Can other people send you free traffic?   viral marketing techniques

Your content should get you fresh web traffic, not just hits from search bots and generic visitors.

As I share the viral marketing techniques, you can guarantee more targeted traffic to your website.

In content marketing, you’ve the choice to command attention or fizzle out.

Most bloggers think you can’t cause your content to go viral, but I don’t agree. Throw a stone at me for all I care…

True. Some blog posts can be shared even when you did nothing to it.

But if you want every piece of content you write to reach 20, 50, 100 or 1000s of readers & prospective customers, there are flexible buttons you can press.

It may not be easy – but it’s possible.

In this post, I want to share with you the 13 viral marketing techniques that work. I’ve used them in the past and still do.

In fact, most of my blog posts are ranking in Google top 10, because I got a lot of people who share them, willingly. But before we look at these viral marketing techniques, let’s get our brain waves alert.


What is viral marketing?      viral marketing

Viral marketing is the process whereby your content; an article, a blog posts, video, podcasts, a special report, e-book, whitepaper or software is shared by people (target audience) who found value on it and decides to promote it for you – without you asking them to do so.

Does that make sense?

Now, from this definition, it shows that for a content to go viral – it must be easy to share and also valuable (share-worthy).

Can you see the major reason why your content wasn’t shared by readers?

It could be possible that you didn’t ADD value to it. Or perhaps, you didn’t make it easy for them to share it.

Viral marketing techniques are simple steps you can take to ensure that your blog posts, articles, videos and whatever content type you produce gets shared by others.

Viral marketing goes beyond tweeting or liking the page – it also means citation and recommendations.

Viral marketing is not content marketing. It’s just a strategy used to get better results for every piece of content you write and publish.

Now, let’s consider the 13 viral marketing techniques that can bring you more web traffic:


1.    Make your content relevant

What is the heart of marketing? It simply states that when you love your prospects and customers, they’d love you back.

When you’re writing content that you want others to share, it must be relevant to them. It doesn’t have to appeal to everybody, but to a specific group.

That’s why narrowing your niche is essential to your success – don’t cast your net too wide. Stay relevant from the get go and you’ll succeed with viral marketing.

If your content is for small business owners, don’t worry about bloggers or multimillion dollar entrepreneurs.

When you stay relevant to a select group of people, they’d be persuaded to share the content with their small group as well.

And when you combine two smaller groups together, the result will be BIG traffic to your website. Just from a single content you wrote that was relevant and interesting.


2.    Brainstorm new ideas

If you look around the web and blogosphere today, you’ll find good content everywhere. The target audience is tired of good-enough. Take it or leave it!

They’re searching desperately for great content that’s fresh and may be out-of-context to the generic ideas flying around.

In fact, if you want to stand out from the teaming crowd of content marketers and bloggers, you’ll need to brainstorm new ideas before writing your content.

In order to get people to share your post and tell their friends and family about your website, your ideas have to pique their minds.

The idea you need to get your content shared willingly by the ideal customers doesn’t have to be heavenly or something extraordinary – but it must be touchy and attractive. You could take up an old idea and add your own flavor to it.

For instance, a lot of articles have been written concerning viral marketing – but I’ve decided to make mine unique and resourceful. Wouldn’t you be more inclined to share this particular post?


3.    Use simple words & terms

If you want to drive web traffic that truly converts to subscribers and customers, then you MUST start using simple terms.

This is vital to your content going viral because if your readers and ideal customers are beginners and intermediates, BIG and uncommon terms might piss them off.

When you use “SEO” in your article and the people who will read it the most are upcoming internet marketers, ensure that you explain what it means.

Just tell them that SEO means search engine optimization and your viral marketing campaign would kick off on a smooth ground.

Don’t try to sound too educated or exposed when writing your content to solve people’s problems.

The best way to display your excellence and intelligence is when you’re able to put smiles in the faces of people. On the internet, no one really cares about your Doctorate Degree.

What prospective clients and readers care about is your donation to their lives.

Therefore, instead of using “famish” simply use “hungry.” Don’t use ubiquitous” – use “everywhere”. Gotcha?

You’ll get more people to share your content and command quality traffic to your website because they’re familiar with the words and terms you’re using.


4.    Write evergreen content always    ways to be productive

When you write content on some topics today, you’ll struggle to get traffic next month because the idea is a fad.

For instance, SEO and affiliate marketing are two hot topics.

But if your blog is about SEO, then you’ve to be very careful with the information you give out to your readers and prospective customers.

Because Google updates are constantly being rolled out – therefore the idea of link building for last month might be different from today.

But any information on affiliate marketing is evergreen.

The same way we build email list, then follow up with valuable messages to build relationship before recommending a helpful product hasn’t changed and will never change.

From the studies and researches I’ve made, one thing stands out. Content that were shared the most were evergreen.

Even if no one takes notice of evergreen content today, you still have a better chance of getting traffic from it within 6 months because overtime, it’s going to get more valuable.

And if you’ve a piece of content that’s not ever green, you can always edit, tweak and align it with the current updates and trends – that’s what I do with all my posts.

In such a case, people can still share it because it’s fresher and practicable right now.


5.    Give it away for free

The word “free” is powerful. It’s one of the psychological triggers that can persuade others to share your content.

Since people aren’t going to invest a ton of money to read, use the information or download your e-book, sharing is made easier.

Remember, nothing is actually free on the internet. There is nothing like free traffic, because it definitely costs a lot of time to write article – even if you didn’t buy PPC Ads.

Your target audience might think you’re giving away information for free, but in the real sense, you’re marketing your products and services.

And at the end of the funnel, you’ll make more profit. Isn’t that what content marketing entails? I guess so!


