7 Square Online Store Examples (+ Templates 2023)

This is the complete guide to inspiring and modern Square Online Store examples.

We’ll dive into real-life success stories and practical insights for eCommerce marketers and new online store owners. 

Discover how Square Online Store empowers businesses to create captivating online experiences, streamline operations, and drive growth.

Pros and Cons of Using Square Online Store:

User-friendly interface and setup processLimited design customization options
Seamless integration with Square ecosystemAdvanced features may require add-ons
Mobile-responsive designLimited third-party integrations
Robust e-commerce functionalityTransaction fees for online payments
Secure payment processingLimited shipping carrier options

Why I Shared These Square Online Store Examples

When starting an online store and contemplating which drag-and-drop builder to use, seeking inspiration and guidance is crucial. 

These Square Online Store examples provide tangible demonstrations of what’s possible, helping you visualize your online store’s potential for growth.

Through these examples, you can gain valuable insights and make informed decisions to create a successful online presence.

7 Successful Square Online Stores (+ Their Sales Strategies)

Discover the captivating success stories of 7 online stores that harnessed the power of Square Online Store. 

From skyrocketing sales revenue to innovative marketing strategies, these examples demonstrate how Square Online Store has helped businesses thrive and make a significant impact in the eCommerce space.

1). Sundrenched Swimwear:

Sundrenched Swimwear experienced a remarkable 70% increase in online sales after migrating to the Square Online store platform.

The user-friendly interface and seamless integration with Square’s ecosystem empowered them to streamline operations and improve customer experience.

Sales Revenue Growth: Sundrenched Swimwear achieved a 50% growth in sales revenue year-over-year, with its stunning swimwear designs captivating a wider audience.

Marketing Strategy: Leveraging social media platforms, Sundrenched Swimwear ran targeted ad campaigns that showcased their unique designs, driving traffic to their Square Online Store.

2). Wholesome Bakes:

Wholesome Bakes, a beloved local bakery, witnessed an astounding 40% increase in online orders within just 3 months of adopting a Square Online Store.

The intuitive layout and mobile responsiveness enabled them to cater to a broader customer base.

Sales Revenue Growth: Wholesome Bakes experienced consistent growth, with a 25% increase in sales revenue year after year, solidifying their position in the competitive bakery industry.

Marketing Strategy: Wholesome Bakes utilized email marketing campaigns and loyalty programs integrated with Square, rewarding customers for their continued support and driving repeat sales.

3). Crafty Creations:

Crafty Creations, an independent craft store, expanded its reach beyond its physical location by leveraging Square Online Store.

The robust eCommerce functionality, including inventory management and secure payments, allowed them to efficiently handle online orders.

Sales Revenue Growth: Crafty Creations witnessed a staggering 80% increase in sales revenue within the first year of launching their Square Online Store, tapping into a larger customer base.

Marketing Strategy: Crafty Creations engaged with their audience through engaging blog content and partnered with influencers in the crafting community to promote their Square Online Store.

4). Fresh Bites Deli:

Fresh Bites Deli experienced a significant boost in online orders by implementing Square Online Store’s seamless ordering system.

Customers could easily browse the menu, customize their orders, and conveniently schedule pick-up or delivery.

Sales Revenue Growth: Fresh Bites Deli achieved a 35% increase in sales revenue year-over-year, as their Square Online Store enabled them to cater to customer demands for convenient online ordering.

Marketing Strategy: Fresh Bites Deli leveraged social media platforms to showcase mouthwatering food images and ran targeted ad campaigns highlighting the ease of ordering through their Square Online Store.

5). Sparkling Gems Jewelry:

Sparkling Gems Jewelry enhanced its online presence and increased sales through Square Online Store’s visually appealing storefront design and integration with Square’s payment processing, providing a seamless checkout experience.

Sales Revenue Growth: Sparkling Gems Jewelry achieved an impressive 60% growth in sales revenue, with their Square Online Store acting as a catalyst for expanding their customer base and driving repeat purchases.

