7 Web Design Tips For Attracting People and Increasing Website Traffic

web design tipsWebsites are in abundance and the best of the designs definitely gets more eye balls.

Also a great design coupled with good optimization may provide higher traffic through search engine results too.

The following seven design tips are a surefire solution if you are looking to increase traffic to your website.

The basic idea behind these points revolves around the need to engage visitors and decrease the load time of the website.

There are two major trends that make a web design successful – one being the ease of functionality where the site has to be user-friendly and at the same time accessible to all.

There should also be a high production value by generating money through traffic. Once you identify the trigger that drives traffic, herd it to your site with simple tools and tutorials to make a financial success from your site.


Design responsive website

Mobile devices are taking over the market by a storm and most people now use their phones to access internet. Study indicates that desktop surfing will soon be a way of yesterday and mobile-optimization is the future-proofing that your site requires.

Search engines also provide sites with higher responsive web design a higher ranking in the results page. It is true that implementing such responsive design is a difficult and time consuming task but the benefits it brings to the site are enormous.


Utilize Google Keyword Planner

Google Adwords Tool can be easy to use and can help you to find a long-tail keywords that do not have much competitive strength.

These keywords can be structured using a content that is built around it. This may very well help you in starting a small traffic towards your site and engage users that will visit the site.


Social Media Integration

Social media is a raging hit and utilizing its fullest strength to promote your site is the correct way to go ahead.

In fact, it is a known fact that social media shares provide higher traffic and reduces the need to only rely upon the search engine results to grab people’s attention.

With great content at your hand you can reach greater audience who would share and provide more traffic for your website. This is why content should also carry a share button embedded for each popular social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.


Using CSS

JavaScript was always the most effective way in creating websites in the past.

But is slowly taken over by CSS3 and HTML5 mainly because it provides web designers with the capability to design great looking sites that load up in no time at all.

CSS has been around since a long time but the effective upgrades in it makes it one competitive web designing tool.

It has several features and highlighted few are that it can load very fast, it has a clear format and style and it is easy to embed any type of multi-media content in the website.


Grab readers’ attention with better and tactically written content

What makes a reader stay on your content is the uniqueness but in itself it is not enough. It is very important to know that there are many writers who must have covered or are covering a similar content just like yours. In such a case ensure that the content you write is truly exceptional.

You can write it differently and take another point of view or angle while writing it. It is a particular tone in which you write which will keep readers visiting your content always.

Also have a thorough research done before you begin writing, this may enthrall the readers of the extensive knowledge you possess keeping them engaged and loyal to your site.


Improve the Engagement on Your Blog

No matter how easy it sounds when it comes to engaging your visitors into a conversation, it is quite a difficult task.

There should be a very cautious approach when you plan and analyze the steps you would take to make the readers more intuitive towards reading more of your posts and start responding in the comments section.

A few ideas to get you started on the process include:


Make the content accessible

It is very important that content flows well through your website because visitors do not like a site that confuses them. Accessibility is a very important criterion while providing navigation and a continuous flow to the visitors.

Also smartly provide links to similar pages where the visitor has landed to grab their attention on the site and provide satisfaction to them in terms of what they are looking for.


Increase interactivity

User engagement is very important to judge how well the content is written and this may be easily achieved by adding a question or two in the end of the article.

These questions may be a little controversial or may have a topic to debate upon making users comment on the blog. Readers do get excited about such discussions and also get a starting point to begin conversation.


Loading Time

Readers get bored waiting and have too little patience. So if your site takes a long time to load up you may lose such visitors.

And not just users but even Google loves a page that loads up fast and ranks it higher making it imperative not just to attract users but also get an edge in terms of SEO of the website.


Interlinking is the method where one blog post is linked to another in the same website. This helps in getting readers to read not just the article the link is on but also the one that is followed with it.

It generates higher page views which provides more revenue and is quite an easy way for users to access similar relevant content. Link relative content to the current one using a sentence form or just as a list at the bottom of the page.


Engage readers and converse with them

It is important and beneficial that your blog post gets enough reader comments.

It shows how interactive you are and how good quality content is posted on your site. Apart from asking questions like the above mentioned point start asking for reader feedback in form of a comment.

A community-like atmosphere should be built around your blog which makes it more relevant and a high traffic driving website.

Above are the most popular was in which you can build traffic and engage readers. Remember an easy, accessible website is the best one to get readers come back to you again and again.


Author bio:

I’m Ramya, a freelance web designer/writer based in India.  I have worked in a number of SEO projects and have a good insight into creating a web design with SEO techniques incorporated in it.  Find my website =>  http://www.colorcharacter.com/uk

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  1. Some great tips. Another method is to try and ensure you provide the information or service the visitor was searching for. If the visitor does not return to the search results it indicates to the search engines that the visitor has found what they were looking for and the content is relevant.

  2. Very nice post Ramya
    I think those tips can help a lot of people especially web designer. And i absolutely agree with you. good looking site will attract more audiences and time loading is really important also.
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  3. To attract online traffic from diverse sources, the best strategy is to have good quality content. This content will attract new visitors into returning to your site. Your unique content and SEO will attract more traffic to your website. When your content is shared on social networking sites and blogs, the diversity in the traffic you will gain from these sites will provide you access to more online readers.

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  5. First i am very thankful for this article. Ya it is very important to use google keyword planner, engagement on social networking site and good designs in right way. I think it will really help to increase more traffic.

  6. Great article Ramya. I agree with the last part just like now. Engaging with the readers is a definite plus. Sharing views and thoughts about some stuff. Thanks for sharing this by the way.

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  8. Very useful information. I think the design of a website is very important to be catchy. But the loading time is the main key for me. People have very short limit to get attached to a website. So you really would like to show them a great website in couple seconds. Otherwise you will lose them for sure. Thank you for sharing this article.

  9. Thanks For this Useful information But Still i want to know Is Simple designed website will get good reputation from google or not any special slot for that..

  10. Thanks For this Useful information But Still i want to know Is Simple designed website will get good reputation from google or not any special slot for that…

  11. A really nice article you have here Ramya. It is really interesting and informative. This can really be helpful especially to those who are new to website design and development. It pays to have a really good website design in order to attract visitors to stay longer. This will surely gain more traffic. Thanks for sharing this here.

  12. Thanks Sir, i Have Tried All Tips And You Know i Got Bookmarking as well as from its Users… You Are Right that Designs Put Effect on Traffic Too.

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