SEO Content Fuels Traffic, But Content Marketing Converts It

I’ll show you how to fuel traffic  and convert it in this post. Read quietly…  

Gone at the days when you can slap 500 words article on your blog and expect to rank well for target keywords.

You may think quality content is enough, but that’s just the first equation.

Going after conversion is the key.

Organic traffic, though targeted can be a waste if nothing is done to it. Search engine optimization is gradually moving towards a better engaged environment.

And getting people to take the next step reveals a level of engagement.

Search and marketing are two arms you need to get acquainted with. Whether you’re a corporate firm or small business entrepreneur, there are helpful ways to convert your traffic easily.

Content Attack Strategy

Those who optimize their blogs without putting the necessary resources for conversion are wasting time and leaving so much money on the desk.

What you may not know is that buying and selling is hot online – and people who search for your target keywords truly wants to buy something. Off course, you wouldn’t fold arms and watch them do it.

You’ve got to persuade them creatively. In getting started, aim your content towards the right people. This is where keyword attack and placement plays a vital role. Even today that Google is releasing the Penguin and Panda into the search world; you still need to research keywords.

Use Keywords Discreetly

But the use of keywords and phrases are quite different now. If you attack content wisely, there won’t be room for stuffing keywords and trying to trick readers to take actions. The essence of content marketing is to position your web pages where the right audience will read, get inspired and bring profit to your business.

Use keywords if they’re necessary and meaningful – otherwise, give solutions quickly and Google would reward your efforts for crafting exceptional contents for its users (prospects, searchers, visitors, traffic et al).

Search engine optimization can produce results if there are plans for it. Understand that two sets of visitors will read your content.

The first sets of people are those looking for free information. No matter how much optimized your content is, they won’t buy or subscribe. Stop wasting time on this group.

The second groups of people who will read your article are already presold. In order words, they’ve an idea of what you’re offering. Let’s assume your blog is about web traffic generation, the second recipients and readers of your article already know the various ways to drive traffic. So, why would they read your article in the same topic?

It’s because they’re looking for expert advice. Setting up and running a blog makes you an expert. They know that writing articles can be effective, but they don’t want to dabble into it yet – they need a push. Give it to them right away.

So, when you create content for your blog or guest post for others, focus on converting the second group of people. It’s not as difficult as you think – in fact, it’s the hub of copywriting and getting people to click and to subscribe or buy a product.

Content Marketing Action-Call

Good headline, great content and cute keyword placement can only do so much to your overall blogging goal. You’ve got to add a strong call to action. So, what’s the best way to increase conversion on your seo contents?

Here’s the deal: ask your readers to do whatever you want. While in College, marketing was my core. I’m glad I picked up helpful gems to aid my blogging career.

One thing we studied was that, although, prospects and customers might be ready to buy, with their credit cards fully funded to make purchases, but if you don’t convince them enough, or ask them to take action right now, they wouldn’t move a step. How weird?

What does this mean? It’s as simple as asking them to take action. Yes, it looks too good to be true – but that’s how it works.

You led them from the headline, through the lede and now they’re almost leaving. If someone can read your article/post from start to finish, nothing can stop them from taking the next action – but you.

Don’t assume they know what they want, give it to them. If you’re selling a product or service, tell them to click now to buy. Off course, only a few will buy, but it’s worth it.

Content Conversion is Key

Nothing is as blissful and profitable as an article that has a strong call to action. Get to know your audience and what they are desperately looking for. Write to express your opinion and conclude the article with a brave ‘push.’

Call to action marketing is a great skill in your content marketing career. Don’t ignore it. Leave a comment below – ask your question – I’m waiting to answer it. See you ahead!

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