StreamYard vs Streamlabs: Key Differences, Pros & Cons, Pricing

Here’s a detailed StreamYard vs Streamlabs comparison guide.

There are many differences between a streaming platform like iStream and a streaming service like an RTMP client, but despite their similarities, they are not necessarily the same.

For example, StreamYard can only be used to broadcast content to nine destinations, while Streamlabs can broadcast to more than 30 video broadcasting platforms.

But these two differ in a few key areas, making it difficult to decide between them.

StreamYard lacks the features that OBS does, which makes it ideal for broadcasters who are not particularly technical. 

Furthermore, it only has nine pre-recorded video destinations, so broadcasters must depend on their destination platforms. 

Unlike Streamlabs, however, StreamYard’s live streaming destination list is small. That means that you’ll be limited in what you can broadcast.

StreamYard is the simpler and easier to use of the two options. Its intuitive interface and simple menus make onboarding easier. Even technically-challenged individuals will be able to get started in no time. 

Who is Streamyard For?

Streamyard vs Streamlabs - who is streamyard for

As one of the leading live-streaming platforms, StreamYard is an excellent choice for any content creator. 

With a free package, it’s easy to get started and is a great alternative for amateur broadcasters who are looking for an easy-to-use interface and minimal features. 

Depending on your usage, you can add up to 10 on-screen participants, embed media, and set up custom streaming integrations.

If you’re a home-based professional, Streamyard is the perfect solution for your streaming needs. It integrates with popular social networks such as Twitch and is great for gaming. 

Unlike other live streaming services, it allows you to broadcast to a large audience and build a following.

You can also integrate your personal videos and hobbies with Streamyard. Besides being free, a Streamyard account can help you reach a worldwide audience.

Streamyard’s user interface is easy to navigate, with an intuitive design that makes it easy to learn and use. There are no lengthy pages of options and features to delve into.

In addition, you won’t need to learn how to use the various functions of the site before you can begin broadcasting.

Using Streamyard is free, so you can begin broadcasting content immediately. It also supports a wide range of streaming destinations, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more.

Streamyard is designed for home-based professionals, including business owners and digital influencers. It works with Twitch and Facebook and can be a great way to live-stream video games.

Streamyard also integrates with social networks, including Facebook and YouTube, and has the ability to call up to 10 people at once.

You can broadcast live or broadcast to multiple platforms using the same account. You can also use a Streamyard account to chat with up to ten people at once.

Streamyard is a simple to use platform. Its many features and settings can be overwhelming for new users. Most functions can be learned within seconds, so even if you don’t have technical knowledge, you’ll be able to use Streamyard within minutes.

It has many tutorials and helps you manage the content of your broadcast. Moreover, the live customer support team is available all the time to answer your questions and help you create content.

Streamyard is a cloud-based video platform for professional gamers and home-based professionals. The platform integrates with Twitch and offers multi-streaming in Full HD.

In addition to being compatible with multiple social networks, it also supports 10 simultaneous video calls.

While the free version is designed for gamers, it is also ideal for a variety of other types of content. Using Streamyard is a great way to build an online community.

Streamyard Pricing

The Streamyard pricing plan is divided into two categories, Basic and Enterprise. StreamYard’s Basic plan costs twenty dollars per month and records up to four hours of content per stream.

Both plans allow users to create custom destinations and edit video streams. In addition, they remove Streamyard’s branding from broadcast videos.

The Professional plan, on the other hand, costs forty dollars per month. The Premium plan costs fifty-two dollars per month and provides all of the same features as the Basic plan.

Streamyard pricing differs between the free and the paid plans. The free plan allows users to use StreamYard branding and have limited features.

However, the paid version offers more customization options, such as custom logos and images, and full HD video quality. The Pro plan is also available and costs $49 per month. This plan offers unlimited multi-stream destinations and high-definition video. For those looking for more flexibility, the Enterprise plan is the way to go.

Streamyard pricing varies based on the number of participants. You can use Streamyard to host live events, broadcast interviews, or webcasts. Its basic plan allows you to broadcast content to nine destinations and remove a Streamyard logo. Despite being a paid service, it’s worth every cent. If you’re unsure about whether Streamyard is right for you, check out the company’s free trial to see if the product is right for your needs.

StreamYard’s free plan offers no advertising, but the limitations are relatively minor. You can create your own channel, or add content with a custom URL, but you can only stream 1080p content. It is also possible to create multiple streams in different resolutions. This means that the paid version will include customized logos and images. Moreover, you can customize overlays and embed ads, which make your content more interesting to viewers.

The basic plan offers the most basic features. Its free plan offers a free account, but the software doesn’t include a host of features. It is important to know which features are included in each plan before signing up for a paid account. Generally, the free version of the StreamYard software does not have many limitations, but it still requires that you pay a subscription fee to get access to its advanced features.

