Six Steps To Solve Readers’ Problems With Content Marketing

You’re a solution to your readers, right?   solve a problem

As a blogger, one of the fundamental truths is that you must solve a problem.  

It’s almost become a cliché, because we hear the same advice even from newbie & pro bloggers.

But no one seems to clarify the whole “solve a problem” phrase.

Oftentimes, it may seem as though you’re not solving a problem with your blog posts. Because you’re kind of confused.

This can be a nightmare and I’ve decided to address it today.

The question my subscribers ask me time and again is, “how can I solve my readers’ problem?”

And if you’ve the same concern, read on to discover the six steps to make readers happy.

Talking about steps, I would have made it a 10 step post, but it’s going to overwhelm you. Personally, when a particular task exceeds seven steps, it becomes daunting to me. And to you my good reader. Aha, it’s like I know you too well. Lol!

We’ve six steps to cover and we don’t have all day. So let’s begin:

1.      Step one: find your readers

Have you built a community with your blog? I’m talking about ardent readers; people who like your writing style and would do anything to make you successful.

Truly, a blog can amass thousands of readers, but it’s no longer a matter of quantity but quality. Just like we’ve quality content and advocate for it, your readers must be responsive, too.

How do we gauge a responsive reader? We gauge responsiveness from the action a reader takes. It could be as simple as leaving a comment, subscribing to your email list or buying your product.

You also have to understand that some ardent readers don’t have time to comment, but they certainly like spending money on new products.

If that’s the case, don’t be moved by comments. After all, comments don’t put money in your bank account. Attract new readers through guest posting and SEO. Give them a reason to stay and visit more often.

2.      Step two: know and understand their problem(s)

Have you found blog readers yet? Good. It’s time to know and understand their problem(s). Did you notice how I used “know” and “understand?”

The reason is because knowing that your readers are searching for a solution isn’t enough. How desperate are they looking for such answer is the ultimate question?

Understanding sets you apart from people who know. The harsh reality is that 85% of bloggers already know what their readers want, which isn’t the problem at all.

Listen to your readers. When they leave a comment, spend time studying the comment. See how the words are coined and used. For instance, if you published a post about making $2,000 monthly, study the reactions of your commenters.

You’ve to know that several people have lost money to so-called money making hype. See if this has infiltrated their minds. Only then can you solve their problems without raising eyebrows.

3.      Step three: draw a scale of preference

What’s a scale of preference?

Let’s assume that your readers have a handful of problems.

For beginners to blogging, they’ve the problem of driving traffic, getting comments, improving their rankings in search engines, getting blog post ideas, writing quality content, publishing a guest post and making money. Now, how do you know the most pressing problem?

You need to draw a scale of preference. While in High School, we studied Demand & Supply and using this particular scale, the Students were able to tackle the pressing demands of the people, without neglecting other demands.

And this applies to everything we do as entrepreneurs, whether online or offline, you need to walk before you can run.

A scale of preference helps you organize the needs of your readers according to their importance. So, maybe you should tackle the problem of blog post ideas first. Afterwards, move on to improving their ranking on search engines.

4.      Step four: choose the most pressing problem

To achieve success online and solve your reader’s problem amicably, you need to choose one idea and run with it. Thank God you’ve mapped out your scale of preference, which highlights the most important issue to address.

Now, pick from the topmost and do justice to it. By justice, I mean you should research all you can about the topic. Download, buy and borrow relevant books from friends and clients. Read up blog posts from A-list writers. Spend quality time brainstorming answers.

Use Google keywords tool to find out the direction of your target audience.

Every word used in searching for information online is relevant and important. Why? Because man is an embodiment of words. What you become as a person is as a result of the words you’ve used over time.

Show me a man who knows how to use the right words and I’ll show you how successful he would turn in the future. You can’t solve your readers’ problems at once. One step at a time is the language of blogging.

5.      Step five: think solution    scale of preference

Enough of the problems and issues with your readers, your ears should be full of them by now.

Don’t sympathize with readers. Start giving answers to those problems, which you already know about.

