Think about your usual internet behavior: you need to know more about mosquito repellent? Your dog needs a groomer and you are searching for it nearby?

Do you need some tips for oven-baked french fries? Logically, your first step is to consult some search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Everything you need you’ll find on the internet. Researches are united: they show that most people don’t make it further than the first page of results, which means these search engines are pretty good at ranking the most quality content in the highest positions results.

This kind of ranking can be a huge opportunity for all kinds of brands and businesses to provide quality content that can be presented to the large but carefully targeted group.

That’s where SEO enters the scene as the practice of optimizing content for better positioning in the search engine’s results.

In this article, we’ll talk about content marketing and SEO, and how these two approaches together are powerful weapons for good results.

SEO and content marketing

As you know, being a marketer and running a quality marketing strategy is all about being in the right place at the right time. Changes are happening daily, and it’s not easy to follow the latest trends.

In 2020 many content marketing campaigns still rely on social media advertising, email, or influencer marketing to get the message out there.

These channels can indeed be powerful but still, they rely on the hope that your advert will be shown to a prospective customer at just the time when they are looking for your products or services.

Not impossible, but sometimes very risky. Luckily, targeting has gotten more sophisticated, but it doesn’t compare to search engine marketing which works excellent.

Having your content found by potential customers on Google is much better. It is exactly what you need: your content at the right place and the right time for someone that needs it.

There is no competition between SEO and content marketing

Content marketing is a complex creative process of creating consistent and optimized content for attracting a target audience on the internet.

On the other hand, SEO works differently: it increases your websites’ visibility in the organic search results, and it’s not independent some elements are needed for its functioning and achieving its goal. Content marketing is one of those elements.

Logically, in those conditions SEO and content marketing need each other to make one brand and website fully successful, so separating one from another and making them competitors aren’t the best move.

Recognizing that SEO and content marketing are not completely separate entities is extremely important you need them to work together in harmony in order to achieve their set out goals necessary for success.

Optimization is a key goal for content success

It’s complicated yet so simple: to be successful, content needs to be optimized for search engines. Your content will be pretty irrelevant even if it’s stunning if nobody can find it on the internet.

Find and hire a content writer that is skilled both for writing and cooperating with SEO experts in optimizing content for the best possible results.

It’s not just about writing text: all content must be properly optimized for better distributing, from main pages, contact information to blogs.

All content that goes online must be properly updated with rich keywords and quality links that could be interesting and relevant both for users/customers and search engines.

Google likes nicely optimized websites: better optimization means better search ranking. Of course, sometimes it’s not just about content and SEO, but about some other factors, like good uptime, a proper hosting package that will keep the website well maintained, etc. 

Content and SEO are surely tightly connected with the aspects of hosting packages, so be sure your website is in good hands.

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Of course, if you are posting content online without any order and SEO knowledge, it would simply be just content creation, but not content marketing.

Content marketing is all about having a carefully calculated strategy that reflects exactly what you want to rank, and attaining that strategy through optimized content.

So, it’s logical that content marketing needs SEO for full effect.

How SEO and content marketing helps each other

When we talk about SEO, it’s natural that you get free promotion in the organic search results when your content ranks well organically.

This can improve your brand awareness, give it engagement with your website and business, and help you to get more people interested in a service you are offering.

As said earlier, your content will appear in the right place at the right time.

On the other hand, content marketing fulfills your SEO by making your content more worthy of link building. Well-linked content is pure gold. Just think about what links you are clicking in the body of some articles that will guide you to another website.

Identifying a scheme of well-linked content and applying to your work will get you a great knowledge when you recognize quality keywords and link it with interesting and useful links, your content will become truly SEO optimized.


Nowadays, you see how search engines are evolving basically monthly. Search engines will rank content according to their usefulness to users rather than anything else.

SERP (Search engine results page) shows content ranking by resolving how many other websites link to a page: a website that gets a lot of links from other websites, points to reliable and useful content.

The conclusion is that it is more valuable to create useful, relevant, and interesting content with a few important rich keywords, rather than writing articles and putting keywords without real impact.

Consider all of the factors that make your content valuable, work on quality, and not on the quantity, and you’ll be on the right way to develop a great strategy that will be successful.