6 Lazy Ways To Rank On Google [Without Trying To Rank]

Do you hate Google for their updates?   ranking in Google

What if there are easy and lazy ways to rank on Google top 10, even when you’re not trying or using any trick. Keep reading…

I’ve come to realize that Google updates are constantly opening doors for content marketers.

I want you to take your mind off the failures of the past and look at the opportunities available to you today.

When I did, I discovered that you can actually rank on Google without struggling. This is no hype mind you.

When I say lazy, I’m not saying you’ll fold your arms and get ranked; rather you’ll tap into systems and channels that are already built.

The secret of ranking

The so-called SEOs can’t tell you the secrets of ranking your content pages in Google because a lot of them don’t even know it.

They’re selling fad to their clients. But I’ll tell you the direction Google is going in the new ranking system.

The secret of ranking in Google top 10 is to produce great content without you trying to rank that content page.

The truth is, everybody wants to be successful in life and Google is concerned about your contribution to making people’s (searches) life better.

Do you want people to find what they’re searching for in Google? If that’s your mindset, then you’ll not struggle to rank your pages.

Without much ado, here are 6 lazy ways to get the rankings you need:


1.   Get the content recipes

If you’ve the right recipes and follow the steps in the kitchen, you’ll come out with a delicious meal. The same thing goes with content.

In case you didn’t know, Google is desperately looking for great content that has the correct recipes in place.

I’m talking about content that is well-researched, valuable and interesting.

When I read a lot of content online, I see that most bloggers are not putting energy into it. Don’t just rush it. Put all the recipes together.

When you’re writing a post, get all the data and images ready. Address every question pertaining to that topic and give practicable steps.


2.   Find what you love to do

One hot reason why you’re struggling to rank close to Google top 10 is because you don’t love your work.

When Brian Tracy was asked what the greatest secret of success is, he replied, “Find what you love to do and pour all your energy into it.”

You see, the way to rank your content page on Google is to have passion for what you do. Because it’ll be revealed in your content.

I love content marketing a lot and you can literally feel the juice in this post. Be sincere, is this post helpful to you?

For instance, if I’m a Certified Public Accountant and I love to help people understand their accounting needs and solve their accounting problems, I’ll do better when I start a blog in that field than trying to follow the crowd and start a money making blog.

Therefore, to easily rank in Google without trying to rank, make sure you’re in love with your blog and the content you create.


3.   Flexibility

Don’t become comfortable with what you’re doing. You’ve to be able to adapt to changes in your niche especially to new updates and trends.

In the past, targeting a particular long tail keyword can help you rank higher in Google, but today it’s a lot different.

To rank your content pages this season, don’t totally ignore keyword research, but let your focus be on the intent of the searcher.

The main reason why someone is searching for a particular keyword isn’t just because they want to get results and visit top ranking sites, but instead they want to find solutions to what they need.

They’ve a problem and they came to ask Google to help them extract the right answers. Are you ready to serve your target audience with your content?


4.   Leverage what others have done

Did you know that a lot of bloggers and internet marketers have worked so hard to build their blogs to the level where it’s so easy to rank in Google top 10?

Most of these blogs can rank a new post in 12 hours or less. The indexing is faster and spontaneous.

If you want to rank your content page on Google and your blog is fairly new, then you should submit that content to a blog that has better positions in Google.

Here’s an example: when I search for “content marketing strategy” on Google, here are the top 10 results:

google top 10 result

Did you know that if I can write a valuable post targeting that keyword, having the right recipes and get it published on any of the content marketing blogs above, I’ll rank easily? It’s not a guarantee but my chances are high.

I couldn’t have achieved this top 10 rankings; maybe because my blog has no strong SEO juice, but using this lazy way of leveraging the time and hard work of others – it’s a piece of cake.


5.   Get faster indexing on hot topics

This lazy way to dominate Google is powerful and I’ve been using it for some time now.

Here’s how it works: you have to be current with changes in your niche. If your niche is email marketing, you’ve to know what’s happening around and what experts are talking about including research studies.