Marketing Strategy: Sparkling Gems Jewelry engaged with their audience through regular email newsletters, featuring exclusive discounts and new product launches available on their Square Online Store.

6). Bookworm Haven:

Bookworm Haven, an independent bookstore, embraced Square Online Store to connect with book enthusiasts beyond their local community.

The platform’s inventory management system and user-friendly interface allowed them to efficiently manage orders and provide a seamless shopping experience.

Sales Revenue Growth: Bookworm Haven experienced a steady 30% increase in sales revenue, leveraging their Square Online Store to offer a vast selection of books to a broader audience.

Marketing Strategy: Bookworm Haven collaborated with local authors and book clubs, hosting virtual events and promoting exclusive signed copies available on their Square Online Store.

7). Natural Beauty Essentials:

Natural Beauty Essentials, a skincare brand, utilized Square Online store to showcase its natural and sustainable products to a wider audience.

The platform’s integration with Square’s ecosystem streamlined inventory management and enabled secure online payments.

Sales Revenue Growth: Natural Beauty Essentials achieved an impressive 45% growth in sales revenue year-over-year, leveraging their Square Online Store to tap into the growing demand for natural skincare products.

Marketing Strategy: Natural Beauty Essentials prioritized content marketing, creating informative blog posts and engaging social media content that directed customers to their Square Online Store to make purchases.

Square Online Stores: Diverse Industry Examples:

Square Online Store caters to a wide range of industries. Let’s explore a few notable examples:


Glamour Boutique: A fashion boutique showcasing a variety of clothing and accessories, providing an immersive shopping experience.


Tasty Treats Bakery: A bakery offering delectable treats with mouthwatering product visuals and easy online ordering.

Service-Based Businesses:

Pampered Paws Grooming: A pet grooming salon showcasing services, availability, and convenient appointment booking.

Key Features and Functionality of Store Online Store Builder

Square Online demonstrates essential features and functionality that elevate the customer experience and streamline online shopping:

  • Sleek Storefront Design:
    • Eye-catching product displays, engaging visuals, and cohesive branding.
  • Seamless Navigation:
    • Intuitive menus, search functionality, and clear product categorization for easy browsing.
  • Secure Payment Options:
    • Integration with Square’s payment processing for secure transactions and diverse payment methods.

Mobile Responsiveness and User Experience:

Square Online prioritizes mobile responsiveness, ensuring a seamless user experience across devices.

The mobile layout adapts beautifully, enabling customers to explore, engage, and make purchases effortlessly from their smartphones or tablets.

E-commerce Functionality:

Square Online empowers businesses with robust eCommerce capabilities. Examples demonstrate essential functionality such as:

  • Product Listings and Descriptions:
    • Well-structured product listings with compelling descriptions, pricing, and availability information.
  • Inventory Management:
    • Real-time inventory tracking, automated stock updates, and low stock notifications.
  • Customer Reviews and Ratings:
    • Integration with customer feedback systems, enhancing trust and credibility.

Integration with Square’s Ecosystem:

One of Square Online Store’s significant advantages is its seamless integration with Square’s ecosystem of products and services.

This integration allows businesses to leverage additional tools, including:

  • Point of Sale (POS) Integration:
    • Syncing online and offline inventory, sales, and customer data for holistic business management.
  • Marketing and Loyalty Programs:
    • Integration with Square’s marketing tools to launch promotional campaigns and drive customer engagement.

How to Get Started with Square Online Store Builder

To embark on your Square Online Store journey, follow these simple steps:

Step #1: Embrace Your Passion: First, let your passion fuel your online store’s vision. Whether you’re a creative artisan, a budding entrepreneur, or a seasoned retailer, identify your niche and unleash your unique offerings. Your passion is the foundation that will drive your success and create an emotional connection with your customers.

Step #2: Sign Up for a Square Account: Head over to Square’s website and sign up for a free account. This is your ticket to accessing the Square Online Store builder and its powerful suite of features. It’s like opening a treasure chest filled with tools designed to make your online store journey a breeze.

