SMS Marketing Pricing (5 Platforms + How Much They Cost)

You’ve probably heard about usage-based billing, but do you know how it works and how much it costs?

If not, you’ll find that this type of billing is especially useful for SMS marketing, since it removes the need to upgrade your plan every time your usage spikes.

Then you can choose the SMS marketing pricing plan that works best for your budget and your business.

Read on to learn more about SMS marketing pricing.  


If you’re unsure whether Textedly is right for your business, consider the many features it offers for a low price. From the free plan, which allows you to send one message to up to 50 recipients, to the $24 plan, which allows you to send unlimited messages to your subscribers, Textedly has a plan to fit your budget.

Unlike other services, Textedly has no setup fee and allows you to use as many keywords as you like. If you’re unsure about how much SMS texting will cost, Textedly has built-in analytics and will help you determine which plan is right for your company’s needs.

For businesses looking to send text messages to large numbers of subscribers, Textedly is an excellent option. It allows you to customize messages, as long as they’re no longer than 455 characters, so your customers are more likely to open them and read them.

The service also provides keyword-linked autoresponders and drip campaigns for additional costs, but these are not complimentary. Instead, they’re complementary.

But if you need the extra tools, Textedly’s pricing is competitive, but you may need to pay more to use these features.

With 12 reasonably priced plans, Textedly is the right choice for businesses looking for affordable SMS marketing. Depending on how many messages you send per month, you can save anywhere from 6% to 50% a month on your account. You can easily scale your account according to your needs, so you can use Textedly to grow your business. You can also choose to opt for a one-time trial, and try it risk-free before you commit.

Despite its many features, Textedly also offers an unsubscribe and help feature. You can try Textedly free for 14 days and receive 50 free texts, as well as a one-time custom keyword. You can also use text messages to communicate with employees and customers. Textedly has a number of plans to choose from, ranging from free to Enterprise. The enterprise plan includes four hundred messages per month, unlimited texts, and two custom keywords.


You’ve come across Appointible’s pricing structure and wonder if you need to use it. The service enables real estate investors and real estate agents to communicate with each other using cutting-edge SMS messaging technology. You’re not only getting your message out to millions of potential customers, but you’re also making sure that your content is seen and acted upon as quickly as possible. Read on to learn more about Appointible’s pricing and features.


If you’re wondering how much Twilio SMS marketing pricing is, you’ve come to the right place. As a highly reputable tech company, Twilio has a diverse platform that allows you to handle almost any customer interaction. The network offers over 900 million data points each day and the highest deliverability rates. It also allows you to integrate with third-party applications. You’ll find that the pricing for Twilio SMS is significantly lower than those offered by many other SMS marketing services.

When it comes to pricing, the best option is to use a low-volume plan. SMS marketing will cost $400 per month if you have 10k subscribers. You’ll also save money, as you won’t have to hire an editor or designer or hire a photographer to create high-quality marketing materials. Also, it’ll take less time. This feature is particularly useful for marketers who need to see results quickly.

In addition to standard pricing, you can find volume discounts and committed-use pricing. Depending on your needs, you can choose to buy communication features as a la carte or choose from one of Twilio’s bundled service plans. You can even compare Twilio SMS marketing pricing with other SMS gateway providers, as well. To find out more, visit the website of Outright Store. You can then select the top-rated plugin and compare costs to get the best deal for your organization.

Pricing for Twilio SMS messaging depends on the destination and type of message. It varies depending on carrier and destination. You can also opt for a pay-as-you-go pricing plan, which is beneficial for large companies. In addition, Twilio’s pricing is consistent for both local and toll-free numbers. You can expect to pay $0.02 per SMS for text messages, $0.01 per picture message, and $0.01 for MMS.

Pricing plans for Twilio vary by plan. Prices for the Studio Pro Plan start at $99 per month. You can also opt for a free trial with limited usage. RingCaptcha offers a free Starter plan that includes 100 one-time password responses. It doesn’t require a contract. And while you’ll need to pay for each SMS sent, you can take advantage of the flexibility and customization options that EZ Texting offers. These features make Twilio SMS marketing pricing feels more genuine and authentic.


With its comprehensive SMS marketing software, Yotpo is a popular choice for Shopify merchants. Designed with GDPR and TCPA compliance in mind, SMSBump allows you to create campaigns and track results in seconds. It integrates with most Shopify apps, is easy to install, and works with custom storefronts. Yotpo’s SMS marketing pricing depends on the features you want. Read on to discover more.

With its robust SMS marketing software, Yotpo can provide a unified customer experience for both small businesses and large enterprises. Yotpo’s dashboard gives you access to feedback data and provides you with unprecedented insight into the consumer sentiment and behavior. This powerful tool also supports Magento 1 and 2 latest 2.2.3 versions. If you’re on a budget, you can still use Yotpo’s free plan for basic features.

The best part of Yotpo’s SMS marketing software is that it’s fully integrated with Google Analytics. You can even reward your customers with loyalty points and get rewards every time they buy from you!

This flexible reward program makes Yotpo a great choice for any business. You can also work with a full-service marketing agency to integrate Yotpo into your own marketing strategy. If you’re still uncertain about whether this is the best solution for your business, consider the following benefits.

The best way to decide which SMS marketing platform to choose is to check out the various features offered by each service.

Many people use SMS marketing tools to create reviews, and Yotpo is no different. In addition to SMS marketing, Yotpo also offers customer reviews, referral programs, and visual marketing.

This company has 300 employees around the world and more than $101 million in funding. But you don’t have to use Yotpo if you’re only starting out.

SMS Pricing Summary

With Yotpo, automated follow-up messages are sent to your customers 14 days after a transaction is completed.

Your messages will be customized so you can ask for feedback on multiple products.

This helps you close more sales. And if your customers haven’t bought from you yet, you won’t know whether your message is a success or not.

Yotpo SMS marketing pricing ensures that you’ll get the most out of your SMS campaigns.