If your niche is SEO or related, then Google’s updates have to be in your list. As much as possible, you’ve to be among the first people to know about the latest update.

For instance, when Google released their Exact Match Domain updates, I got the alert on my inbox from Google Alerts.

I quickly researched the topic, extracted some helpful data and wrote a detailed post. After publishing the post, see how I indexed it within 2 hours:

  1. I syndicated the content URL to Digg.com
  2. I submitted it to reddit.com
  3. I submitted the URL as a story to dropjack.com
  4. I visited pingomatic.com, submitted my blog feed and content page
  5. Finally, I went to moz.com/blog and left a comment on their recent post.

Within 2 hours, my content was indexed. Google spider picked it up before I knew it. And at the time, if you search for “exact match domain updates” or “emd updates”, my post occupied #1 and after 3 days I dropped to #3. I’m still getting a lot of pageviews on that post alone.

Why does it work so well?

It works because when there is a new development, people will be searching to know more about it in Google. Also, Google will be looking to index and present the right result pages that are related to the searches.

Since the authority blogs haven’t updated or written a post on the new updates, you’ve Google’s top 10 to dominate. It doesn’t matter whether your blog is 2-month old or aged.


6.   Write tutorials, avoid generic

It’s easy to write generic articles and posts. That’s why a lot of blogs out there have piles of content that never ranks. How pathetic?

You can set yourself apart from the crowd by giving adequate time to writing tutorials in your field. Yes, it’s a lot harder to get all screenshots, and highlight the various steps needed to achieve a particular goal.

But trust me; most of the tutorials I’ve written recently in non internet-related niches have taken up positions in Google’s homepage.


Why tutorial posts works so well

The major reason why tutorials will easily rank is because your readers and beginners would share it. They’ll tweet, syndicate, cite and even tell their friends about your post through word of mouth.

Remember what I said earlier – that you’ve to aid in other people’s success with your content. Let people value the time and energy you’ve used up in producing the content.

In the same vein, you can take up a generic topic and write a tutorial on it. For instance, affiliate marketing is popular but also too generic for anyone to listen or read the post.

But you can draw attention to it by writing a tutorial showing people how to pick the right and easy-to-dominate niches. Use screenshots.

Write a step-by-step guide and you’ll be amazed at the level of engagement and social signals the post would garner. That’s how to rank on Google without trying to rank. Don’t forget to add share buttons to your tutorial posts.

Make the share buttons visible and always remember that less is more. In other words, don’t have more than twitter, facebook and Google+ buttons.


Is it too hard to rank?

Let nobody deceive you, content marketing is a lot easier than you think.

Bloggers and marketers have been the ones making it difficult by trying to take advantage of Google’s loophole instead of identifying what their audience needs and proffering solutions to it.

Of course, I’m not promising overnight rankings on Google because it’s not realistic in any way, but if you stay focused and follow the tips above you’ll definitely see significant improvements.

You can rank by your actions

There you’ve it, the 6 lazy ways to improve your rankings in Google without trying to rank. The title itself reads ‘lazy’ but I want you to take action once you leave this page.

Do you’ve any challenge(s) ranking on Google top 10 since the Hummingbird update? Are you having challenges with driving organic traffic?

Please share your thoughts below. I’ll try my best to address your questions. See you at the top!

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  1. Using Keywords In The Meta And Title Tags Second on our list is placing your keywords you are trying to obtain top rankings for within your title, description meta tag and keywords meta tag. In Google SEO, your title tag only allows 8-9 words within the title tag for their search engine results. So limit yourself to 9 words (use as many as possible) and then move forward.

  2. We have recently received a notification from Google stating that our website has unnatural links pointing towards it. This has really damaged our rankings on Google and as a result, we’re trying to clear things up. Our website url is %website_url.

  3. Man..I love this post. Especially the 5th tip. All I do is just submit to pingomatic and never gave much thought about the other ideas you mentioned. Thanks a lot again for so many useful tips you offer.