6.    Think like a designer

What do designers do?

First, they conceive an idea. Write it down on their journal or Evernote.

Then they’d sketch a wireframe of what they saw in their minds. They’d look and study the wireframe (skeleton) thoroughly before doing the real work.

At the end of the day, the design always comes out dazzling. Tell me, would you share a beautiful web design template with your friend? Definitely!

As a content marketer or blogger, don’t just write articles without having an idea first in your head. You need a draft before writing the real article that can be published.

If you can put much effort into your content as you do when travelling out of your country, then you’ll touch lives easily.

And when you’re touching lives, other people will form a circuit and promote the same content that changed their lives.

I’ve done this several times and saw more than 20 persons share my latest blog posts on their blog. Isn’t it wonderful?


7.    Minimize the use of “but”

Each time you use “but” in your content, you’re contradicting what you just said.

In the case of viral marketing, that word can discourage people from sharing and citing you to their world. When you’ve said a positive thing, don’t counter it with “but” because it can suggest negativity.

As an expert, be true to your word. When you make a negative or positive statement – be bold enough to stand and defend it. That’s what people are looking for.

Yes, on few occasions, you might say something that’s wrong or off-point. Don’t cower or blame others or circumstances. Be confident and creatively explain what you meant.

But don’t contradict that statement. Your target audience will definitely share your content if they discover that you’re a man who doesn’t HIDE from his shadows.


8.    Activate few share buttons

This is pretty straight forward.

If you want more shares on your content, don’t confuse readers with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, Pinterest and Fark Buttons.

On the internet, few share buttons are always better. It triggers more and quality shares.

So, activate Facebook, Twitter and Google+ buttons on your single post. That’s all you need coupled with other viral marketing techniques to get great traffic.


9.    Use the right marketing channels

Yes, if you create video, the best and cherished channel is YouTube.

What about Infographics and Images – Pinterest. If you want to announce an upcoming product and website launch, Twitter is better-off than Facebook. For podcast – just use itunes.

On the other hand, when you want to share a link to a landing or squeeze page, Facebook could be your best bet.

Always use the right marketing channels initially to start off your viral marketing campaign.

Because these channels/mediums will expose your campaign to the right people and cause them to promote you.


10.    Persuade influencers to share your content

Who are the influencers in your niche?

They’re those internet marketers, pro bloggers, super affiliates and entrepreneurs who have built loyal communities. In other words, influencers have thousands of twitter followers, Facebook likes and active email subscribers.

Over time, influencers have helped thousands of people to actualize their goals. People love them and listen to them. Now how can you take advantage of their tribe to promote your content? The first rule is that your content must be epic.

Second, interview an industry expert and make sure you talk about them more. Yes, you can ask questions, but focus on them 95%. When I read the article titled, is P90x good for women, I quickly sent it to my niece to see if she can choose that.

Because at the end of the day, if the interview is about them and their success stories, the expert can tweet it and that can lead to massive retweets and shares from authority websites.

Retweets can bring in thousands of free traffic to your website. Isn’t it so?


11.   Pick low-hanging keywords



Keyword research is important. I’ve covered several aspects of picking the right keywords to target, so I wouldn’t want to rehash the same idea in this post.

But did you know that when you optimize your content for low-hanging keyword, it can lead to high rankings? Read about it here.

Yes, long-tail key phrases are the best way to dominate Google top 10. People who search Google for information have needs in their lives.

They want to solve it as well as recommend the solution to others. If your webpage appears in Google #1 – #5, you’ll drive a lot of targeted traffic to your website.

Also, these quality visitors would in turn share your post with others as a way of building their own networks and relationship.

The result will be relevant and authority backlinks, sustained rankings and avalanche of free targeted traffic.


12.   Entertain readers before educating them

Entertainment is not only for Hollywood Celebs or Justin Bieber. Bloggers and content marketers can do it as well because it always leads to more followers and the like.

It doesn’t really matter what problems you want to solve for people, don’t bore them to death.

Even if your content is helpful and has some of the best tips and strategies to excel in life and business, you still must entertain. In fact, some articles that went viral didn’t solve any problem. But they were super-entertaining.

The popular music “Gangnan Style” that had more than 220 million views on YouTube didn’t solve any problem – it was entertaining and could make your blood hot.

That’s all you need when you write a blog post or article or create video. And people will be forced to share it – just for the fun of it.

Yes, solve a problem. It’s important to do that. But don’t forget to entertain before educating people.


13.    Write from within, not without

The best content writers don’t just follow the latest trends and base their opinions on it. Instead, they listen to their inner voices and write from a unique perspective.

Yes, most of what you’ll ever write online had already been written by experts.

But the best way to make sure that your content sticks out and gets others to share it is to write from within, not without. Research, have a quiet session and use your brain.

When everybody is talking about Google Penguin 2.0 and how to recover from it, they were all sharing the same link building rules.

I by-passed all that and created a different blog post that’s focused on email marketing as the best way to stop worrying over Google updates.

Guess what? I got 13 authority blogs linking to me – and that enhanced my rankings in Google for that term.

When I write content, it’s usually from my “brain” and research – it’s different from what every blogger and their readers already know.

Why not do the same thing and see if people will share your content or not? I guarantee you they will.


Viral marketing hack

At some point in your content marketing career, you may want to minimize the amount of content you put out there, so that you can pay more attention to quality – not quantity.

These viral marketing strategies can help you get more tweets, likes, pins, social signals and drive free traffic to your website.

I want to hear your thoughts on these viral marketing techniques. What do you think is the best way to get other people to share your content willingly? Leave your comment in the box right below – See you at the top!

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