Six Marketing Ways To Increase Web Traffic

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Targeted traffic is the live-wire of every online businessWebsite-Traffic

Online marketing is now a necessity for every website and online business owner as the competition has grown many folds in the past few years.

However, there are many proven techniques that can help clients in increasing their rankings over major search engines and thus provide an effective online campaign for their websites.

We have compiled and explained some of the best techniques for running a successful online campaign.

Not only will your rankings improve but your website’s traffic will also improve if you could make proper implementation of these techniques.

1.    Professional Blog

You should have a professional blog on your website that is regularly updated and maintained by someone who has appropriate knowledge of SEO.

This blog can be an effective medium through which you can promote about yourself to your customers. Tell them about your products and services and share information that you would have normally not put on the website.

New updates, achievements, launches etc can be conveyed to your customers in a very effective manner. Further, the blog will act as a tool for attracting new potential customers for your business.

2.    Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the most tried and proven technique for increasing website’ ranking on major search engines.

Better the ranking higher will the traffic on the website. Further, SEO helps in bringing only the relevant traffic on the website as it is optimized to be ranked in the top results for your business related keywords only.

These are the ones that are most likely to be used by your potential clients while searching for services and products provided by you.

More than 70% of the online visitors use search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing for searching for services over internet thus making SEO unavoidable.

You can always hire a professional PHP development company offering proven SEO services and get your website optimized for most relevant keywords for your business.

3.    Article Publishing

This is another way of increasing back links to your website.

When you write articles and publish them over internet, the article is picked by other websites and is published on them.

This way you get back links from other websites. It is recommended that you write really informative and high quality articles in order to get the attention of high PR websites.

Few links from high PR websites such as PR 7 or 8 are much more effective than hundreds of links from PR 0 or 1 websites.

4.    Newsletters

Sending out newsletters to your clients and potential clients on a regular basis is a very effective way of staying connected with them.

This will make them come to you whenever they have any requirement as you will be the first name in their mind regarding that service. You should always add a call for action step through which you can invite the subscriber to visit the website.

5.    Social Networking:

Social channels are one of the biggest sources of online traffic.

It is just a matter of technique and effectiveness you show in harnessing this great resource. Use most relevant and popular social channels to promote your website.

Make sure that your social profile pages have your websites information and links displayed most prominently.

6.    Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Pay per Click is also a sure shot method of increasing your websites traffic. However, it is a paid service where you have to pay every time your websites link is clicked.

Thus, you have to pay only if a person visits your website. As the website links are shown only for your desired keywords therefore the visitors coming on your website will be the most genuine ones.

There are many more techniques of bringing in traffic on your website but you can start with the above mentioned techniques. It would be better if you hired an experienced SEO company.

A Php development company, and online marketing company having proven online marketing capabilities as they can provide much better and quick solutions than your own efforts.


About the Author: Chris Miller. A web developer @ a leading Java development company, Xicom which provides custom java development, web application development services, software development, IT outsourcing services online marketing (SEO/PPC/SMO) & BPO.

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  2. I am glad to see all 6 points, especially the Social Networks & Newsletters. One can always try email-marketing, as it allows the business to grow effectively. Email marketing is an excellent way to communicate with customers.

  3. Blogging is surely an identified technique to acquire links and also this could get you substantial options of acquiring high search engine presence when you’re effectively noticed by users.

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