SendinBlue Pricing: Which Plan is Best For You? (2022)

Sendinblue is a marketing automation platform that supports many email service providers, including Gmail, Outlook, and Hotmail.  

If you are looking for an email marketing service for your small business, you may want to consider Sendinblue. 

This email marketing service offers a variety of features, including Facebook ads and customer relations management software. 

While Sendinblue does offer a free plan for small businesses, the free account only lets you send about 300 emails per day. It does not include advanced analytics or A/B testing. 

However, there are two main paid plans: the Lite plan and the Premium plan. 

The Premium plan costs $65 per month for up to 10,000 emails. Premium users also get access to more advanced features, such as marketing automation.

Sendinblue Pricing Summary: Free vs. Lite vs. Premium vs. Enterprise

Sendinblue pricing

Start your email marketing journey with Sendinblue Free plan, which allows up to 300 emails per day. The Lite plan offers more features and functionalities with a price tag that starts at $25 for up to 20,000 emails/month. Sendinblue Premium plan is for marketing pros and allows users to send up to 1 million emails each month, with pricing starting at $65 all the way to $599/month.

Sendinblue Free Plan

Cost$0/month (free forever)
Email Sends 300 per day
Chat1 user

The free plan at Sendinblue is a great way to start marketing automation campaigns. 

You can send up to 300 emails per day to as many as 2,000 contacts for free. You also get access to its workflow editor and page-level tracking. This plan has some limitations (hint: the number of contacts you can manage).

The free plan is limited to one account or user. The Premium plan has unlimited pages and supports multiple accounts. In addition, it comes with an SMTP server and SMTP relay. 

The main drawback of this Free plan is that you cannot send ad campaigns or run A/B tests. However, it is still an excellent option for smaller businesses just getting started. 

The Sendinblue Free Plan does not offer many features, but it will let you get started with basic email automation and ad campaigns without paying a dime.

Who is it for?

The Sendinblue Lite plan is ideal for small businesses and marketers just getting started with email marketing and automation.

Sendinblue Lite

Get everything in Sendinblue Free plan, plus:

Contacts Unlimited
Cost$25 – $65 (monthly)
Email Sends No daily sending limit
SupportEmail support

With the Lite plan, there’s no daily sending limit, it offers email support, Lite+ add-ons (such as A/B testing, remove the Sendinblue watermark logo, and gives you access to advanced statistics). 

The Lite plan has a limited number of design elements, and it does not allow you to embed videos or embed custom HTML. 

There are also limited customization options and the ability to select which lists you want to send emails to. It also allows you to send emails immediately, or schedule them for a later date and time. 

While Sendinblue Lite Plan beats the free plan, the Premium plan offers email delivery at the optimal time for each recipient.

Who is it for?

Sendinblue Lite is the perfect plan for new marketers and entrepreneurs. If you’ve attempted to build an email list in the past but gave up or just don’t like it, this plan is suitable for you.

Sendinblue Premium

Everything in Sendinblue Lite, plus

Cost$65 – $599 (monthly)
Marketing AutomationYes
Facebook AdsYes
Landing PagesYes
Multi-user AccessYes

The Sendinblue Premium Plan comes with advanced features and a lot of added functionality. 

Aside from sending unlimited emails, it has features like Google Contacts integration and FTP integration. Additionally, it offers SMS and email APIs and SMTP relay. 

The Premium Plan is a great choice for companies that send over 100,000 emails a month or up to 1 million emails every single month. 

This plan includes more email templates, more advanced marketing automation, Facebook retargeting ads, landing page templates, and multi-user accounts. Other features include up to 10 user inboxes, phone support, and sales CRM.

Premium users can also benefit from more detailed reporting and phone support. This plan is geared toward busy eCommerce companies and large businesses that want to send a high volume of emails.

The Sendinblue Premium Plan comes with many options, including an advanced email design tool and a library of email templates. 

The plan comes with A/B testing capabilities so you can test different variations of your content and message. Besides that, it offers detailed statistics and a heat map to show the performance of each email.

Who is it for?

The Premium Sendinblue plan is ideal for growing companies that have several people working on email campaigns.

Sendinblue Enterprise

Everything in Sendinblue Premium, plus

CostGet a quote from the sales
Priority SendingYes
20+ Landing pagesYes
SSO (SAML)Available
Multi-user Access10+ users
Customer Success ManagerAvailable
Priority SupportYes, and more.

The Sendinblue Enterprise Plan is designed for businesses with high-volume email marketing requirements. 

It includes advanced features such as a custom volume of emails, SSO and SAML, a dedicated IP address, advanced reporting, and a specialized account manager. 

You can also create unlimited landing pages and shared inboxes — as well as use advanced integrations with Salesforce and FTP.

The Enterprise plan includes a dedicated support manager who will assist you with all aspects of your email marketing campaigns. Moreover, the company has a library of over 60 email templates to choose from. 

You can easily create custom templates with the email editor, which is user-friendly and does not require any advanced technical knowledge. 

The email automation functionality is flexible and customizable, and it includes transactional email tracking. The Sendinblue Enterprise plan allows you to set up different logins for different users (up to 10 users and more).

This Enterprise plan also allows you to test different versions of your email and choose which one performs better. 

Once you have selected the winning version, you can send it to the rest of your list. 

In addition, you can create Facebook ads for your business. You can use a template, upload images, add text, and send them to Facebook.

Who is it for?

If your business needs to send more than one million emails per month, you will need to upgrade to the Enterprise pricing.

How Much Does Sendinblue Cost and What’s Included?

