Why Major Fitness and Weight Loss Firms Invest In Design and Why You Should Do the Same

Professional web design is an arm of content marketing.   web design

Major fitness and weight loss firm, like TRX Trainer and Weight Watchers that market online on a global scale have been investing heavily in the design of their websites.

Their purpose is to make the design of their sites aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Irrespectively of the size of your weight loss business, it is worth investing in the design of your website so that it inspires trust and promotes sales.

A weight loss online business relies mainly on its reader base and number of subscribers.

These are important factors that dictate the success of most web based endeavors, but in a weight loss website where the issue of trust and reliability are paramount, a webmaster must ensure that his website (or blog) is optimised to maintain – and increase – the number of subscriptions or the business may die.

If you are a weight loss webmaster you should consider avoiding five things to make sure that your readers will maintain loyalty and keep coming back to your weight loss site.

1.    Ugly and Unfriendly Design

How your weight loss blog looks and feels creates a lasting impression particularly to first time users and you want them to be impressed at first sight. Your decision when it comes to the layout, color scheme and theme of your design will play an important factor in your weight loss blog.

A badly done design which can turn out to be an eye sore sends a damaging message and will imply unprofessionalism and an amateur weight loss program. Ask some professionals and friends about helpful tips and let them examine your blog to gain feedback and identify problem areas before going live.

2.    The Lack of Meaningful Content and Too Many Ads

A lot of visitors usually ignore ads but almost always draw a line between an acceptable level of advertising and what isn’t. Extensive use of advertisements can result in the closing out of important content and will make your weight loss blog seem unprofessional.

Make sure that you reach a balance in ad placement and content relevance. Too many images from advertisements on your pages may also slow load time and may end up discouraging your visitors to continue back.

3.    Annoying Pop-Ups

One of the most annoying and complained about ads on the web are the pop-ups. Personally, I feel as if they are too intrusive. Pop ups give both visitors and potential advertisers a negative feel about your website. They should be avoided if the aim of your site is to gain people’s trust.

4.    Lack of Commentary

If you don’t have any form of interaction in your website, it creates the image that your weight loss site doesn’t drum up enough interest. People adore a crowd and commentary left on your weight loss blog will generate a more exciting atmosphere.

When making your blog you should always try and engage commentary by providing queries as well as giving opportunities for culture to flourish. For newly established weight loss blogs, engaging in social media or asking family and friends to post comments may help you jumpstart your readers.

5.    Provide Valid Insightful Advice

This may sound like a broken record but is one of the finite truths about the weight loss blogging industry. Your content will drive the success or failure of your site. If your blog is filled with erroneous thoughts and don’t add up to your users then they will eventually move on to other weight loss sites that provide them with what they need.

Make sure that your diet, nutrition and fitness advice is supported by the relevant evidence and research, but at the same time you should avoid making your blog posts too academic and highly technical as this can turn off subscribers who wish to keep it simple and fresh.

The great thing about the above issues lies on the fact that they are easily correctible once detected. Treat your weight loss blog as if it was your child, you dress it up, feed it and give it the best you can and in turn you will feel great and it too will flourish.

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