  4. Great tutorial and tips mate! It’s really rich of information and helpful.
    You’re right there. Sometimes you don’t even need to make all these backlinks and pay to someone to SEO your site.
    I ranked few sites within top 10 just with creating the good keyword rich content. It will get slower time to rank it in top 10, like few months. But you don’t need waste your time creating backlinks and so. Of course this depends on how saturated is your niche and these stuff, but yet it’s not hard job to do.
    Thanks for making this helpful guide and have a great day,

  5. Thanks for this. I liked it. I want to know some thing that Can i make comment on different articles of same blog for generating many quality backlinks to increase ranking. Will this trick will incease my ranking in google?

  6. Hey Michael! That’s right. I appreciate Google that they keep updating their algorithms so that the posts with value gain the top rankings. They make it easy. There are some kind of marketers who have just manipulated the way of it. We just need to create content which could fulfilled the query of our potential audience.

  7. The generating of unique content is neccessary but not enough. because google suppose that if your content really great it should have backlinks.

  8. Good one. It is actually a small thing which anyone can do without thinking that they are doing some SEO. And some poeple do that without knowing it is of great help.

  9. Yeah you can get success in blogging if you make it a hobby and you start writing about what you love to share. But for grand success like a pro you must continue to learn and put lot of efforts on initial stage.


  10. 2. I’m still a huge believer in the power of links from authoritative web pages and or authoritative sites with static pages that aren’t buried among tens of thousands of new content as with articles. I’ve been following some sites for years that I’ve identified as having “killed the competition with links from quality sites with quality pages”. They still rank well. Of interest some of those sites will appear in searches at the top of the PAC or they will appear as an organic result above the PAC. The only difference I see is the passage of time…and evidently google making alterations on how it shows information. It appears to me that Google periodically changes presentations slightly with regard to these killer local sites, moving them in and out of the PAC. That does make analysis and description more difficult, doesn’t it.

  11. The average content length for a web page that ranks in the top 10 results for any keyword on Google has at least 2,000 words. The higher up you go on the search listings page, the more content each web page has.

  12. Thanks for this. I liked it. I want to know some thing that Can i make comment on different articles of same blog for generating many quality backlinks to increase ranking. Will this trick will incease my ranking in google?

  13. Hi, Chibuzor,
    You really have a great blog here. Now to the post.

    The best way to do SEO is NOT to do SEO. I like to put it this way, stop SEO and increase traffic greatly to your site. It sounds controversial but that is actually the way to go

  14. As mentioned in my original list above, I like to see certain weak types of sites like article directories, forums, Yahoo Answers, other Q&A sites, social sites, or other user generated type sites. The reason for this is that these types of sites are usually not very good at targeting a specific keyword. Article directories might mention the keyword in their title, but they usually don’t have any backlinks to the ranking page. Some of these other types of sites usually just happen to mention the keyword somewhere in the content, but don’t have an optimized page or any relevant links. Hope that makes sense why these are types of listing you WANT to see in the top 10 (easy to outrank).

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  17. ITs not that easy as it looks. Its really time consuming process.
    I have a wedding photography blog and it takes forever to invent new article, and then I need to translate it in to at least 1 more language.

    The hardest part is making a new unique article because you can’t always write the same stuff.

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  23. Good post man! I enjoyed reading this, I learned quite a bit. It seems everyone is so focused on the quick and cheap tricks they stop doing what makes their sites solid in the first place, post good content! Its like the kids in school that try so hard to be cool, they fail at it.

    I appreciate the post, keep up the good work,

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  25. Choose and focus on a specific keyword that people are searching for to increase our Google page ranking, because there is no point in focusing on a keyword that nobody is looking for. Example of keywords are: empower network review, empower network reviews, the reason i use these words is because people make the mistake by targeting for both keywords on a particular post, but empower network review is a different keyword from empower network reviews.

  26. Structure your site around intent-based topics, ensuring content is siloed and distinct (cross-link to relevant and related topics only). Dividing up your site into relevant content topics gives both users and search engines an easy way to identify your expertise, and relevant topics to rank for.

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    • The rankings might fluctuate, but if the content breeds engagement – in other words people share it willingly, cite it and leave comment, the rankings for that page will be sustained. Thanks for your comment Sunny.

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