SEO Content Writing 101 – The Ultimate Guide for Google Domination

Do you want to grow your online business quickly?

Then look no further – SEO content marketing is the KEY! how to dominate Google first page

If you’re a blogger, business owner, internet marketer or a content marketer like me, having a taste of what the search engines offer is paramount.

You need traffic and when it’s much, it’s the sweetest thing since the internet was invented.

But you need targeted traffic.  Most people struggle to generate buyer leads, and because of this, frustration and regrets sets in and they quit.

Don’t be scared of Google updates, your business website can still dominate the top 10 search results – I’ll show you how.

Fortunately, the idea in this page is constantly updated and corresponds to the latest Google updates.

Welcome to SEO content writing 101 – the ultimate guide to dominate Google.

No matter your present position on Google search indexed pages, you can improve it.

Yes, you may not achieve SEO writing 101overnight results, but with proven strategies, search engine optimization is as simple as market research.

It has its own rules (simple rules actually).

When you follow the simple tips, without overlapping with your own “assumed accurate judgments” success is imminent.

Everything that has happened to your business blog in 2011 and before is as a result of your actions. What you did or what you failed to do.

A lot of people want to rank higher in Google, but that’s only a WISH which demands your entire FOCUS!

This is the New Year and as you already know, there are challenges ahead.

You need to position your blog properly, where the right prospect can locate you. I wouldn’t scare you with negative forecast about 2013; I believe that better opportunities exist.


The Secret To Effective Keyword Research


The first step to Google domination is to research your keywords. But not the way you’ve been doing it. Ouch!

This is unique step. It’s very important to your ranking success. It’s actually the foundation of everything.

I’ve seen a lot of content writers who blindly write articles or create a video and wonder why no one is watching or reading. They’ve neglected the “smart keyword research.”

I’m a big fan of keyword research. But the way I research my key terms are quite different from the status quo.

If you can master this rare “skill” online, I can guarantee you success if all things remain equal.


It’s Not Keywords, But Key Phrases


One thing is certain: savvy SEO experts don’t write articles and content based on keywords; they channel all their strength and skill in a different angle. Have you been doing that?

But not totally, targeting key phrases makes the whole ranking adventure blissful and easier.

So, don’t optimize your web pages for keywords, focus on key phrases.

A word of caution: Run away from head keywords like, “weight loss tips, make money online etc.

Instead, write content on these long-tail key phrases: fast way to lose weight, earn extra income from home, search engine marketing nj and several others.

Research key phrases with the aim of solving one particular problem. E.g. weight loss diet for elite.


Target Geo-Specific Key phrases


Do you know that markets are getting increasingly crowded? If you do not specialize in the forthcoming years, you may run into mud waters in your content marketing quest.

Your prospective customers are specific in their searches. People who are already pre-sold on your product or similar services have a unique way of searching for information online.

When they arrive at your blog and discover you aren’t specific in the area you serve, the group you serve or the exact product you deliver, they immediately click-away.

But you can kick-start your Google top 10 ranking by optimizing for specific areas.

For instance, you can optimize your content pages with “Placerville SEO” if you’re an SEO evaluation and service firm. Use Google map to locate your geographic area and get ready to serve your ideal market.

You can hire me to push your website/blog to #1, #2, #3 or #4 spot in Google homepage. See my SEO service page.


Google Research Tools – How To Use It

keyword research

How do you research the right key terms?

There are free suggestion tools available but I prefer the holy grail’s tool Google keyword tool.

Just go ahead, type your primary term into the search box and hit search.

Ensure you check the “exact” checkbox at the left hand side for exact targeting.

The default search criterion is “broad” search. You shouldn’t use this for gauging. It’s going to mislead your marketing plans.


“Broad” Match


In product and market research, broad match only helps to determine the strength of the market you’ve in mind.

If you’re building a niche site, broad match will tell you the strength, weakness and future changes associated with a particular niche.

But that doesn’t mean you should build a blog solely on “broad” analysis.

Instead, you need to drill down into those search terms and scale it through.


“Exact” Match


Every SEO marketer understands the importance of ‘exact’ match. Doing business online have been made easier in this 21st century. All the guess work and trials can be done away with when you learn the etiquette.

Exact match delivers fairly accurate results. The truth is, none of the figures in that keyword-tool is 100% accurate.

It’s only a guide.


“Phrase” Match


We’ve talked about ‘broad, ‘exact and now the ‘phrase’ match. What differentiate this from the above is the series of terms that are returned.

If you want only the primary phrase you type to deliver results, this is where you should go. Phrase match will generate results that have that term closely embedded.

For instance, if you’re searching for gardening tools, by looking this up in a Google tool, you will get results such as gardening tools for sales, where to buy gardening tools etc.

All these terms still have the primary phrases in it. It’s also accurate and can aid in your top 10 domination. But for quick and professional SEO writing approach, stick with the “exact” match.


The Real Meaning of S.E.O


I would like to simplify the whole search engine marketing processes. I just felt it’s the right thing to do especially now that the competition is getting fiercer.

We need to understand the basics and run with them. Trying to rank any key phrase on Google top 10 is like going back to college. It’s never an easy task but you’ve no alternative.


  • S – Search
  • E – Engine
  • O – Optimization


S – Search


The primary concept behind search engines is to help web users with quality information. When a search is made, Google wants to present the right search engine result pages (SERPs) to her user (you and I).

In order to spoon-feed Google and optimize correctly to their rules, you need to attach your content with the right terms.If you don’t do this, no matter the freshness and quality of your content, no eyeball is going to read it.

So, find the exact phrase your audience are using, and optimize with it.


