T3Leads Review: Monetize Your Blog And Earn Passive Income

Why did you start a blog in the first place?    t3leads review

A friend of mine said he enjoys writing and that’s all.

The truth is, he doesn’t know how to monetize effectively.

We want to make money off our blogs, and the most popular way is through advertising.

If your blog was penalized by Google AdSense, just because they assumed you were fishy, there is an alternative platform.

T3Leads offers a payout that’s similar to AdSense.

Based on the quality of traffic you sent them, you can enjoy rich payout, while running your blog like you’ve always done – Writing > Marketing > Networking > Communicating.

Unlike Google AdSense that lacks a good customer support, T3Leads can bring smiles to your face if you run into muddy waters (which you may not likely). You can use the 24 hour live support to get answers quickly.

What is T3Leads?

It’s a payday loan affiliate network. It’s a six years old company, based in California.

As an affiliate, you’ll earn commission for referring leads to their Payday Loan offers, Credit Repair, Home Improvement, Debt Relief and Debt Settlement, Credit Cards, Credit Repair, Home Loads and Insurance.

You’d be paid bi-weekly as a T3Leads affiliate, when you get to the specified threshold. But when you earn $1000 in a certain week, you’ll be paid faster, within 7 days.

You can also earn through Tier programs, by referring new affiliates through your customized link.

Your site is qualified!

The good news is that your site is qualified to join T3Leads new affiliate program.

No matter the level of traffic your site drives, you can enjoy rich payout, providing that you can improve over time and deliver quality traffic, not necessarily quantity.

So, if your blog is 2 months old or 2 years old with a sizable amount of daily hits, from real people, T3Leads needs you.

Your site may have been excluded from Google’s network because of low-quality content or the likes, “we believe that you can improve if the opportunity is given to you”Josh Limon

There are hundreds of great products which you can advertise on your blog. One of such is the T3Leads payday loan offers. It converts so well – which means more money for you.

Get paid on time, every time

t3leads merchants

When you consider the fact that Google pays 10% to her AdSense advertisers, which was before they rendered several website owners homeless, you can trust our service for a higher payout, and timely, too.

We know that when we pay you for the targeted traffic you drive to our clients’ website, you’d be glad to stay and grow with us. Isn’t it so?

The #1 reason why you will earn more is because T3Leads had already eliminated the middle man out of the process. You can now enjoy the best payouts and operate under a friendly system.

You also have control over the ads to a great extent. Just customize to your taste so that you can get maximum clicks on “those” ads.

With the exception of fraudulent traffic, you’ll get paid for sending our clients’ targeted leads, no matter how little.

Earn passive income with your blog

If you’re a freelancer like me, you should start making plans for passive income. Advertising can help you earn decent income, especially from a network that’s flexibility; T3Leads.com.

Multiple streams of income can bring financial freedom if you start working on it today, through T3Leads.com. Share your opinion in the comment below – see you ahead!

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  1. I find that Google adsense isn’t bringing in as much money as it used to two or three years ago. It’s important to mix it up and try to make money through other means like this. Great blog post for online marketers as usual Michael!

  2. Writing online is one of the profitable work in the internet through your website. With the existence of these affiliates writers will be able to monetize their blogs

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