10 Secrets to Make Your Content Go Viral on Social Media

Social media is a virtual place where a vast number of people around the globe interact with each other

Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc. is considered as the most influencing medium nowadays since billions of people around the globe are using it.

People here interact and the news spread so fast that it can reach thousands of people in a minute. It has been the center of virtual interaction for most people since it is like a pool filled with so much information.

This impact of social media is advantageous in the part of making a business with an excellent marketing strategy today. The inclusion of different social media in a business strategy is the pivotal point of promoting your brand.

This strategy can be a game changer when you are able to explore and properly utilize the social media’s potentials in your business strategies. But in doing so, it is important that you make a plan first and use a social media plan template that will keep you guided with all of your online activities and make every content you post go viral on social media.

And once that it became viral, it will be able to reach the larger target population. You can create a viral social media campaign by following the viral-marketing principles. And this article will surely make your content viral on social media.

Understand your target audience

It is more important to have a well-defined target market as this is the most crucial element to consider. Without knowing your target market, you can’t realistically expect your business venture to survive. Even a small business can effectively compete with the big ones if the owner of the previous will be able to target a niche market.

If you think you can target anyone, or those people who are interested, think again. You can’t even target other small-business owners, housewives, or homeowners because these groups of people are too general to target. So identifying a very specific target is a must.

To help you in targeting a specific market, look at the current customer base. Think who are your current customers and the things or type of service they availed from you.

Look for your customer’s common characteristics as well as their common interests that you can relate to your business in order for you to identify which one will bring in the most benefit.

Another way is to check your competitor’s target market and try to analyze if they happen to overlook a niche market that you can use as an advantage against them.

Choose appropriate social media platform

Choosing an appropriate social media platform for your business all depends on the type of service or product you offer and the goal you are trying to achieve. There are different social media platform today that you can use.

choosing a social media platform, it is important that you utilize those that can offer your business the best potential in reaching your target audience as soon and as wide as possible.

For example, if you are looking for high-quality content and expecting high levels of engagement, Instagram is the best platform for you. Next is Facebook which works well with the previous one. But if you are to target younger audiences, Snapchat is the best platform for your business.

There is also Pinterest, the most underused platform, which is the best if you’re after selling fashion or home products.

If you are into DIY and tutorial videos, YouTube is the one which is ideal for your content. And lastly, there is Twitter that is ideal for keeping your audience always updated.

Create an engagement content

It is important to create a highly engaging content because it will help you connect and effectively reach your target audience via re-sharing. So increasing your content’s shareability is the top goal.

That’s why you should focus on the people’s interest in creating content. It is also essential that you create a customized interactive, graphical content that will make it easier for you and your audience to communicate and connect.

Another smart thing to do is to feature and highlight your achievements or thank your loyal customers for their trust in your company. Your audience will surely appreciate it if you try to add a personal touch to your content on which they can relate to.

Create a timeline on releasing content

In trying to achieve the maximum visibility of your content, it is essential to schedule the time of posting on your social media accounts.

And in the kind of social media platform you are using, the habits and preferences of your target are also important factors to help you identify the ideal timing to post your content.

It is strategic to post or share something to your audience at the peak of times to help you in increasing exposures naturally.

The peak time for Facebook is between 9 am to 3 pm but the best time for days of Thursday through Saturday is 1 pm to 3 pm; Wednesdays and Thursdays are the peak time for Twitter; for Pinterest, the best time is 2 am to 4 am of weekdays; while people in Instagram are always available but you have to avoid the blackout around 3 pm.

Increase the visibility of a campaign

For small businesses, it is hard to create content that possesses the ability to go viral but it is not impossible. It is effective to invest in paid ads that are offered by social media networks in order to help you out in boosting the visibility of your campaign.

You can also try to target the group of famous or influential users so that when you caught their attention and they will re-share your ad and it will be able to reach the wide and large number of audience in a cost-effective and efficient way.

Other ways to increase and improve the visibility of your campaign in social media are to create customer rewards, email or direct-mail campaigns, cinema advertisements, and local paid search.

Having a social media influencer partner

Having a partnership with a social media influencer is said to be effective for marketers who already employ this method on their businesses. Influencer marketing strategy can provide larger campaign reach and has the ability to greatly increase the virality of your marketing campaign.

In building a strong bond with your social media influencer, it is important first to establish a good impression and initial authority.

Start with giving a contribution to the influencer that serves as a token of relationship. Another way is to engage with them is by speaking up and identifying who you are and get acquainted with them before asking for a formal assistance or collaboration request.


Use analytics tools and measure the performance

Evaluating and monitoring your social media campaign using different analytic tools can help strengthen its impact and leave an imprint on your audience.

This can also help you in demonstrating the stakeholder’s accountability, achievements of the campaign, and in providing feedbacks about performances.

Create an effective call to action

The call-to-action or CTA is a clear instruction designed to provoke an immediate response. An effective call to action makes it incredibly simple for your audience to make the choice to move forward in their relationship with your content.

Your call to action is what defines whether or not your page converts. That’s why it should be persuasive and compel readers to perform what you intend them to do.

In creating an effective CTA that will surely make your content go viral on social media, you have to recognize and emphasize the value provided by your CTA. It is also important to answer all of your users’ questions and concerns in order for them to take action and trust you.

Another thing is that you have to be specific, focus your actions or limit the user’s choices because they might become overwhelmed and will be less likely to buy.

Other important factors that affect the effectiveness of CTA are the color, size, and position of the CTA on the website as well as the space that surrounds it,

Create media attention

Media is very a powerful and influential means like those newspaper and TV reports that continuously bombarded by hundreds of breaking news, timely events, and in trend stuff.

In generating the media’s attention for a campaign, figure out first what your target users read and then get familiar with its publications.

Next step is to build a strong relationship with an influential journalist and invest on a ‘media kit’ that contains all necessary information about your business so that you will be able to send it to them readily.

The last thing is to invest in high-quality photography, make sure that your pitches are tailored and your contents are brief but sweet.

Create or share unusual content

We often see posts on social media that contains the same content as if it was a single individual with many accounts and it is just so annoying.

We usually don’t mind and pay much attention to things like these that is why it is important to be peculiar. Create or share contents with an unusual message and start being different from the rest. This will surely gather the people’s attention.

To effectively create or make this kind of content on your social media, it is important that your post possesses unusual contents.

For example, you can utilize comics that are specifically related to your business and relevant to your audience. Another thing that can help you create a viral content is by using a social proof, but if you are already using it on your company website maybe it is time for you to share those testimonials on your social media accounts.

And lastly, many people want their voices to be heard that is why using Twitter’s poll to ask our user’s opinions is really strategic.

It is important to create content that speaks to your target audience in unique ways since many people are engaging in the same kind of business strategy that makes it hard to create something that will be viral.


You have to be creative and never stop finding new ways to be exceptional and stand out among the rest.

Focus on creating an engaging content and use social media analytics platform to go viral on social media. It is also important that you know your platforms well — know when to post, and how to be effective in use.