The basic plan includes the ability to collaborate with up to 10 broadcasters. You can share your screen with viewers and answer their questions, as well as customize the layout of your broadcast. For professional use, you can select the professional plan for $49 per month. This package offers the most advanced features, including multi-stream destinations and full HD video quality. If you need more features, however, you can pay a higher price. This is an ideal option for those who have multiple personalities and want to share their content.

Who is Streamlabs For?

Streamlabs is a free open-source streaming software that makes live broadcasting easier. It is based on Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), which was acquired by Logitech in 2019 for $89 million. Streamlabs is the successor to OBS, and it is far easier to use than OBS. It also comes with new features like an intuitive interface. You can view live streams of your stream from any location.

Streamlabs is used by broadcasters, YouTubers, and game developers, and has been around since 2008. The company is now available as a free download, but users can also pay a one-time fee to use it. It is recommended to register with a free account to access the full range of features. Lightstream, which competes with Streamlabs, pointed out that the website is similar to its own.

Streamlabs has a number of different options for live streamers. It can be used on YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook Gaming. Streamlabs also has apps to send custom notifications, auto-send tweets, and play music. A chatbot can help you interact with other viewers. You can even make donations with a few clicks. You can preview live streams and record them before they go live.

Streamlabs offers two different editing options. The user interface is similar to that of the Twitch player’s, but it also allows the user to choose a text editor or a video editor. Its customizable options make it easy for you to customize the stream to your liking. There are many widgets and themes available for use on Streamlabs. Simply choose one and click the customization tab to add it to the Twitch stream.

Streamlabs’ ‘OBS’ adds new features and a new user interface to the Open Broadcaster Software. It is the only live streaming software that allows users to record content in real time. Streamlabs’ chatbot, “Streamlabs” – this chatbot works on YouTube and and has various donation options for e-sports players. This software also lets users preview live streams before going live.

OBS is a popular open-source video streaming software. While OBS is not a’streaming platform’ per se, it is a good way to create a live stream. Streamlabs’ OBS is designed for streaming, and OBS allows you to create a video stream without a webcam. It is free, and has a community of dedicated streamers. It also offers many useful widgets, including donation boxes, which allow streamers to collect donations and track metrics.

Streamlabs OBS is the all-in-one streaming platform. Its apps include layouts, widgets, alerts, and text-to-speech for input. Streamlabs OBS is a free service, while regular OBS Studio is a paid subscription. You can use the OBS app to stream to Twitch and dozens of other streaming websites. But be aware that if you have a subscription to OBS Studio, you won’t be able to get the most out of the product.

Streamlabs Pricing

The Streamlabs platform is a simple to use streaming platform that has great front end pages, a fully functional admin panel, user and rating lists, and is incredibly easy to steer. It’s perfect for video blogs, tutorial sites, and podcasts, and has a great support forum. It also comes with a clean, custom design template aimed at local government sites. It comes with native layouts and design elements.

Streamlab offers a free trial and several paid plans. It also includes a knowledge base that includes articles, FAQs, and tech trends. You can find an extensive FAQ section and a knowledge base that’s updated regularly. The Streamlabs pricing chart is straightforward. If you’re serious about live streaming, you’ll want to invest a little time setting up the software. It’s definitely worth it though, and Streamlab has an impressive list of features.

Streamlab’s price structure is straightforward, and it’s easy to understand. For a small one-time fee, you can get access to basic features. Plus, Streamlab’s multistreaming and tip page tools make it easy to earn money through live streaming. If you’re looking for premium features, you can choose the ‘Streamlabs Prime’ subscription, which costs $19 per month or $149 per year. The benefits are many, and the customer support team is always there to answer any questions.

Streamyard Reviews of 2022

Streamyard is an on-premise streaming platform for video and live broadcasting. Its features include multi-streaming capability, a built-in studio, and support for multiple platforms. Streamyard is free to use and does not require any special system requirements. All you need is a webcam or microphone and a recent version of the browser. Unlike some other streaming services, iLive doesn’t require an installation, so you can get started right away. For Windows, you don’t need a particular version, but if you’re using a Mac, you should consider using Safari.

Streamyard is free to use, but you must have access to your page or channel in order to post content on it. After signing up, you can choose your destination. You can also customize the layout of your broadcast within the studio, and you can invite others to view it, as long as they have the same login code. Once you’ve created your account, you can customize the layout and design, including adjusting the background and color. You can also add banners to show talking points or call to action to your viewers. Lastly, you can select whether to record or live-stream your broadcast.

Streamyard requires an email address and a login code. You can also share your account with others. When you first log in, you must provide the login code to log in. Once you’ve signed in, you’ll remain signed in. If you want to share a stream, you can do so with a link on Streamyard. The only catch with Streamyard is that it only offers support for 1080p resolution, so it won’t work with higher resolutions.

Streamyard is free to use. You need an email address to sign up. After signing up, you can upload videos or upload photos. You can post to multiple platforms using one account. A free account allows you to stream to one destination. A paid plan allows you to broadcast to up to eight destinations, while a professional plan includes more features, including advanced streaming options. It also supports multistreaming on Facebook. There are no additional costs, so you’ll be able to stream content to your social media channels and audiences.

