Do You Chase Web Traffic… Or Is Google Panda Updates The Problem?

Welcome to a new week.

When it seems as all hope is lost, I’m beginning to see great success with this particular blog.

Pretty young and still growing, but the influence is superb. Thanks to guest posting and my readers who comment and share my unique contents.

Google panda updates 2.5 is live right now. It was rolled out on the 28 September, 2011. According to webpronews, this recent update is going to affect a lot of blogs, some people would cry while others would wail.

One good keyword has been generating at least 50 visitors to this blog. I had to check it out to see where my ranking is. “Placerville SEO” is still waxing strong and doesn’t seem to slip one bit.


But that’s not the topic of today, I just wanted to ask if you’re busy chasing after web traffic?”

This question looks simple and funny, and believe me, I don’t know why I’m asking you. I discovered that traffic generation isn’t difficult at all. You just need to get focused on one specific system and scale it through.

Chasing Web Traffic, What Does It Mean?

Bloggers who chase web traffic are always on the lookout for loopholes, that promise free traffic. For instance, a blogger friend of mine, wrote me a few days ago, asking me to checkout

You should know that site. It’s a traffic exchange site. When you join, you get to visit other people’s site, and get them on your blog/site too. My friend claims he’s getting over 200 visitors daily from this portal and my simple question was:

“Does the traffic convert?”

Guess what? He’s blog is well laid out, with good opt-in box on every cranny and yet, he did not capture any of those traffic into his email list. If you ask me, traffic exchange and all those news flying around are fads, they are worthless and should be forbidden.

I’m sure you’re a wise blogger, and wouldn’t want anything illegal to affect your business. Although, traffic exchange isn’t illegal, but it wastes your precious time and cause you to consistently chase traffic.

Even if you succeed in attracting 1000 visitors daily, you ain’t going to convert any. If you neglect quality content for your blog, every Google panda updates would affect you, trust me…

Selling affiliate products, services and even your skills begins from email capture. Until you capture email address, you don’t sell. It’s the right marketing strategy, it’s proven to work and will never fail.

So, I ask you again, Are you chasing web traffic?

It’s a wrong attitude to do so.

You can’t continue like that and expect to make money online. The best form of traffic you need is targeted.

One way to know if you’re chasing after traffic is when you consistently comment on blogs, with the hope of getting traffic through your link.

Some people do not even read blog posts, before commenting, they just head on to the comment section, type worthless messages and bam, there prayer is answered! Give me a break…

The Perfect Traffic System

Traffic building is cummulative.

What this means is that you need to incorporate few strategies to win. But it starts from your goal setting. You should map out what you actually want, how much traffic you need on your blog, and the necessary steps required to achieve it.

Instead of wasting time, exchanging traffic with people, replying to threads of forums, and wasting time on social media networking, you can invest this time into writing.

A single guest post on A-list blog can get you 100s of targeted traffic.

This form of traffic is always responsive. They are willing to take action on what you want, like subscribing to your list, and even buying your products recommendation.

If you ask me, guest posting is the best form of traffic source for bloggers. Joint venture and affiliate traffic is the best for affiliate marketers.

Any other project that promise to deliver thousands of free targeted traffic to your blog, within the blink of an eye is simply retarding your progress. It’s time you see the handwriting on the wall, refuse to be distracted.

Will You Stop Chasing…?

Whatever excuses you give why your blog isn’t getting traffic, you’re totally in control of it. You can change your response to the event and get result. From this simple formula…

Events (E) + Response (R) = Outcome (O)

Lack of traffic is not your problem, it’s your response to it, that brings about the result you get. As the CEO of your blogging firm, you’ve the sole responsibility to grow, profit and improve on your knowledge.

What I’ve just shared with you is capable of changing your life and blogging career, if only you take ACTION. Will you?

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