When you write a blog post, armed with the problem at hand, immerse yourself into the content. Write as if yours is the only blog in the whole world.

Don’t just write content for the sake of meeting up with a certain words count.

That’s not content marketing. Every article you write MUST solve a particular problem or improve the reader’s life. If not, don’t even bother to write in the first instance.

It’s important that you think solution all the time. The reason is because man attracts what he thinks. The more you think about problem, the more problems you’re going to get. So, think solutions and your readers would take you to bed and fall in love with you. Yes baby!

6.      Step six: Create epic content

The word “epic” is from poetry. It’s actually a long narrated poem in elevated language, which celebrates the adventures of a Hero. So, when you’re asked to create epic content, it means you must celebrate your readers in the post. How?

Serve them the right meals. Give the freshest breath with your article. Just like the article you’re reading now, I wrote it from my heart and I do hope it changes your life and business.

To successfully craft an epic content, you must love your readers. If you love your spouse and celebrate them, tell me why you can’t dazzle & celebrate your readers.

In building a thriving community, your reputation and brand is at stake. The moment you push the publish button on your WordPress Dashboard, the world would start to watch your back.

The only thing that can solve a reader’s problem permanently is an epic content. Because they’re unique, relevant, well-researched, lengthy and above all “easy to read.”

What’s the problem?

Believe me, there is no problem you can’t solve as a blogger, in your niche. No matter the level, you can satisfy your readers and disciple them for life.

Quick question: do you have a problem with writing and marketing your content? Share with me in the comment box below. I’d address them one-step-at-a-time. See you ahead!

25 thoughts on “Six Steps To Solve Readers’ Problems With Content Marketing”

  1. Thanks for your nice post. Solving reader’s problem is a great way to market content. But gtetting reader isn’t as easy as most of the newbie thinks.

    I enjoyed the post.

  2. Hi Michael,

    Thanks a ton for writing this post. I love this entire post. It is so helpful and has a lot of information worth treasuring and emulating. Building a community is not that easy but not impossible at the same time. Content marketing needs a community as you said above. Finding readers and building a strong base with them is the key here.


  3. Hey michael can you guide me on how to do the landing pages for my list the same way you have done for the header or just create a landing page, squeeze page whatever. Will it be free?

    • If you want the optin form on your header, you need to customize your blog design. Contact wordpress theme designers to help you. Or better yet, create separate landing pages on your blog and use them to suck subscribers unto your email list. Thank you George.

  4. i like how you divided the process into simple steps
    i believe understanding the readers is a very important step if not the most important
    thanks for sharing this info with us

  5. You’ve covered one of the topics I’ve in mind. I wouldn’t have done justice to it like you did. I wish every blogger and content marketer can access and implement the six smart steps. Be encouraged Michael, you’re doing a nice job.

  6. If we can all solve problems with our content, I think readers won’t have issues coming back. Most blogs I read have solved a lot my problems, which includes list building, traffic generation and most important, how to make money as a blogger.

    And with these 6 steps, I can go out, being confident that I’ve all it takes to help someone. Thank you so much Michael – you’re a real geek.

  7. This post has opened my eyes to the exact steps of solving reader’s problems. As usual Michael, you’ve written another epic shit. I’ve no regret whatsoever being your fan. I’d henceforth solve problems with my content.

    • Wow, I never knew my post could open blind eyes (just kidding…) But I’m so delighted to be of help Kaitua. I hope you’ll visit my blog next week? I’ve a compelling post coming your way next week.

  8. Finding the readers needs and trying to serve their needs it great way to make them love your blog and also make them stick with your blog. Fulfill their requirement with your content is what almost all pro bloggers has been doing from long time.

    Nice post Michael, I think you might want to participate in my giveaway to win the CommentLuv Premium giveaway.

    • Yes, pro bloggers are successful because they solve reader’s problems. Every blogger should tour the same path.
      As for your giveaway, I’m sorry, I don’t think I can participate – I’ve a lot of my Desk now. Anyways, thanks for
      letting me know about it.

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