Streamyard is free to use, but it is important to remember that you’ll need to have access to your Facebook page or channel to be able to share your broadcasts. Besides the ability to share videos, Streamyard also allows you to share your screen with other users. Then, you can do interviews with up to 10 people, add call-to-action buttons, and choose various colors, videos, and GIFs.

Streamyard has an easy-to-use interface. It is not difficult to set up, and you don’t need any technical knowledge to get started. All you need is a web connection. Once you have set up your profile, you can start broadcasting your live streams. A limited number of broadcasting sites is supported by Streamyard, but you can also use other streaming services such as Restream or Castr. With Streamyard, you can also broadcast live on Facebook and YouTube.

Streamyard Key Features

  • Host a stable Livestream
  • Go live with guests (no software downloads required)
  • Multistreaming to all channels; Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, etc.
  • Broadcast with up to 10 people on screen
  • Build audience interaction through on-screen comments
  • Brand your broadcast with your color, logo, etc.
  • Download HD video and audio, and a separate audio track for each guest

Streamlabs Reviews of 2022

Streamlabs is a streaming tool that runs off the Open Broadcasting Software engine. The software comes with more features than OBS and includes over 250 free themes. It can also import the settings from OBS. Users can import their previous settings into a new version of streamlabs using a quick wizard. Besides, a user can use OBS for multi-streaming. Those who want to switch from OBS to a different platform can also use a Streamlabs account.

The user interface is easy to use. The program comes with features such as an overlay importer, an event queue, built-in PayPal donations, and a nice user interface for setting up widgets. Streamlabs also provides an undo feature, allowing users to undo changes without losing data. This feature is particularly useful if you plan to change the font of your video player. Once you are done changing the font, Streamlabs automatically saves the latest changes made while you are connected to the Internet.

In addition to its streaming software, Streamlabs also offers alerts, donations, and more. It has all the tools a streamer could possibly need to make a professional-quality broadcast. There’s also an easy-to-use studio mode. It allows you to make changes to your live video and prevent them from showing until the transition. It also features a nice user interface for transitions, enabling you to create the perfect show.

Streamlabs also has a built-in Multistream feature that lets you stream to multiple platforms at once. The Cloudbot adds a moderation tool that allows you to control your viewers, and the Wheel encourages community interaction. The software has many features that you can explore. Its Prime feature is a premium one that allows you access to more features and premium resources. In addition to its free version, Streamlabs offers a wide range of paid subscription options.

Streamlabs offers a number of features that make it easy for streamers to create and edit live videos. The UI is user-friendly with a built-in overlay importer, event queue, and PayPal donations. Streamlabs also has a built-in tracking system that allows you to create streaming reports. These reports will help you understand how many people are watching your video and what they’re saying. You can then make the right decisions based on the results of the polls.

Streamlabs offers many features that can make streaming a simple process. Lucra is an exclusive service offered by Streamlabs. This feature allows creators to host pay-per-view live streams and sell tickets. Streamlabs works with all major streaming software to help you create live streams. The platform also has a sleek dashboard and helps you interact with viewers during events. With its ease-of-use interface, a user can create and edit their video with ease.

Streamlabs Key features

  • Go live and stream to any platform in minutes
  • Personalize streams with overlays
  • Multistream to multiple platforms (YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, etc.)
  • Customizable alerts let you appreciate your supporters
  • Integrates with 60+ apps to enhance your stream

FAQs About Streamyard and Streamlabs

Now it’s time to answer some of the common questions related to StreamYard and Streamlabs.  

Is StreamYard free?

StreamYard comes with both free and paid versions. The free plan allows 20 hours of live streaming each month with the StreamYard branding (logo) displayed on the recording. The paid versions include your own custom branding.

Do most streamers use Streamlabs?

Yes, most streamers prefer Streamlabs because of the live streaming capabilities on YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook that they offer.

Is Streamyard better than Zoom?

StreamYard is a web-based online streaming and conferencing platform. You can stream to Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. While Zoom Meetings is particularly useful for hosting online meetings.

Is Streamlabs good for streaming?

Yes, Streamlabs OBS is great for streaming. It’s one of the easiest tools to enhance your live streaming with just a few click.

Streamyard vs Streamlabs: Summary

Streamyard supports RTMP and custom setups. However, if you plan to stream to popular platforms, Streamlabs is a better choice. 

This cloud-based platform lets you add multiple destinations for your live broadcasts, including YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook. 

Streamlabs also lets you host multiple streams from a single account, so you can use it to broadcast to more than one destination.

StreamYard and OBS both allow you to stream from multiple platforms, including Facebook and LinkedIn. 

You can live stream to a profile, group, or page on Facebook. In addition to this, you can use the mobile apps for Chrome and Safari. 

The desktop apps are free, but OBS is a little more complicated for a beginner. You can also use both platforms. If you have a professional-quality stream, a premium account will help you save money and gain access to premium features.