SEO Isn’t Rocket Science: Go Viral With Headline

If you know how to write the best headline, you won’t struggle for organic traffic.

SEO isn’t rocket science!SEO headline

Did you eat your favorite meal today?

If you did, I’m sure you’re happy and can’t wait for tomorrow.

Search engines also have virtual life and they’re looking for their favorite meals.

That meal is fresh content, well prepared with the right keywords people are using to locate them.

You’ve been deceived into believing it’s difficult to rank on Google’s top 10. It might not be easy as taking a girl out for date, but it’s practically doable.

I’ve literally raised my blog’s performance in major search engines without realizing it. Search engine optimization has evolved and believe me, it’s much easier now to dominate Google than before.


Why SEO ranking is easier now?

Where you infected by Google panda updates? And so what if your page ranking dropped. I’m not expecting you to cry over spilled milk but to see the light at the end of that ugly tunnel.

You can get right back and perform better. SEO tends to push a lot of people out because few web pages are required these days provided they’ve the right contents. So why do I say it’s easier to rank these days?

Simple: a lot of sites and blogs that were ranking #1, #2 and #3 have been dropped. In fact, so many have been sand-boxed and may never get back again. No, if they play their role again, Google may find them worthy in their subsequent algorithm updates.

And because a lot of authority blogs and directories are no longer sitting on the top chair, you’ve the GREATEST opportunity of a lifetime to push your quality pages up. The right contents will go viral, bring in trickles of fresh traffic everyday.


Want to speed up SEO, do this…?

Recently, I discovered the #1 criterion to boost organic traffic to your blog and win this SEO race. It’s like a rat race because everyone is seeking the top spot. But you can make it easier by having an SEO-friendly headline.

It’s going to change your blog’s ranking and put you on the safer side. I haven’t done anything on my blog recently, like in-depth keyword research and link building, except the natural link love I get from readers. But I’ve worked on my post headlines and that’s impacted on my ranking tremendously.


The double-track SEO headline


Is it possible to have your primary keyword mentioned twice on the headline? Absolutely, it’s very possible but you’ve to make it natural and pleasing to the right people.

Why do I say the right people? It’s because not everyone who visits your blog is going to like what you wrote. As a matter of fact, trying to please everyone is a sure sign of weakness.

You’re trying to pretend that you’ve all the answers to life’s issues. But that’s not marketing. Marketing is about understanding the right persons and bringing your solutions in exchange for their money and valuable resources.

Some people will come to your blog, hiss and go away while others would wake up by 1.00 am to check if you’ve a new post. This particular group of people is the ‘targeted.’ They are willing and ready to buy your products and services. Concentrate on converting this type of traffic with your SEO headline in 2 fold.


The perfect SEO headline to spoon-feed Google


When writing a headline for your posts, ensure you’ve a keyword at hand. Don’t just write anything that comes off your crowded head. It’s good to brainstorm and also use the keyword suggestion tools.

You want to direct search engine spiders and give them a sense of belonging. A lot of bloggers simply confuse search spiders; they’re already confused as a result of billions of web pages they scour, crawl and index on minute-basis. They’re counting on you to at least save their time, tell them what is right and receive rewards.

A lot of web pages still receive over 1,000 targeted visitors from Google on daily basis, while others barely see 10. It’s all about adding double zero to that number and it begins with your headline.


SEO status quo: you don’t need it anymore

Let’s assume you want to write about social media and that’s your target key term. The perfect headline that Google want should be similar to this:

“Social Media: The Smart ways to boost social media marketing”

Did you see how I added social media twice on that headline in a natural and smooth way? Well, that’s what Google and other search engines are looking for. But don’t stop here, have a strategy for writing powerful and keyword rich headlines.

If you’re thinking about keyword stuffing, get ready to kill your blog entirely. You’ll never see the light of the day – a huge cost for stubbornness. The above headline has no trace of keyword stuff – or is there (give me a shout via the contact form).


SEO common sense – that’s all you need


A well written SEO content will definitely go viral.

This post may not win Pulitzer award but I’m glad I’ve helped as many people who wants to improve their ranking. You don’t need any formal education to succeed with search engine optimization. Free traffic is common sense and anyone with that kind of sense will succeed.

Hey, stop reading right now, write down five headlines that pertains to your niche. Make sure the primary keyword is added twice on the headline.

Don’t stuff, if it’s long tail keyword that lacks flavor and meaning, don’t bother adding it twice. Be natural as possible, and you’ll improve your ranking by 102%.

Did you enjoy this post? I will know if you did comment. In any case, have a lovely day and share with your friends if you want. No apologies man…!

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  1. Hello, Michael
    I totally agree what you have mentioned above. Ranking is a lot easier if we study Google’s algorithm. The most amazing fact is Google is ranking sites by seeing their performance and daily clicks in search engines. So I guess If our post has catchy headline then probably there is 200% chance to get on ton the top of the page.
    And Michael you have mentioned very good points here. good work mate ;).

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