10 Fantastic Ways To Become A Web Traffic Expert, And Say Goodbye To Blogging Failure

Why a web traffic expert?

It’s because we believe experts, we buy their products and affiliate recommendations and whatever we see them do, we do too.

If your blog does not receive targeted traffic, it means you’re not going to make any success with it. But it doesn’t take much effort to become good in traffic generation. In fact, most of the things you need to do are already within you.

The real you isn’t the body you touch, or the person who carries you about. The real man is “INSIDE.” That person is invisible, full of power and can multiply your success, if you harness the power within.

I want to share with you the 10 fantastic ways to become a web traffic expert, I mean you will become so good at sending prospects, readers and qualified visitors to your blog, with ease.

Off course there is work to be done, just like every worthwhile project in life, but the effort you put into this is going to pay your bills. This blog post is a wake up call to you. Rise up and change your destiny.

1. Make That Decision Now

Decision is what changes situation. I started blogging on the 26th of July, 2011. Prior to this time, I’ve been online promoting affiliate offers, but made no significant income. I made a DECISION to start my blog right the next day.

I also made a decision to drive 50 visitors every to my blog. As God would have it, my daily traffic as of today is beyond 50. Sometimes, I attract 150 – 300 daily. It’s a decision I made and my “REAL” self went to work.

There is so much you can do, if only you decide to give it a shot. Why do bloggers fail even before embarking on a project? They give up. Don’t be like them.

Decide to make a definite decision today. That’s how experts are made. It’s only a matter of time, and your true self would begin to manifest extraordinary guts.

2. Be Mindful Of Time
Every blogger out there is alloted 24 hours of the day. The difference is not how much we received from mother nature, but how we used it. Have you ever seen people who complain that the time is too short?

Savvy bloggers make use of the 24 hours given to them. You can’t ask for more, or less – it’s a privilege and should not be treated with dirty hands. Blogging should be time-sensitive. Give yourself a deadline of what should be done everyday.

Don’t boot your system except you have a clear written goals for that day. I’m confident that so many people reading this today, don’t even have a clearly written goal for the day. If you’re one of them, your blog or website will definitely be empty.

People work on time, it’s the currency of the earth, even as Dollars is the currency of United States. Time is scarce, but the one you’ve can be somewhat multiplied.

3. Have A Checklist

Taking it up from #2, you need a checklist. This checklist should contain your agenda, the steps you need to take for the day, week, or month. Every time a task is completed, run through your checklist and tick the appropriate box.

Doing this helps you to keep pace, invest time wisely and become a better blogger. Productivity begins from the inside, not from the outside. So you must be hopeful about the day, work on the checklist you’ve with you and don’t allow anything to divert your attention.

One item on your checklist definitely should be writing your blog post. If that is the case, make sure you write at least 1 quality article everyday for your blog, or at least every week. A blog left un-updated would become outdated in few months. Have a checklist today, and work on getting your projects in tact.

4. Become A Writing Maniac
Every web traffic expert I know are extremely fast in writing. Listen to this: you cannot succeed online long-term if you hate writing. For God’s sake, the web is powered via content and every product you intend to promote, can only reach target prospects via content.

Target traffic will not come to your blog, or site just because you’ve wonderful things to say. Remember, it’s not just you that have great products, there a million and one bloggers who write better. What makes the difference is the blogger who can deliver his product as fast as possible.

Do you know why you should write like a maniac? I mean, writing faster than your peers?

On September 28th, 2011, Google rolled out their wild panda into the web to scour, reward and slap websites and blogs respectively. The moment I read about the update from a search engine news portal, I went in for a strong research, wrote a detailed article on this hot topic, before any blogger could.

Today, my article is ranking highly on Google for several Google panda updates keywords. You should be exceptional fast – train yourself to write as fast as possible. I’m going to prove why fast writing is crucial in the next paragraph.

5. Contribute Guest Posts Often

Almost every blogger have been advised to start writing and submitting guest posts. But no one has told you that to succeed, you need more than writing articles, you need to write faster than other guest bloggers.

The truth is simple, the competition these days is fierce. There is no much traffic that comes from a single guest article you published.

No matter the popularity of the blog you syndicated your content, you’re going to face severe competition from other websites and blogs.

So, how do you get traffic when you write 1 guest post and publish?

Don’t be deceived. You need more articles to go out and work for you. As of today, I’ve published 102 guest posts and that has been the reason for my huge traffic.

