Slack Pricing (Pros & Cons, Key Features 2022)

Slack pricing varies according to the number of users on a workspace.

The free plan costs less than a dollar a day, while a paid plan starts at $6.67 per user per month.

The cost of an individual member’s monthly fee varies depending on the plan chosen, but the free trial is worth a look.

The paid plans are a lot like the free ones, but with a few important differences.

Free plan

If you’re looking to get Slack for your small business or are on a tight budget, you can start with its free plan. If you have fewer than five employees, you can opt for the free plan, which has a limit of 10K messages and 5GB of storage.

If your needs grow, you can also upgrade to the Standard, Plus, or Enterprise Grid plans. In addition to the free plan, Slack also offers a paid enterprise grid plan for businesses of up to 250 employees.

The free plan of Slack includes the basic features for small businesses. However, you cannot use the paid features, such as team conferences or video calls, unless you upgrade to a paid plan.

However, the free plan gives you a taste of the platform, and if you like it, you can upgrade to the paid version at a later date.

Regardless of which plan you choose, Slack is an excellent tool for your business if you are looking for an easy way to communicate with your team.

If you need to connect Slack to many different apps, the paid plan is the way to go. Slack has over 1,500 apps and is constantly adding new ones.

The free plan is limited to 10 integrations, and you’ll have to continually install and remove integrations to stay within the limits. Premium plans, however, come with no limitations.

You’ll have more than 20 integrations at your disposal, and Slack is a great choice for businesses looking to make the most of their communication tools.

The free plan of Slack offers only 5GB of storage. As such, the free plan doesn’t allow you to share screen sessions or share files. You also won’t be able to view files that are five weeks old. If you need to send files or video files, you should upgrade to a paid plan.

The free plan also caps the amount of workspace storage at five gigabytes. However, you can use the message threads to organize your conversations.

Pro plan

When looking for Slack plan pricing, consider the features and functionality you’ll need. The free plan, for example, doesn’t allow team conferences and offers only one-on-one video calls. But it has recently added video calls for the mobile app. Other limitations include not being able to create guest accounts, not being able to share channels with other companies, and not being able to customize retention policies. For these reasons, Slack Pro plans are often the best option.

For small teams, Slack offers a Free plan. The free version does not allow you to add more than ten third-party apps to your account. Since many of these apps operate on different plans, you should always check what the pricing is for each app before you buy it. Similarly, the Standard plan is aimed at small and mid-sized businesses. It offers group calls, screen-sharing, and unlimited apps, but costs a bit more than the other plans.

To use Slack’s full capabilities, you need to upgrade your plan. Slack’s free plan limits you to five gigabytes of storage. Unlike paid plans, free plans do not give you access to the past five million messages in your workspace. Once you’ve reached the limit, you won’t be able to view these files again. But with the Pro plan, you can access all message history and use more advanced features.

The Slack Pro plan costs $8 per active user per month. The standard plan allows up to six users. It also has unlimited integrations. In addition, you can use multiple Slack apps and create teams. The Pro plan makes Slack the central hub of work. You can use it for projects and for internal communication. It’s easy to use, but it may not be the most flexible. If you’re not sure whether or not Slack is right for your team, you can always try out the free plan and see how it works.

The Slack Pro plan also gives you access to group calls and screen sharing. In addition to group chat, you can add up to 15 team members and even invite outsiders. This way, you can work with anyone and share ideas with them. You can also use its Google authentication feature to prevent people from logging in with the wrong account. There are also more features that you can unlock with the Pro plan pricing, so it’s important to consider your budget before purchasing.

Business+ plan

Slack is an enterprise-grade platform that redefines workplace communication. Its features include GDPR compliance, FINRA compliance, HIPAA compliance, and more. In addition to the Standard plan, Slack Business+ includes additional features, including integrations with more than 10 apps. With this option, Slack makes it easier for small businesses to communicate with retailers, vendors, and other people outside of their company. Businesses can also use Slack with guests.

Slack also offers a Pro plan that removes most of the restrictions from the free version. This plan is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. The Slack Business+ plan add advanced user permission controls, double storage space per user, and lets you export your data to external applications. For large businesses, Slack offers the Slack Enterprise Grid plan. The Slack Business+ plan cost an additional $15 per month.

Enterprise grid plan

The Enterprise Grid plan is the highest tier of pricing offered by Slack. This plan allows users to manage all communications across many connected workspaces, and it is recommended for extra-large businesses and regulated industries. The Standard plan is enough for small teams, but the extra-large companies and regulated industries should consider the Enterprise Grid. It includes more than ten integrations with other software and tools, including Google Apps.

The enterprise grid plan offers centralized control and a single view of company communication. With this plan, administrators can control all messaging, announcement-focused channels, and search functionality throughout the company. The price of Enterprise Grid varies between plans, but Slack has a clever pricing structure. You can sign up for a free trial to try the software out. However, once you see its limitations, you might decide to pay for the Enterprise grid plan.

Slack’s Enterprise grid plan offers several advanced security features that help to protect PHI. Security measures include real-time directory sync, Enterprise Key Management, and integrations with security management software.

HIPAA regulations require all organizations to adhere to strict privacy, security, and data protection policies, and Slack has taken the necessary steps to help users remain compliant.

If you’re in the healthcare industry, Slack offers a HIPAA compliance plan that will enable you to protect your clients’ data.

If you’re a student or teacher, Slack also offers a Slack education program. Students and educators can sign up for the free plan and get an 85% discount.

The program is available for all Slack users.

There are a variety of Slack features, so you can choose which one will work best for you. However, you’ll have to pay for the enterprise grid plan if you want to use the Slack security features.


To upgrade your workspace to the Enterprise Grid plan, you must choose a plan with a Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

You need Azure Active Directory as your identity provider, have an Intune Trial subscription, and a Global Administrator role in Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

After you’ve chosen a plan, you need to set up your Slack app configuration policy.

You can even add multiple Slack workspaces so that employees can share information with one another.