Are you getting results with social media?  social media results

Whatever your marketing idea is, there are two sides to the marketing coin. You need to clearly recognize why you created a fanpage from the outset.

If you’re not using any of the social media giants out there, you might look dumb – in the eyes of competitors. But are you really a dumb?

But what exactly are the results of using Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn?

Everyone who started out knows that it takes time to get results, and the results might not come no matter how much efforts you put into it.

And the reason for this is simple: 95% of what we know about social media marketing is wrong.

We’ve been spoon-fed with fads – I’m yet to see any small or mid-sized internet entrepreneur who is satisfied with the results of his social campaign.

Does it mean we’re wasting our precious time? Maybe – read on…

If you want to see results in your campaigns, please recognize that the ‘marketing’ isn’t for you – but by you.

It’s so important to recognize what truly works and immerse yourself into it. There are 3 effective ways to approach social media – only then are you qualified to see results.

There are no rules to building a profitable business, but even for those who work from home to earn passive income, they need a guide – which is what I’m giving you right now.

The three effective ways to maximize social media and get results are:

  • – Have a meaningful strategy
  • – Catch social media users when they’re ready
  • – Focus in solving one problem at a time

Have a meaningful strategy

What strategy are you using to connect with people on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the next in line – Pinterest? What some folks fail to understand is that all forms of marketing activities online works efficiently when it’s meaningful.

It’s would take some time before result come. There are several ways to get more twitter followers and facebook likes. But what’s the need using them if you’re aiming for permission-based social media marketing? Do you subscribe to using tools?

Truth be told, people who use tools and software to hijack followers are approaching social media from the wrong angle. Remember, the marketing is not for you – you’re connecting with interested people, not by trickery or hype.

Blogging is a great way to build your social media following because; your readers already know you, and the quality ‘stuffs’ you give them.

In a nut shell, ditch every social media tool that promises to send you thousands of followers overnight – use inbound marketing to attract a handful of tweets, followers and fans.

Q: After you’ve attainted 10,000 followers with hijacking social tools, what happens next? Do you think these people are interested in what you’re offering? Think about it – leave a comment below.

Catch Social Media users when they’re ready

By “catch” I mean you should consistently hangout with them. This is the only way to know the problems they face, and how desperate they need answers.

People, who tweet once every week, may not fully grasp the thoughts and attitudes of their fans and followers. Be consistent with social media sharing to get them talking – that’s the juicy secret to winning this game.

It’s left for you to stay and listen to their cries. Truth this, they’ve questions running through their minds and if you can’t solve them, they’ve every right to ignore your marketing campaign and move on with their lives. Don’t you think so?

And guess what, several so-called social media examiners and marketers have been left behind. The world has changed and only those with connective intuit will stay afloat and profit.

They’ve lost the tiny trust which they had initially. Get users ready by addressing the needs in their hearts, without asking for monetary returns – at least you need to know and mingle with them first.

Once you’re able to earn trust, nothing should stop you from offering a paid service or selling to them. You’ve earned the right to sell. Catch them now – and if the trust is high, they would be taping their credit cards on the PC screen, ready to buy from you.

Focus in solving one Problem at a time

Yes, as a social media marketer, you’re not entitled to solve multiple problems. If you attempt it, it may breed havoc and lower the quality of your solutions. The best and simple answer is to tread carefully – one step at a time!

When you spend quality time listening and engaging with your fans and followers, you should know the problems and questions which they need answers to desperately. Now, pick one of the problems and find a lasting solution to it. The solution you provide must be authentic and have a multiplier effect in your business.

For instance, the solution you provide should align with your marketing goals. In order words, you want to build a strong rapport with target audience via emails – which is the best communication channel online.

In this case, instead of selling via facebook page or via tweets, redirect users to your landing page and convert them.

The real communication and relationship is in email marketing. Social media followers would continue to be skeptical when they see your offer, but when they join your list and you begin to spoon-feed them with quality, helpful and in-depth exclusive information, the results will be staggering.

Over to you

What has social media done for you since you started using them? Can you truly recommend to upcoming internet entrepreneurs that social media marketing is effective? Share your honest comment and let’s get the social media ball rolling. See you at the top!

Image Credit: solasus