12 SEO Strategies that No Longer Work

Most SEO strategies have been buried.     seo strategies

Would you like to know them…?

Search engine optimization is a fluid, ever-changing set of best practices.

Since Google gets the lion’s share of search queries in the US, it only makes sense that SEO gurus appease Google’s algorithms while putting others (like Bing and Yahoo!) on the back burner.

Of course, Google isn’t totally transparent with how their algorithms work so there’s no cheat sheet to really make the most of your SEO.

However, the company (and Matt Cutts, Google’s spam master) has been very vocal about what not to do.

Call them black hat tricks or just outdated practices; it’s pretty easy to mess up your SEO strategy. It’s why you should always depend on a reputable SEO firm to take care of business, and only do the basic tasks yourself.

Not confident that you know the latest SEO tips? Start by looking at what not to do—here are a dozen outdated, wrong or flat out illegal means of SEO that don’t work any longer

1.   Duplicate content

There’s a big difference between duplicate content and well-translated multilingual pages.

If your website won’t pass Copyscape (well worth the subscription), then Google will catch you. Copying and pasting chunks of content isn’t just lazy and lead to poor quality, you’ll also get slapped with a Google penalty.

2.   Keyword stuffing

Google wants you to naturally and organically include keywords and phrases into your content.

This can be pretty challenging to do, especially if one of your keywords is long-tail, incredibly niche and just doesn’t seem to work.

Awkward content leads to awkward experiences for your user, and will hurt your search rankings.

 3.   Short-tail keywords

It’s the era of long-tail keywords, or keyword “themes” as Google calls them, so forget about short and sweet.

Not only does it help you stay more competitive to use something like “tips for house flipping Tampa” compared to “house flipping,” it also better matches searches to websites like yours.

Both inbound and outbound links can be a great way to maximize your SEO, but not if you don’t stay on top of them.

Just because you at one time linked an authority landing page to your website doesn’t mean that authority site still passes muster. Check your links to make sure they’re working and quality on a regular basis.

5.   Review bombing

What’s an easy way to get positive mentions of your website all over the internet? “Bomb” review sites and try to make it look like they’re all genuine reviews.

This can work in the very short term, but there are many red flags algorithms (not to mention actual users) can spot. Instead, focus on garnering real positive reviews which is the slow and steady way to win.

 6.   Buying multiple domains

There are times when this strategy works, such as when you’re a multinational business that needs to have different domains in different languages for different countries.

However, if this is a means of pursuing duplicate content, don’t bother. More isn’t always more with SEO.

7.   Forgetting about images and videos

There was a time when SEO was all about written content, and for the most part that’s still true.

However, algorithms today can “read” things like infographics and video/image descriptions are avenues for SEO gold.

Just make sure you use quality written content whenever possible to marry images and written text.

8.   Ignoring Meta descriptions

Perhaps the most overlooked of all SEO opportunities, meta descriptions are those brief lines of text that pop up with your search queries.

It’s like the teaser or trailer to your website, but it can do so much more than let a searcher know your site is the best match for them.

It’s also an opportunity to include long-tail keywords, which (should be) exactly what your viewers are looking for.

9.   Invisible text tricks

“Invisible text” is just what it sounds like: It’s invisible to the average website visitor, but still exists on a website in order to illegally boost rankings.

However, just because your viewers can’t see it doesn’t mean Google can’t. Those algorithms can read ghost text just fine.

10.   Swapping speed for images

Of course you want any images on a web site to be relevant and high quality—but not at the cost of slowing down your website.

Google considers website speed when ranking websites and you should, too. The slower the website, the lower your rankings so strike a balance.

11.   Thinking mobile readiness doesn’t matter

It’s 2014 and there are more Americans on mobile devices than desktop. Your site needs responsive design and mobile readiness in order to stay competitive.

Otherwise, it might be slow or display incorrectly which doesn’t just annoy users, but also lowers your SEO rankings.

12.   Focusing less on quality and more on quantity

If you have to choose between the two, quality trumps quantity.

Yes, it would be nice to add a few more pages to your site (that’s opportunities for long-tail keywords), but not if the quality isn’t there.

Content is king with SEO, and the royal won’t be knocked off the throne anytime soon.

Focus on white hat tactics and understand that SEO is an evolution. Like yoga, it’s a practice that will never be perfected.

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  1. Thanks for this article I was still using the key words for every site of mine , but now I try to exclude them and ad more write content and original imagines and videos ! The content is the king and the quality of the content is very important for SEO ! The SEO is changing constantly and articles like this one are very welcome for webmasters !

