Top 5 Vendasta Alternatives (Pros & Cons, Pricing)

Despite the popularity of Vendasta, some partners complain about its old age and lack of innovation.

The platform offers more than 250 solutions in its Marketplace, multiple user types, and control centers with tons of settings for white label configuration.

Some partners also complain about difficulties updating their settings.

We’ll consider the top 5 Vendasta alternatives and the pros and cons of each. Hopefully, it will help you make the best decision when choosing a platform.

But first, a few key uses or benefits of Vendasta.

Conquer Local Conference

After COVID forced business owners to work from home, marketing agency owners were left scrambling to make plans for contingency. It was impossible to know what would happen next as the coronavirus spread across the US.

To combat this, Conquer Local launched its own online training academy and community forum. These online learning sessions help entrepreneurs grow their businesses, while the Conference itself is free to attend.

The Conquer Local Academy features marketing and sales courses, as well as local expert certifications. Most of these courses are completed with high completion rates.

Another option is the Conquer Local Community, which has a partner forum. Unfortunately, engagement rates in the Conquer Local Community are low, and the majority of posts are from Vendasta employees.

Vendasta’s success team is top-notch. As a higher-paid partner, you’ll have access to dedicated account managers, a world-class Success team, and access to the Conquer Local Conference, the company’s local business networking initiative.

While this networking opportunity may not be as well-known as other Vendasta alternatives, its executives are incredibly savvy and driven.

They also care about their partners and employees. This is one reason why the Conquer Local Conference is so community-focused.

There are also many other options, like Snapshot Report. This local business lead generation tool scans any SMB’s online presence and generates a report card for their performance. It’s like consultative selling on steroids!

The downside of this product is its steep learning curve, which isn’t ideal for small businesses. The Pros:

Sales & Success Center

Vendasta’s Sales & Success Center is a powerful tool to track and grow your business. It keeps track of all your sales activities, including communications sent and opportunities created.

Whether you’re a small business or a multinational corporation, you’ll benefit from Vendasta’s Sales CRM.

You’ll be able to manage everything from order processing to prospect analysis and much more. It’s a perfect combination for growing your business and maximizing your profit potential.

You can even add new products to your Vendasta account! The Sales & Success Center of Vendasta let you manage your entire funnel, from leads to closed deals.

If you’re looking for a new product to offer, it’s simple to add it to your account and track sales. It also lets you track your existing customers and prospects. You can also add new contacts and packages using the Partner Center.

In addition to helping you manage your daily schedule, the Sales & Success Center help you track meetings.

A calendar displays all meetings and sales tasks, letting you see the bigger picture of your business at a glance. In addition, the Snapshot Report allows you to gain insight into your online performance.

Sales Intelligence CRM integration lets you send proposals to clients directly, collect payments from them, and more, making sure you never miss a single order.

All your salespeople can access the Sales & Success Center using a unique URL. The URL is available to them in their Partners Center under the Businesses and Users tab.

After completing their profiles, salespeople can access the Business App by using their credentials.

You can even send an email to them with a link to set up their password. If you don’t have your own domain, you can customize it in the partner center.

The Vendasta platform offers end-to-end digital solution management for local businesses. It unifies your tech stack, enables you to acquire new clients, and bills and fulfill projects. It lets you scale and grow your business at a faster pace while reducing vendor clutter.

By integrating your email marketing into the Vendasta platform, you’ll be able to scale your business with ease. Vendasta’s scalable, single-platform system is perfect for any small or mid-sized business.


Considering switching from HubSpot to alternative marketing automation software? Here are some options to help you find a suitable alternative to this popular CRM.

The first and most obvious option is Help Scout. Its comprehensive features include marketing automation, a dashboard with detailed reporting, and an extensive calendar.

GetResponse is another great alternative, with its Autofunnel feature for ecommerce businesses and Pipedrive for sales teams.


Nimble is another vendasta alternative, which collects contact information from social media and stores it in a central database. Its social listening feature helps you monitor your customers and prospects and provides a user-friendly interface.

It integrates with existing sales processes, allowing you to maintain a streamlined sales pipeline.

It can also be integrated with other marketing automation software solutions, such as Salesforce. Pipedrive is another HubSpot vendasta alternative that has a CRM-like interface and is easy to use.


Another alternative to Vendasta is PipelineDeals. This sales pipeline enablement software offers lead profiling, sales pipeline organization, and micro-conversion tracking.

It also offers a mobile app, which makes it very convenient for entrepreneurs.

Depending on the plan you choose, PipelineDeals can cost anywhere from $25 to $49 per user. It offers more functionality than HubSpot, and its free tier does not include templates. Its paid plans can be purchased separately or as a package.

Pipedrive, Marketo, and ServiceHub offer more features and are more affordable than HubSpot.

They are not free, but they are significantly cheaper than HubSpot. They offer unlimited email accounts, social media contests, and pop-ups, as well as marketing automation. While they are not free, they are great for small-to-mid-sized businesses and those who don’t need a CRM tool.

Vendasta is also a white-label platform focused on drip campaigns and personalized marketing content. This white-label marketing automation tool also provides digital media monitoring and reputation management competitive intelligence.

Its dashboard is easy to use, and its tracking of orders and invoices is a breeze. Its sales team is available to answer any questions you may have. The company invoices its users each month, so there’s no need to worry about getting ripped off.

The other Vendasta alternatives are similar in functionality and pricing, but have better customer support. They have a jack of all trades approach.

They don’t offer as robust a CRM as Salesforce, and their Task Manager is not as flexible and customizable as Asana.

The product range is wider than Tinder, and they compete for your business with many other tools. For example, Chatmeter competes for its listing builder, while BirdEye offers reputation management and Customer Voice tools.


Another popular Vendasta alternative is ActiveDEMAND. Both offer comprehensive contact tracking, insights into user behavior, and marketing attribution.

However, you will need to purchase a third-party application for all of the above features.

In addition to ActiveDEMAND and HubSpot, Vendasta is also available on the marketplace.

These two options have similar features, but ActiveDEMAND offers more features natively. However, ActiveDEMAND does not provide a native landing page builder.