Twitter Marketing Tip: Ways To Monetize Your Blog Through Twitter

Monetizing Your Blog Through Twitter

The marriage of a blog and Twitter brings together two exceptional communication platforms. An efficient approach to your Twitter presence will allow you to funnel relevant traffic to your blog to generate meaningful gains.

There are several different ways to approach your Twitter strategy. The one provided below embraces a few integral parts of human nature, psychology, and how people tend to view the internet. Before we get to that, let’s take a quick look at some of the common methods people undertake.

The best use of your blog to help earn some money is by making the means as unobtrusive as possible. There is certainly nothing wrong with using pay-per-click advertising or banners on the outer frame of your blog.

Some even prefer to use link keywords in the text itself, though this can be an interruption to the reader‘s internal monologue. The content itself should not be salesy in nature. Many people will automatically tune out or close windows of sales content if that is not what they were looking for.

Utilizing a searchable Twitter User Directory will allow you to connect with users that would be interested in your blog content.

Instead of aiming solely for people that might be interested in purchasing a produce or service, try to build a following that includes potential customers and other professionals involved in your industry. Most importantly, do not just focus on propagating your own message.

Taking the time to notice another user’s content, maybe drop them a message to say hello and comment on it, and retweet it shows that there is a human behind the account.

Treat Twitter more like a social event exchanging bits and pieces of information between customers and professionals. You wouldn’t expect to make any meaningful gains by standing on a chair at a cocktail party and shouting your message over and over.

That approach and your willingness to help others on your list will make it more likely for them to do the same for you. All it takes is one retweet for your message to hit an entirely different list.

If you have been adding people and businesses relevant to your body of work; that retweet is putting your message in front of people already interested in the subject matter.

Getting people to visit your blog is a big part of the battle. That can be accomplished by providing meaningful, worthwhile content that people will want to read and marketing it well.

Effectively marketing the content through tweets needs to be a concise approach. After all, you only have 140 characters to do it in.

A great way to do this is to pique the reader’s curiosity with a question that is relevant and answered by your text. The idea is to harness the inquisitive mind of the viewer to want to know more about the subject matter.

For example; perhaps I’m marketing a blog for an used car dealership. I go ahead and write up a great blog post on how to avoid buying a lemon. I could tweet an announcement such as “Avoid Buying A Lemon…” and attach the URL. Simple, straight, and directly to the point.

Which is both good and bad, because if the viewer isn’t hooked by it they probably aren’t going to click-through. On the other hand, “Tactics To Know When Car Shopping” essentially says the same thing while being ambiguous enough to let the reader’s mind connect their specific situation to the subject matter.

Finally, save valuable real estate in the length of your tweet. Make use of a website like to shorten long URLs to a more manageable length.

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