  2. Really nice information. Rather than focusing more on off page seo, on page seo should be taken into consideration first. We should work smart rather than working hard. Thanks for making this post. 

  3. The seo strategies arent so much always favourable these days as the strategies are being leaked out by the bloggers so it has now bceom the war of hard work and some secret link resources . If you think i am wrong then please do reply! 

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  8. We know that every year one of the seo strategies is failed and something new is introduced, This means we can not gurantee of any seo strategy for ranking.

  9. Incredible indeed! I had never heard of "invisibel text" ever that was something new for me.

    As you mentioned keeping up with broken links is a tast even if we have easy access to tools which can detect them. But its a necessary evil!

    Thanks for reminding all the things which have lost flavor in SEO world.



  10. Hi sir, Thank you for sharing these tips with us. I use to focus on these tips because people who taught me about blog told me to overuse keywords and stuff the article. Also they told me to make more and more backlinks. I think I am not going in a right direction. Perhaps I need to check out your blog regularly and learn more from you. Thank you for sharing these tips here.

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  13. I would also add (as a 13th Seo strategy that do not work anymore) "buying links", wich worked for many years but now it has become very dangerous (easy to get a penalty for that :)).

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  15. Yet another great article, so many great points, and high quality consistency is a key.  I use a great saying for my clients when telling them about their online marketing efforts, "If you can't say anything good about it, then don't say anything at all." Even if they hate something, saying nothing. Prevents hot headed discussions that usually are bad for publicity and are sometimes very hard to remove. They should be adding to the web, not taking it away.




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    • Greetings to Content marketing Team… Best part of your article was about Links…

      One thing is sure a Dead or Broken links can definitely impact your Web SEO and broken or keyword stuffing can also lead to Penalty too..

      Have you found any SEO Impact among Length of articles?

      Other wise.. Well Written article bro..

    • I believe that if you do anything right, according to Google rules, there is no way you get punished and your blog will definitely rank great. I agree with all the successful strategies states, such as to avoid duplicate content, images that make the loading speed of your page slow, etc. I consider that short tail keywords are obsolete now and it is hard to rank with them cause of too much competition.

  17. In the overall picture SEO is basically still the same. I have noticed that it looks for and punishes anything close to link farm postings. In Local SEO, it now rewards YELP directory listings Back links need to be done manually with a variety of key words on high page rank do follow sites.

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      Back in 2005-05 such techniques were working and people made hell lots of money by putting very less effforts, but as the internet is growing spamming is also growing.

      Thanks a lot for putting efforts to list all these methods which are no more working now. This post is going to help all SEO experts who are working on their own or client's websites.

      • I think we need radical changes in our content marketing strategies since google recent algorithm updates. What used to work before in terms of SEO is no longer applicable. We need to check for broken links, disavow bad links, update outdated content from past posts!

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  28. SEO still needs to be managed carefully as a core sales/leads driver, that means dedicated specialists who understand crawling, duplicate content, on-page and off-page ranking signals. In particular you need specialists who can mine the analytics to identify opportunity or problems from SEO.

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    Keep it up!

    • Hey man, finally an useful post about the SEO tactics that no longer work. I have been reading a lot of outdated SEO related posts lately, but I was pretty sure that some of them no longer work nowadays as Google is very frequent in updaing their algorithms. Thanks a lot for sharing this post, will do a share on my social profiles for sure. Keep up the good work!

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  41. I already know about this. This is why i focus on quality posting. No copy paste. No gossip and so on. Just produce the articles that benefit for reader for something that they want to know

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    I actually don’t agree to the point. Google keep saying that it loves quality content and I don’t think people who post 5-10 posts per day could maintain the same quality in each of their post. I prefer to write a detailed article rather to write multiple 500 words articles.

    Tauseef Alam

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        • Great Post, also sharing the site of Facebook dont boosts up the post nowadays. 

          The only way to rank a blog these days according to the Google Algorithm is Quality and Quantity as well. Google changes its Algo always so better focus of Content because Content is King 🙂
          Thank You 

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          • You know what is best about this post? Every point is explained in a nice manner.

            Recently Google gave out a news that now it is going to rank websites over its truthfulnes, not over its links which is a bad news for spammers who provide low quality content but get high rankings due to high amount of links they get.

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    This is about your 12th point. There is no doubt that quality is better than quantity. But we can’t forget the quantity. Google wants fresh content. We have to give it.

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