Marketing Features
Email CampaignsYesYesYesYes
Email DesignerYesYesYesYes
SMS MarketingAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable
Email Template LibraryYesYesYesYes
Email & SMS PersonalizationAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable
Chat (1 user)YesYesYesYes
Transaction Platform
No Daily Sending LimitNoAvailableAvailableAvailable
Dedicated IP IncludedNoNoNoIncluded
Real-time ReportingYesYesYesYes
Heat map NoNoAvailableAvailable
Advanced Open & Click statsNoNo AvailableAvailable

Sendinblue Pricing: Pay-as-you-go options (No Commitment)

The Sendinblue pay-as-You-Go options come with a host of key features and are priced accordingly.

There’s no need for a contract or monthly commitment if you don’t want to. 

Pre-paid Email Credits:

With Sendinblue Pre-paid email credits, you can choose to purchase additional credits outside of your typical plan volume.

Here’s the good news: it doesn’t expire.

Emails To SendCostExpiration Date

Note: With your Pre-paid credits, you get everything in the Lite plan including the Lite+ add-on.

Pre-paid SMS credits:

Do you want to send an SMS to your contacts? Here, you can purchase Pre-paid SMS credits from Sendinblue aside from your regular plan volume:

ContactsCost (Pricing)
100Varies based on country
200Varies based on country

Note: SMS credits have no expiration date. So you can purchase credits today and still use them next year or whenever you see fit.

Are Sendinblue Monthly Plans Worth It?

The monthly fee is very reasonable, and the service is user-friendly. 

There are three main levels of premium plans (Lite, Premium, Enterprise), and you can choose whichever one suits your needs best.

The Lite plan has many limitations and is not suited for the needs of marketing professionals. 

The Premium plan allows you to send unlimited emails and has no limit on how many contacts you can send at once. 

It also allows you to use multiple users and comes with basic integrations and telephone support.

The Premium plan starts at $65/month for 20,000 emails. After that, you can choose the higher-level Premium plan at $599/month for 1 million emails. 

This plan also includes A/B testing, a number of users, and an email designer. 

Premium users will also get email support, as well as access to the Enterprise plan’s advanced features.

Sendinblue Pricing: FAQs

Let’s quickly address some of the frequently asked questions about Sendinblue pricing and how much it cost per month, plus a brief comparison with its competitors.

Is Sendinblue cheaper than Mailchimp?

Yes, Sendinblue is cheaper than MailChimp. The difference in pricing is obvious if we compare the Basic plans below:

Sendinblue (Lite)MailChimp (Essentials)
Monthly Email SendsUnlimited15,000

In most cases, Sendinblue is cheaper than Mailchimp. The cost difference between the two services is minimal, but the amount of features you get for your money is significant with Sendinblue. 

For example, Sendinblue offers unlimited storage in all its plans, including the Free plan.

Does Sendinblue have a free version?

Yes, Sendinblue has a free plan for starters. The free version of Sendinblue does not require any payment, but you can’t send more than 300 emails per day. 

It’s a good plan to get started with but when you want more, then it’s best to sign up for a paid plan to use advanced features like marketing automation and web tracking.

What happens if I go over my monthly spending limit?

Once you exceed your monthly sending limit, Sendinblue will instantly pause your campaigns. However, you’ll surely get a notification before they ‘pause’ your account. 

From there, you have a decision to make — either to purchase more email sending credits, renew your monthly plan earlier, upgrade your plan (e.g., from Lite to Premium), or simply ignore your ‘paused campaigns’ until the new billing month begins.

Is Sendinblue a CRM?

Aside from email marketing & automation, Sendinblue also provides CRM functionality. 

Its dashboard allows you to manage your contact lists and includes information like basic contact information, meetings notes, and tasks related to a particular contact. 

It also has the ability to support SMS campaigns, which can be extremely valuable for your business.

Which is better Sendgrid or Sendinblue?

Both Sendgrid and Sendinblue email marketing platforms have similar features, but they differ in many ways, including the number of templates and automation available. 

Both offer drag-and-drop email editors, free templates, and testing tools. They also provide dedicated IPs for your campaigns. 

Sendinblue offers a large number of prebuilt templates, while Sendgrid only provides 40. 

Sendinblue also offers a wide variety of automation and supplementary tools.

Why is Sendinblue the best?

If you’re looking for an affordable email marketing platform, Sendinblue has a lot to offer. 

Their platform lets you automate your marketing campaigns and manage mailing lists. 

In addition, they have strict anti-spam policies that keep spammers away.

How much does Sendinblue cost?

Here’s the pricing breakdown of Sendinblue:

  • Sendinblue Free plan costs $0/month
  • Sendinblue Lite: Pricing begins at $25 for a 20k monthly email volume
  • Sendinblue Premium: Pricing begins at $65/month for 20k monthly email volume
  • Sendinblue Enterprise: Ideal for high-end brands and marketers who need more features. Get a quote from the sales.

Sendinblue Pricing: Which Plan is Better?

There are many options when it comes to selecting the right Sendinblue plan for your email marketing needs. 

Get started with the Free plan with limited features. Or simply start with the Lite plan, which gives you a lot more features at a cost you’ll love.

If you’re sending a large number of emails, it might be best to go with the Premium or Enterprise plan. 

This plan gives you access to a dedicated IP address, advanced features like SSO and SAML, and a dedicated account manager. 

You can also use multiple colleagues to send emails to your list and set up multiple landing pages, and it also supports advanced integrations with Salesforce and FTP.