5 Steps To Stay Motivated As A Baby Boomer in This 21st Century

We’re living in an era of diverse changes.

Are you prepared for opportunities?

A lot of things would try to alter or distract your focus in life. But don’t be perturbed, you can easily scale through every huddle in life and emerge triumphantly.

Motivation is like a fuel, it’s needed to keep you going. Whenever you run out of this nugget, it’s time to refill your life.

The essence of being a baby boomer is to make a difference in your world.

It’s not the title you hold, neither is it your position in life. Whatever happens to you in this 21st century is as a result of things you allow.

The simple steps below would keep your burning candle active in this age. It’s nothing spectacular, but the effects cannot be ignored.


1.       Set Your Goals And Write It Down


Do you’ve have clear goals for your life?

It’s very important to determine what matters in your life. Not every activity is going to yield results for you. A lot of successes and failures can be attributed to goal setting. If you fail to set goals, it’s like scaling the economic in the dark.

In the forthcoming years, where do you want to be in life, business, career and family?

Setting clear, realistic and time-sensitive goals would increase your chances of making success. Although, a goal in itself will not elevate your life, but it shows you the true meaning of time, and how to work towards achieving your deepest desires. It’s not enough to have a goal, ensure you write it down. That’s the only reason you can be committed to its reality.


2.       Work On Your Personality


Personal development is very important in your life as a baby boomer. Whether you’re 46 or 64, there is no end to education. You’ve got to improve on your life by learning new things. This 21st century is marked by quick developments and transformations.

In order to meet up with events and hot trends, you need to work on your personality. You would be a lot motivated when you’re skilled in your area of influence. Without the right knowledge, failure looms like a weird snow ball. Those who refuse or neglect to grow in personality traits, end up complaining. And that’s the beginning of failure in life. Don’t let that be your guide, stay motivated today by working on your real person. It’s the baby boomer’s watchword.


3.       Choose Your Mentor Wisely


Can you succeed in isolation?

Life is characterized with diverse ideas and thoughts from different walks of life. A responsible mentor can motivate you with inspirational words, ideas and action. I’m yet to see any successful baby boomer that made it through without the efforts of others.

But be wise in this respect. Not all mentors are good; some are time-wasters and would only demean your original goal (as in first example). Always ask questions and look at their past records before trusting someone’s opinion. You can quickly speed up your success-level when you get a mentor. I know how powerful this is, because I’ve tried it.


4.       Have A Mental Picture Of The Future


The mental picture of the future is also termed “vision.”

Vision helps you stay engrossed in today’s activities with the hope of making a better tomorrow. What thoughts and insights do you’ve about tomorrow? In the next 3 – 7 years, is your life going to turn a new leaf (financially, martially, academically etc.)?

A man or woman with concise vision is never lost in the ocean of darkness. Such kind of insights into the unseen world is motivational.

You don’t accept the ugly circumstances of life as your lot, instead you channel your entire energy and wit on what counts – future. Don’t allow anything to cloud your mind, be real to your world and don’t forget to trust your instincts. It works!


5.       Manage Your Time Creatively


Time is a rare currency.

Unless you manage the time allotted to you creatively, you won’t achieve much per day. The Supreme Being is faithful in that he allots 24 hours to everyone. Why do some people complain and others rejoice?

It’s time management. That is why corporate firms usually train their employees on time management principles and how to achieve more within a short period of time.

United States of America uses Dollar as their currency, Japan uses the YEN, Europe’s currency is the euro.

The earth is also is like a larger nation and her currency is “time.” With this precious currency, you can make or mar your life. Any activity that will not add to your bottom-line and make you better than you were right now, don’t spend time on it. Set your priorities right from day one.


Motivational Wrap-Up


The best motivation in life is from within the human spirit. People and events might not motivate you successfully, but you can do it anyway.

I’m giving you a wake-up call. It’s not over yet in your life until your deepest goals are actualized. It’s time to take that baby step and become the baby boomers with a difference. See you ahead!

Image credit: andrec