aid your customers’ problems and concerns and also hear what they want to say.

With your contact numbers and location stated on your website, customers can easily contact you.

10.  Information Collection made easier

It would take a few seconds to collect all the information and data about your business.

Because you’ve access to your website’s archive while print collaterals and data would be stored within piles of documents that would often need a team of employees to collect.

Although traditional advertisements, such as newspaper ads, are still effective today, online marketing, through the use of websites, obviously makes marketing easier and more cost-effective.

It gives you the opportunity to save more money, time and effort and still bring your desired results.


Kenneth Sytian is the owner of  Web Design Philippines, a web development company who specializes in providing high quality web design, web development, e-commerce development, search engine optimization (SEO), and other online services at affordable rates.