[Google Smart Idea] SEO Content Ideas For Bloggers

Let’s grab some SEO content ideas right now!SEO content ideas

Are you overwhelmed by the heap of information online on search engine optimization?

Don’t laugh at me please; I’m still confused by those tips on Google domination.

I wonder how these people craft such articles with enticing words. SEO content writing is the key to a successful organic traffic.

If you do it right, you’ll smile and your pocket would smile back. But if you seek shortcut, you’ll stab your foot and puncture your  Lamborghini Tires.

It’s all about ideas to get more organic traffic from Google. I’m not going to bore you with those lies and “much words.” I’m fed up myself and I’m sure you need a straight forward approach to Google ranking. Don’t you?


Don’t Be a Fine Car, Without Engine

A lot of blogs out there are so beautiful; in fact, you would automatically fall in love with their themes. They gave it all kind of names but if you ask these bloggers how successful they’ve been, don’t be surprised that majority are still broke.

Having a nice theme is fabulous, but when the foundation of your organic traffic is weak, your blog is like a “FINE CARE WITHOUT AN ENGINE.”

Ouch! That’s a pain in your ass and I was expecting someone to throw a stone at me. You didn’t click-off, alright, I’ll continue and I promise to make you happy.

But don’t be a fine car without an engine, you won’t move an inch.

I promised to give you few ideas to supercharge your SEO organic traffic, maybe I’ll send it to you by mail, or what do you think? Well, get it below, I’ll be busy tomorrow and won’t be sending any mails…


Have a Definition For SEO

If you ask a lot of bloggers and online marketers, they’ll tell you that SEO means “search engine optimization.” We’ve got a bunch of intelligent bloggers out there who knows how to define a term but don’t know how to apply it.

Yes, search engine optimization is the right answer, and so what?

In order to enhance your SEO knowledge and become a free organic traffic conductor, see SEO as the best way to communicate with the search engine and her users in an interesting way without using any form of tricks and window-strategies.

Optimizing your web pages with the right words, right sentences, proper placement of keywords and links in order to suit readers and engage them. No stories, straight to the point and carries greater weight than the traditional definition.


Have you been spoon-fed with all those link building gimmicks? It does not matter whose book you read or the webinar you attended. Even gurus use marketing hype to lure you into their sales page.

What matters in your business as a blogger is to know the right tools and its application. Building links to your web pages isn’t rocket science and if you’re observant, man was actually created to connect (build links unknowingly)

If you’ve a pen with you, please write down this line: “The best links you can ever get are links that other people willingly send to you.”

Instead of trying all your possible best to build links to your inner pages, concentrate on what people wants, how to motivate readers and cause them to link to you free of charge (FOC).

Stop watching my mouth; I’m not going to talk about quality content. If you ask me, the meaning of that word has been destroyed. Quality is no longer ‘quality’ or at least, I don’t see it as one.

Instead, what you should aim for is RELEVANCY.

Relevant SEO Content Rocks Blogosphere

Any article or post you write and someone benefits from it, that’s quality in disguise.

Don’t stop at relevant article and expect miracles to happen, you need to format the article to suit the search engine that will first ‘eat’ it. Google and her counterparts; bing, Yahoo, MSN etc are all in the game of eating fresh contents. But just like humans, they hate spelling errors, wrong placement of words etc.

I’m not saying you should be 100% perfect, but understand how to please search engines. Whatever image you portray to them will become the reality and thus, the traffic you attract from organic sources would bear the grudge.


Write SEO Content To Please Me

Yes, until you please one particular person, Google spider will not regard your web page. I could hear your soul dancing and eager to throw questions at me about this statement. Let me tell you something shocking: Google spider and other search engine crawlers have no eye, no ear, no brain or muscle to push you web pages aside.

They all rely on my attitude towards your content. In order words, if I’m happy with your content and decides to share it on Twitter, a signal would be sent to Google that a relevant page is active.

So, stop wasting time trying to please Google search engine. You can never please a piece of script or code. Please me first, and I’ll recommend your web page on my Facebook page, bookmark on web 2.0 sites and raise your Alexa web level.

Your Turn To Talk

This is the basic, intermediate and advanced SEO content secret you pay $47 to get and most times, they don’t even present it in a straight forward way.

Please don’t share this post if you hate the content. But if you’ve gained from it or just like my writing style, broadcast it on twitter, facebook, linkedIn and your own social network (I was told you’ve built your own). Lol!

Leave a comment and let’s grow together. Your success is as sure as my next meal. Catch you at the bar!

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