Step #3: Navigate to Square Online Dashboard: Once you’ve created your Square account, navigate to the Square Online dashboard. This is where the magic happens. You’ll find a user-friendly interface that brings your online store to life, offering customization options, inventory management tools, and more.

Step #4: Customize Your Storefront: Get ready to make your online store shine with customization options that reflect your brand’s personality. Select a template that resonates with your vision, choose fonts and colors that evoke emotions, and create a storefront that wows your customers. It’s like giving your physical store a makeover, but with infinite possibilities and zero limitations.

Step #5: Add Your Products: Now it’s time to showcase your unique offerings. Add your products with captivating descriptions, high-quality images, and competitive pricing. Just like arranging a beautiful display in a physical store, make sure your online store entices customers and leaves them eager to explore further.

Step #6: Set Up Payment and Shipping: Seamlessly integrate Square’s payment processing options into your online store, ensuring a secure and hassle-free checkout experience for your customers. Select shipping preferences that suit your business, whether it’s local delivery, nationwide shipping, or global distribution. It’s like setting up a well-oiled machine that handles transactions and delivers happiness to customers’ doorsteps.

Step #7: Launch Your Store: Take a deep breath and hit that “Launch” button. Your online store is now live, ready to captivate the world. Celebrate this milestone and feel the excitement of joining the vibrant e-commerce community. It’s like opening the doors of your physical store for the first time, but with a global audience eagerly waiting to discover your brand.

Benefits of Square Online for Online Stores

  1. User-Friendly Interface: Square Online Store provides an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, allowing even non-technical users to create a professional online store without coding knowledge.
  2. Seamless Integration with Square Ecosystem: Integration with Square’s ecosystem allows businesses to sync online and offline operations, streamlining inventory management, sales, and customer data.
  3. Mobile Responsiveness: Square Online Store ensures a mobile-responsive design, enabling customers to browse and purchase products seamlessly from any device, optimizing the shopping experience.
  4. Robust E-commerce Functionality: The platform offers essential e-commerce features like product listings, inventory management, secure payment processing, and customizable shipping options, empowering businesses to efficiently manage online operations.
  5. Secure Payment Options: Square Online Store integrates with Square’s payment processing, ensuring secure transactions and offering customers various payment options, boosting trust and convenience.
  6. Versatile Design and Customization: Building a successful online store goes beyond just aesthetics; it requires effective marketing strategies to attract customers and drive sales. The Square Online team understands this and provides a suite of marketing and promotional tools to elevate your brand’s reach. Think of these tools as your trusty marketing team working tirelessly behind the scenes. Integrated email campaigns act as your personal messenger, delivering exciting updates, irresistible offers, and personalized recommendations straight to your customers’ inboxes.
  7. Marketing Tools: Just like a skilled interior designer transforms a space into a reflection of their client’s personality, Square Online empowers you to build a virtual storefront that perfectly represents your business. From sleek and modern designs that exude sophistication to cozy and rustic layouts that evoke warmth, the customization options are there to help you create an unforgettable shopping experience for your customers.
  8. Data and Analytics: Square Online Store offers powerful analytics to track performance, gain insights into customer behavior, and make data-driven decisions to optimize store operations and marketing strategies.
  9. Scalability and Growth Opportunities: With Square Online Store, businesses have the flexibility to scale and grow their online presence, adding new products, expanding into new markets, and accommodating increasing customer demand.
  10. Customer Support and Resources: Square provides comprehensive customer support, including online documentation, tutorials, and a community forum, ensuring assistance is readily available for setting up and managing Square Online Store.

