Simplecast vs. Buzzsprout: Which is Better? (+ Alternatives)

Here’s a detailed Simplecast vs. Buzzsprout comparison guide.

When it comes to creating podcasts, Simplecast and Buzzsprout may be the right choice for you.

Both services offer a wide range of features and are affordable, but you might be wondering which is better.

Here we compare the main features of each service and how they compare to one another.

You can also view the features of each to decide which one is right for you. Using the Simplecast promo code, you can get 50% off the first two months of service!

Simplecast vs Buzzsprout: Alternatives


Podomatic and Buzzsprout are two different podcasting platforms with different features and benefits. However, they do have a few similarities. While both services offer the same features, there are some differences.

Buzzsprout does offer more features and comes with a non-capped free plan. Both platforms also offer mobile apps. You can use both services to record and distribute podcasts, but Buzzsprout has a bigger list of features.

Buzzsprout does not offer a free website builder. Those interested in developing a website can instead use WordPress.

Another difference is that Buzzsprout only offers e-mail customer support, while most brands have online chat support.

If you want to use both services, make sure to check out the different features that each has to offer. Ultimately, it will come down to personal preference and your goals.

Podbean is a popular podcast hosting platform with over 7.5 million episodes published. It is ideal for both newbies and experienced podcasters. Buzzsprout was launched in 2008 by Tom Rossi and Kevin Finn and was designed for beginners to create simple, effective content.

Both services are recommended by podcasters of all levels. If you’re looking for a free podcasting platform, you’ll love Buzzsprout.

The free version allows you to upload up to six hours of audio. Additionally, it includes a lot of features, such as a music library and background control.

Buzzsprout has plenty of features, including a listener stat. This shows how many people are listening to your podcast on a given day. You can also view your audience’s location and device preferences. If you want more advanced features, you can sign up for the paid version. The difference between these two podcast hosts is quite significant. A well-curated podcast should have a few features that each service offers.

Both platforms offer easy podcast creation and promotion. Buzzsprout is easier to use than Podomatic, but it is not for everyone. Buzzsprout is great for beginners, while Podomatic is ideal for experienced podcasters. Buzzsprout is a great choice for podcasters. You’ll get a variety of features, including podcast promotion, podcast management, and a user-friendly website builder.


There are many benefits to using Transistor over Simplecast, and if you’re looking for a platform to create your podcast, this is it. The platform provides you with analytics for your audience and is easy to use, even for beginner podcasters. It can also aggregate stats from various platforms and provide a quick top-down view of your audience. There’s a free version, but for advanced users, Transistor might be the better option.

While Buzzsprout has a higher FindrScore and more features, Simplecast has a lower price tag. Buzzsprout also offers Mail, which is an additional perk, but Simplecast has a higher FindrScore and more flexibility. Ultimately, which one should you choose depends on your own needs and budget. Simplecast’s range of functionality and flexibility is more extensive than Simplecast’s, so it may be the better choice for you.


Both companies provide podcast hosting services, but which one is better for you? Both will let you upload your podcast for free, but they have slightly different features. For instance, Simplecast doesn’t offer advanced stats, while Buzzsprout does. Moreover, both services are free, and you can easily upgrade to premium features, such as removing ads. However, Simplecast’s dashboard is more appealing, so you may want to consider upgrading if you need more advanced features or marketing services.

While Simplecast is a good alternative, Buzzsprout has more advanced features. You can integrate third-party applications into your podcast with ease using its API, while the platform also allows you to access its services directly. Its “Magic Mastering” feature is similar to the Instagram filter for audio. It automatically optimizes audio files, ensuring that they have the highest quality possible. However, the monthly fee is slightly higher than Simplecast.

Both Simplecast and Buzzsprout allow you to share custom podcast episodes with your audience. Simplecast’s platform looks more sophisticated, and they’re working on new features. However, Buzzsprout is still more popular among podcasters, and it does offer better statistics. Simplecast also offers more advanced statistics, and you can also customize different access levels for various users. Simplecast allows you to post your podcast videos on social media.

Unlike Simplecast, Buzzsprout also offers podcast optimization. The service optimizes audio files based on the bitrate, and ID3 tags, and transcribes them. Hence, Simplecast is the better option if you’re a beginner or an experienced podcaster. But if you’re serious about podcasting, Buzzsprout has a host of additional features.

For those who’re not familiar with podcast creation, Buzzsprout can help you create a custom website that matches your podcast branding. It also allows you to integrate your podcast into your website through an embedded player. Moreover, Buzzsprout also lets you create pages and blog posts for your episodes. Additionally, it offers podcast funding programs aimed at helping podcasters fund their creation. These include a Creator Program and Affiliate Program.


If you’re unsure of which podcast hosting service to use, we recommend checking out Simplecast vs buzzsprout. Both platforms offer similar functionality, but one has more features and is more flexible. In this comparison, we’ll look at both free and paid options. You can also get a free trial of both to see which you prefer. There are some other important factors to consider as well, though.

For those who want a more sophisticated podcasting solution, Simplecast offers three paid plans. The free trial, which requires no credit card, offers unlimited storage, Basic analytics, and two team member seats. The Essential Plan includes unlimited storage, basic analytics, and all the premium features, and allows up to four team members to participate. The Growth Plan includes more advanced features, including in-depth analytics, collaboration features, and a custom domain.

The basic Simplecast package includes a default player and allows you to customize it to fit different devices. The more advanced Simplecast package comes with more features, including a custom domain name and IAB Tech Lab-approved statistics. Basic show details can include a title, description, and category. There are also options to set time zone and language. Users can embed multiple episodes on their website or social media. Depending on how many people listen to your podcast, you can also make money with simplecast.


When comparing Simplecast vs Buzzsprout, it’s worth considering whether you’re looking for an affordable podcast hosting solution or a more robust option. Buzzsprout offers a free trial and a monthly subscription.

But be sure to compare the features and benefits of each service, as they differ. Simplecast’s monetization features are the biggest difference between the two.

It also offers a free plan with limited episode hosting and ads, and a monthly subscription costs $35.

The cost of the service varies, but most podcasters can make do with the $12/month tier.

Then, if you need a more advanced podcasting platform, check out Podbean, which allows you to publish unlimited podcasts for $99 per year.

Both podcast hosting services come with separate plans, with each offering different features. Buzzsprout also has a monthly plan and an annual plan for businesses.