Five Best Social Tools to Drive High Quality Traffic

Do you want to increase your web traffic?

For your business to experience an upward growth in this ever-changing world, you need to approach web marketing creatively. The competition is getting fiercer by the day and only a few people are going to excel and profit.

But the tools you need to make success in your internet business is been made already available and often, you pay nothing to get your hands on it.

I’m talking about amazing social tools that can automate your marketing campaigns and bring about a surge of free targeted traffic.

The influence of social media in web marketing is so phenomenal, touching every aspect of our day to day communications with prospects and customers.

How Social Tools Can help Your Business

Most online business models rely on the full participation of the owner to function.

As time goes by, you should be thinking-outside-the-box on how to simplify your marketing paths. That’s where social tools come in. they are handy, user-friendly and can improve your productivity level by 102%.

We are limited in the amount of work we can do per day; consequently, this affects your influence on the web, as well as the income you earn.
Essential social tools can help you leverage your time, resources and innovative steps to achieve tremendous results.

To get started, here are 5 essential social tools to help grow your business.

Link building is a crucial aspect of Google ranking. The recent panda update that went live on September 28, 2011 still counts backlinks as a criterion for improving pagerank and search engine performance.

You need plenty of external links and not just that; you need relevant backlinks. is a social tool with a user-friendly interface. It helps you to bookmark your content in your favorite social bookmarking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Digg, Diigo, Google bookmarks etc.

These are all authority sites that Google respects. If your web page is bookmarked right there, you’re going to drive avalanche of targeted traffic to your website. You can’t submit your latest blog post to 30 social sites at once; helps you with the push of a button.

Marketing via social media site is a great leap to double your productivity.

However, prospects are vulnerable to several other info-commercials that flash from every nook and cranny of the web. Your prospective customer is in a state of dilemma as to what steps to take – “who do I trust with my resources (time and money)?”

To avoid guess work in your business, you need to stay off the radar and give them what they want.

How? Clone a newspaper version of your social media marketing campaigns, and distribute across the web. is a powerful social tool that combines your tweets, Facebook shares, RSS feeds and other social contents into one unique newspaper-based format.
This is going to transform your business and send quality traffic to your online space in droves. Everyone loves to read newspaper, give them what they want – that’s what marketing is all about!


How often do you tweet on twitter?

Here’s a shock: Do you know that successful web marketers who have thousands of twitter followers don’t spend so much time tweeting?

Getting to the frontline of your internet business takes a lot of time and investment. Even at that, you may not get substantial results until you are well-positioned. Twaitter helps you to automate your tweets, schedule your future content to go out on the days and time you want.

If you’re an occasional twitter user, the only way to get results is when you automate. Use twaitter to your advantage and drive hoards of quality traffic even while you sleep.

All in One Seo Plug-in

Who doesn’t know about this plug-in?

It’s a common tool used to optimize your web pages and contents for good ranking in search engines. But do you realize it’s the first step that makes social media marketing a success?

A well optimized content is the bedrock of successful social media marketing. A popular saying goes, “content is king, but I like to rephrase that a bit by quoting, well optimized content is the king!”

Social media sites have the potential to send you responsive visitors, and enhance your social media presence. Have you installed your all-in-one-seo-plug-in yet?

Take that bold step right now. And when you do, ensure you fill in the appropriate blanks; title, description and tags.


Want to take your pitch to the next level; a great social tool you should consider is “PitchEngine?”

We are living in a fast changing world. You need to keep abreast with the latest trends and ride on the wings of change. Your business needs to upgrade to a higher text-delivery system.

Contrary to what a lot of people say, “people do really judge a book by its cover.” It means that you need to use nice styling when interacting with prospects.

PitchEngine helps you to create intelligent pitch, well optimized text, nice and pleasing to the eyes.

You can now include multimedia in your texts, create sharable quick facts and become the person who wins in social media marketing.

Marketing Takeaway

Driving real traffic from social networks is achievable and interesting when you use the above social tools. There are thousands of others that can help you bring your dreams to reality.

Keep an open mind as you grow your business, there is so much to learn about business automation. See you at the top!