Square Online Plans and Pricing

Here’s a detailed table chart breaking down Square Online plans and pricing, along with a recommendation for who each plan is ideal for:

Plan NameMonthly PricingTransaction FeesIdeal for
Free$02.9% + 30¢Beginners and small businesses on a budget
Professional$122.9% + 30¢Growing businesses with moderate sales
Performance$262.9% + 30¢Established businesses with high volume
Premium$722.9% + 30¢Large enterprises with extensive needs

Pricing Summary

  1. Free Plan:
    • Monthly Pricing: $0
    • Transaction Fees: 2.9% + 30¢
    • Ideal for: Beginners and small businesses on a budget. The Free plan offers essential features and is perfect for those starting their online store journey, allowing them to explore Square Online without upfront costs.
  2. Professional Plan:
    • Monthly Pricing: $12
    • Transaction Fees: 2.9% + 30¢
    • Ideal for: Growing businesses with moderate sales. The Professional plan provides advanced features such as inventory management, customer reviews, and integrated shipping, making it suitable for businesses looking to scale their online presence.
  3. Performance Plan:
    • Monthly Pricing: $26
    • Transaction Fees: 2.9% + 30¢
    • Ideal for: Established businesses with high volume. The Performance plan offers enhanced capabilities such as abandoned cart recovery, advanced e-commerce analytics, and priority customer support, making it ideal for businesses seeking to optimize their online store performance.
  4. Premium Plan:
    • Monthly Pricing: $72
    • Transaction Fees: 2.9% + 30¢
    • Ideal for: Large enterprises with extensive needs. The Premium plan offers top-tier features, including custom checkout, flexible APIs, and dedicated account management. It caters to businesses with complex requirements and high transaction volumes.

Each plan offers a range of features and pricing options to cater to different business sizes and goals. Consider your specific needs, budget, and anticipated sales volume when choosing the most suitable Square Online plan for your online store.

Square Online Alternative Ecommerce Platforms Compared

This comparison table chart highlights the key features and strengths of Square Online, Shopify, Squarespace, and WooCommerce:

PlatformKey FeaturesWins forPotential Drawbacks
Square OnlineUser-friendly interfaceSmall businesses and service-based shopsLimited design customization options
Brick-and-mortar stores with an online presenceThe learning curve for beginnersAdvanced features may require add-ons
Mobile-responsive designRestaurants and cafesLimited third-party integrations
Robust e-commerce functionalityRetailers and artisansTransaction fees for online payments
Secure payment optionsBusinesses already using Square POSLimited shipping carrier options
ShopifyExtensive app store and integrationsGrowing businesses and large-scale retailersLearning curve for beginners
Powerful built-in SEO toolsDropshipping businessesAdditional transaction fees for third-party apps
Scalability and growth opportunitiesBusinesses with complex inventory needsHigher monthly costs for advanced features
24/7 customer supportBusinesses requiring extensive customizationLimited design options without additional themes
SquarespaceSleek and modern templatesCreative professionals and artistsLimited e-commerce features for large-scale businesses
All-in-one platform for website and storeBloggers and content creatorsTransaction fees for external payment processors
Strong visual customization optionsBusinesses needing a polished online presenceLimited marketing automation features
Integrated marketing and analytics toolsDesign-focused businessesAdvanced e-commerce features may require coding
WooCommerceSeamless integration with WordPressWordPress users and content-driven websitesRequires self-hosting and technical setup
Highly customizable with themes and pluginsBusinesses with in-depth development knowledgeAdditional costs for premium themes and plugins
Flexibility to tailor the store to specific needsBusinesses with unique product configurationsLimited customer support compared to hosted platforms
Wide range of payment gateways and shipping optionsDevelopers and tech-savvy usersSelf-maintenance and regular updates required

Square Online Stores: Takeaway

All in all, the Square Online platform empowers eCommerce businesses and individuals to easily create and manage an online store.

It offers a range of benefits including a user-friendly interface, integration with Square’s ecosystem, mobile responsiveness, robust e-Commerce functionality, secure payment options, versatile design customization, marketing tools, analytics, scalability, and reliable customer support.

These explicit advantages make Square Online an ideal choice for businesses seeking to establish a strong online presence with an online store, sell products, and grow revenue.