Are You A Social Media Time Waster…Stop Right There?

Stop wasting time with social media marketing. Start thinking like a pro.why-should-you-use-social-media

Whoever told you that social media marketing is powerful has done so well, but he failed in showing you how it works.

I’ve been a time-waster on Facebook for over 12 months. I thought I knew how FB marketing works but I was deceiving myself.

If you’re one of those bloggers who created a Facebook page, and hoping to attract 10,000 likes without any effort, I’m here to slap you real good.

You may not realize the plague you’re causing your blog if you continue wasting time on Twitter and Facebook.

As a matter of fact, when I finally figured out how the entire process of social media marketing works, my twitter following increased from 154 to 480 in approximately 7 days. I didn’t steal or trick followers, neither did I buy anybody. I simply did some things that yielded results.


Time Is Money, Invest It Wiselytime is money


First, you need to realize that time is money; the amount you invest today would determine how much money you earn.

Freelance writers will tell you more on this because they earn per time invested into a project.

If you’re working in a firm, you’re paid because you invested your time. It goes to show that when time is wasted, you earn less and complain more.

A blogger friend of mine is an ardent twitter user. He usually log on to his Twitter account every morning and he doesn’t log out.

There is a kind of joy that comes from within when a new follower “DECIDES” to follow him.

Unfortunately, my friend has never earned a single freelance job from his activity. He’s been doing this for over 2 years and nothing seems to be working. But for me, I’ve started reaping the rewards of creative twitter marketing.


All Social Networks Aren’t The Same


Yes, you got that right. There is a huge difference between LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. The mindset and strategies for winning in these portals differ. If you put up the same marketing campaign in all, one would yield better results because of relevancy.

Facebook is for everyone. I mean, even your Granny can create a profile account or even create fan page and promote her chocolate making skill.

My nephew is 12 years old and already has a Facebook page with 150 likes. Don’t tell me it’s cute because he’s doing literally nothing to engage them.

On the other hand, Facebook can be used for business but it takes time. It’s like reinventing the wheel. Re-channeling the thoughts of your friends from “hi, what’s up today” to something like “improve your life, buy from store.”


Twitter is for Ranting


When it comes to twitter, you should feel relaxed and rant about everything. If your birthday is today, use it as a pointer to reach your followers and drive traffic. Unfortunately, most followers on your Twitter account are not targeted.

In fact, they don’t even know what web marketing is about. Studies reveal that 12% of your twitter followers don’t understand blogging or info product creation.

They are unlikely to visit your blog from tweets with blogging, make money, list building on the headline.

But twitter is ideal for breaking news, hot trends and web developments. During SOPA debate, twitter was the best platform to garner supporters to kill the bill. SOPA and her counterpart (PIPA) are dead for now – but I’m sure it would resurrect in future (unscrupulous senators are still pressing). Please don’t sue me…


LinkedIn & Google +: Best Social Network For Entrepreneurs


If truly you want social media marketing to work for your business, then you should shift your attention from the above two networks (Facebook & Twitter) and focus on Linkedin & Google+. It’s the best platform ever to syndicate and land high paying offers.

Honestly, I’m barely new to LinkedIn but the impact on my business is superb. You could liken LinkedIn and Google+ as the leaders in social media marketing, both are the missing ingredients in web promotion that’s proven to work.

According to research and trends, LinkedIn users and Google+ users are business minded. They understand the angle you’re coming from when you talk about webinar, blog posts, list building etc.


Google+ Will Change The Future


The web is still powered by contents (articles, posts, news, video, podcasts etc). In order to access these contents, you need a search engine. Who doesn’t know about Google search engine?

Now, this holy marketing grail has tossed out their social networking site and you think they don’t know the future of search marketing? Off course they do. Google is simply strategizing on taking over the entire customer user interface.

Your Google+ profile is now index-able and this is significant. Don’t play down on Google+ and LinkedIn anymore.


Plan Your Social Media Campaigns


Before tweeting or sharing any content your social media followers and fans, make sure you understand the consequences of it. If the content isn’t worthy, please don’t waste time trying to attract others.

Crappy contents will adulterate your brand and send you to hell faster. Only share your best contents and help members in Google+ circles happy. That’s the best way to win and make money with social media.

Take it one step at a time. Avoid marketing hype. Stay on your niche and explore it. Invest 30 minutes to 1 hour with Google plus and LinkedIn on daily basis and use the remaining time to work on your blog contents and landing pages.

That’s how to save time and achieve more in today’s world.

Do you waste time with Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn? Please share your experience in the comment box and don’t forget to share this post. Please!

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