Stand-Out From The Crowd: 3 Blogging Tips You Didn’t know

Want to stand out from the crowd?

It’s simple. You’ve 3 steps to take, and when it’s rightly executed, your posts would rank better on Google search engine.

Get targeted traffic and give you exposure beyond what you bargained.

The major problem why blogging tends to be difficult is because; a lot of bloggers are blogging with the wrong approach.

Nobody wants to read a boring blog. If you run a blog and the archive and recent posts are all about you, it’s a sure signal that failure is looming.

You can’t dominate a niche or market by writing about you.

Look away from what you’ve achieved and the good places you’ve visited and write about the next person (prospects).

A lot of people are closing down their blogs because they lack readers. It’s like their grand mama is the only one visiting. Let’s not waste time, here are 3 content marketing tips you didn’t know (maybe).

1.    Simplify Complicated Issues

The entire web is powered by contents. Whatever marketing strategy or secret in your mind can only be done with articles, videos, podcasts, case studies, post et al. Simplicity would help you dominate any niche no matter how competitive.

When people visit a blog, they’ve other things to do but deemed it fine to spend few minutes reading your post. There’s an element of trust already – you’ve to build on it. That initial trust isn’t enough to cement the bridge and set your business ablaze. But it’s a good start.

When you simplify issues, you’ll automatically add extra cubits to the initial trust. The irony of this is that, upcoming and intermediate bloggers bore the hell out of their readers. Don’t join the chariots!

Rather than making the issue simpler, some folks complicate and add more ‘unknown terms’ to the subject. You need to know the subject or topic before writing it – study, research and make it simple – you’ll quickly dominate your niche, because, people love simple things.

2.    Usable Structure

When you write a post or article, make it easy to use right away. When people visit your blog, they’re hungry for solutions. It’s not the great design on your blog that matters, but how usable your posts are. The structure has to be simple, straight to the point. Don’t promise a thing on the headline and address an entirely new topic on the body.

Write articles that can be used immediately. If you write about search engine optimization, ensure it points towards the right direction and help the reader achieve a definite goal.

Don’t write to get applauded; write to help someone become better, smarter and alive.

Use bullet points to convey your message, and don’t pad the paragraphs. Do this and you can easily become an industry expert.

3.    The Blog Is Not For You

As a blogger, we tend to believe we own everything – and have the right to write as we want. Yes, you might be privileged to write anything you want, but that’s not the point. The blog is by you, but not about you. When you write about you, you’re only trying to impress others. How pathetic?

And you’re not expected to write about others. Instead, write about their problems and how to get rid of its symptoms.

If you’ve been conveying you in every post, stop it and focus on others. Off course, there are times when you can bring up personal stories, as a way to beef up and convey your message, but don’t make it a habit. Write about common issues faced by target audience and they’ll flock around like bees do to honeycomb.

What Do You Say?

Boring and self-serving blogs will not make it to the top, no matter how creative the owner is. Simplicity and having a unique and easy to implement post structure would help readers stay glued to your blog, for a long time.

How else can you make a profitable blog and grow a resourceful content marketing platform? Share your comment with us – see you ahead!

5 thoughts on “Stand-Out From The Crowd: 3 Blogging Tips You Didn’t know”

  1. These are some really great tips. I like to stand out but in a niche that is crowed then you have to put your best foot forward in order to stand out. Thanks for these 3 tips and keep up the good work.

  2. Hey Michael,

    Nice points, It’s really essential to write your blog post in easy language so that people can easily understand your view and points. Plus try to solve the problem than increasing the quantity of your posts.

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