But I’ve always believed that with 20 guest articles, my daily targeted traffic would be 1000 or more?

That’s only a day-dream. But actually, do you need 1000 blog readers daily, to succeed?

6. Experts Focus On Targeted Traffic

1000 live visitors to your blog is awesome. You’re surely going to make some quick bucks, especially AdSense earnings if you have it on your blog. Bear in mind though that you can’t earn much income from AdSense if your niche is make money online, blogging or those popular niche.

Google AdSense performs well, in niches outside of internet marketing. Health, Relationships, Social Media, Shopping etc are great income earners as far as Ads is concerned.

Why? Because they people who visit your “acne removal” blog are usually novice. They may not know anything about pay per click or internet business. Therefore, it’s easier to generate clicks.

So talking about targeted traffic, you should be focused on it. Take for instance, one of my niche blogs, that talks about “acne scar” only attract 21 visitors daily or less. But do you know I earn about $400 monthly from that tiny traffic?

7. Participate In Guest Post Contest

I recently discovered the traffic generation power in this. I’m actually enrolled in “Smartbloggerz guest posting gone crazy,” and the traffic I receive everyday is massive.

When you participate in such events, blogger would begin to see you as an authority in your niche. If you can compete with other bloggers for a cash prize, it means you’ve something upstairs, even when you know nothing.

But you’ve got to write you guest posts decently.

Properly research your topic, share your insights, success stories and if need be, share a case study and your daily traffic would soar. If you want to become good in traffic generation, and consequently become an expert in web traffic, you’ve to go out there and mingle.

You can’t succeed in isolation. You need me, or someone like me to move to that level of blogging you want, if I can’t help you, then some one else would. Start participating today.

Even if you didn’t win, it’s not a war-affair. But you’ve gotten your feet wet, it goes a long way in buiding your relationship.

8. Use Paper.li To Broadcast Your Content

Paper.li is a fantastic site that allows you to create a newspaper version of your twitter activities, Facebook updates and RSS feeds into one single place. It only takes about 5 minutes to get every detail in place, and your newspaper-content is live.

People love reading newspapers and if you can create an interesting one, then be ready for huge traffic.

But more than that, we respect the media, maybe for no strong reason – that is the same thing that happens to you when you start distributing newspapers online.

Remember, out goal is to turn you into a web traffic expert, where you not only drive traffic to your blog, but you also convert such traffic and make money from it. Isn’t that the concept of this post? Get started today with paper.li.

9. Don’t Forget Your Business Card At Home

Do you know the great benefit of using a business card in marketing your products and services? Well, a business card is always cherished. But there is a way you can triple your success rate when using business card to build your brand.

When you give out business card, ask your recipient to give you his/her own. The moment you get it in your hand, don’t just tuck it into your wallet, simply stare at the card for few seconds and ADMIRE IT. Do this with all seriousness and slight humor.

You can always spot something that interest you about that business card. It could be the color, the theme, the layout and design or the font used. If you find a website or blog address, simply ask your opponent, if you can visit.

All these marketing gingles can be done in 10 seconds if you are smart.

But guess what? Your own business card is going to achieve a significant result. Have your blog address, twitter handle and facebook page on the reverse side. You’ll appear as an expert, even when you’re still a newbie. Lol!

10. Don’t Scare Readers To Death

One thing I hate as a human being is distraction. Whenever I visit a blog for the first time and see unhealthy sidebars, I don’t like coming back. Now, I’m throwing this question over to you?

What’s on your sidebar?

Do you have 10s of banners, Pay Per Click advertising, job widgets and everything that promises to make you an instant millionaire? Give me a break… such things are not healthy for your blog.

They drive traffic away. People do not visit your blog for the purpose of clicking your affiliate banners, they are there to get knowledge.

Your sidebar should be free of every affiliate banner, especially when your blog is still growing readership.

I recently destroyed (sorry, removed) every banner on my sidebar, and much to my surprise, I got my first client that pays $80 daily for my unique contents. How did I attract that client?

From my “Freelance Writer” page. Optimize that page properly, it’s a goldmine and can transform your entire blogging career, if you beatify it.

These 10 fantastic ways can surely make you a web traffic expert, without doubt. If you enjoyed this post, why not share it with your readers, and link to it. BTW: I want to read your frank comments below… Do that and let’s grow together. Will you?

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