E – Engine


Search engines are tiny scripts that scour the web looking for fresh web pages to index. The fresher your content is, the more frequent they visit. That’s why you should consistently update your blog with quality content.

However, these tiny scripts that index web pages will not scour the web without your assistant. They need direction on what to do. Whenever you write, write naturally. Spend time on your content and ensure it doesn’t piss people off.

Each time your bounce rate is high, it’s an indication that your content sucks.

You may not believe it but that’s the reality. Search engines are not humans; they take on the perception of her users to judge the quality and relevance of a page.


O – Optimization


Web page optimization isn’t limited to keyword density at all. In fact, adding value to your content is the ultimate goal.

To properly get your page indexed, you need to place the right key terms at the right spot without confusing the readers and search engines as well – This is called SEO content writing.

The content you write MUST appeal to your ideal customer & search engine spiders at the same time. If you need help on this, see my content writing service.

Every sentence should have a meaning. Use proper punctuation marks and don’t forget to spell check your content after writing and before hitting the “publish” button on your WordPress editor.

Optimize your blog content for mobile and social media networks for quick and easy sharing. Remember that the engagement you bring to the table is what counts, not the content itself.



Do you know that much of what determines your ranking is off-page factors? In other words, what happens outside your blog has more influence than what happens within your blog.

Well, that’s why I don’t want to talk about on-page optimization (although vital too).

Your content should be good enough to attract natural links. In a nut shell, the quality of your blog posts, press release articles and videos is what can encourage people to share.

Contextual links are the best links you can get. You can only build limited links manually. So, focus on helping get rid of their problems and they’d share your post WILLINGLY.

And when hundreds of blogs link to you at will, ranking on top 10 becomes easier. On the internet, links are the exact currency that matters. Its’ good to have an updated blog but most importantly, build natural, quality and relevant links.



One good thing with blogging and content writing is that you can easily air your opinion, impact lives and transform entrepreneur’s thoughts.

You can also build strong engagement with your readers and become the go-to for specific information. That’s how to make money online.

“Ask yourself what creates value for your readers….” Says Google

You cannot solve every problem in this world, but aim to solve at least one. Become an expert in that niche and people will easily share your content.


On-page Optimization


If you followed my advice on keyword research, content writing and geo-specific approach, on-page optimization is already in good fate.

The value you attach to your web pages also matters. What Google wants is a blog that is interwoven with each post.

If your content is superb like you claimed, what proofs do you’ve and have you written any post initially to address the present problem?

When you write new blog posts, utilize primary keywords as anchor and link to your archive pages, inner pages and recent blog posts.

But the most important aspect of on-page SEO is your title tags and description. Get your hands on “ALL IN ONE SEO PACK” and use it consistently for web page optimization.

But here is the rule of thumb, do not add tags or keywords that are not present on the content itself.

For instance, if you didn’t mention “affiliate marketing” on the body, please do not add it on the description or keywords section in your plugin settings.




Ouch, I hate that word but it’s ever present with writers. People think that when you’ve the appropriate terms sprinkled on your content, you’ll trick Google. On the contrary, you’re harming yourself.

Don’t build a site or blog that’s suspicious; instead make it friendly and user-based. It’s the best strategy that Google recommends.

Some of the key terms are not ideal when wring your content, especially the product name terms. In this instance, don’t bother adding it on the title, write as fun and natural as you can, your chances of ranking are still high.


How Possible Is That?


Provided your content is informative, interesting and easy to understand by your readers, they are going to spend more time reading. Clicking through to your other pages and enjoying the hell out of their lives.

The more time they spend, the more weight your web pages carry in the eyes of Google.

You shouldn’t stuff keywords for any reason because it definitely would back-fire and who knows how devastating it would be. Google Panda hates this – don’t fall prey!


SEO Landing Page Funnel


I told you this is the ultimate guide to SEO content writing (101). It’s not enough to have thousands of people coming over to your blog or site on a daily basis; you’ve got to enjoy that web traffic.

You spent your precious time optimizing, building links and writing cornerstone content that engage readers. Now, you’ve people visiting your blog and you don’t see the greatest opportunity ever.

Optimize your landing page properly. A landing page is the generic term used for a page that has the sole intent of pre-selling your prospect.

As you already know, you will be getting total strangers to your offers; do you expect them to buy instantly?

Trying to sell to a first-time prospect is a wrong marketing practice. Even though it works for people and can generate cool cash, it doesn’t count in the long run.

Get your organic traffic into your landing page. There are several ways to achieve this, but the best is a lead capture page.

Build your email list, follow up on your prospects and establish a relationship that counts.

The rule has never changed. The money is in the list and don’t sell to them unless you’ve captured their precious name and email.


Monetize Your Organic Traffic


Search engines have come to stay and it’s going nowhere. Studies revealed that people who search for information with key terms are more inclined into buying.

So, spend adequate time and invest wisely in SEO. If you need help on this, so you can get results, contact me.

A bunch of these people have already been sold earlier via a TV commercial, media ads, newspaper classifieds, word of mouth etc.

If you do not monetize your content, it’s like you’re living the real benefit out entirely. Don’t be afraid to do so, when it’s appropriate.

But don’t be in a haste to monetize, concentrate on improving your positions on Google, building your email list and networking.

Monetizing your website/blog is the last episode of SEO content writing 101, but it’s important.


Your Time To Talk

I’ve shared the few tips I know in this SEO content writing 101. I’m not an Island of knowledge; everyone has his or her own skills and views.

Have I missed out on something, could you please help me add it on the comment section? I look forward to it. Have a great day and experience SEO success this New Year!

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