How To Secure Your Unique Domain Name

secure domain name

If you've recently established a new business, the next item on your resume after opening your physical location is to create your own unique address on the Internet: Your official company website.

Naming your website shouldn't be hard. It's a no brainer to name it after your business! But, first, it's a good idea to make sure that someone else hasn't already had the idea of naming their own site after the phrase you want to incorporate into your domain name.

It's An Excellent Idea To Think Ahead

When is the best time to buy domain names? Here's a clue: The best time to do so is not after you've already named and officially incorporated your business.

The best time to buy a domain name is before you have done so. No matter how individual and unique you may think your company name is, chances are someone has already trademarked the exact identical phrase, or something very similar.

Search The Engines For Similar Handles

You can secure domain name by searching for it and knowing whether it exist or not. And if this has already happened, you can bet your bottom dollar that someone has also already purchased up all the identical and similar domain names on the web.

So, before you finalize the name of your new company, it's an excellent idea to get on the web and do a full Google search for your proposed name, as well as similar sounding phrases. This will alert you immediately if your name isn't quite as unique as you originally thought.

Once You Find Your Online Identity, Buy It Up Quickly

Once you have conducted your search engine query and decided on a name that no one else has, it's also a good idea to buy up a few similar names so that no one can start a similarly named company that might get confused (intentionally or otherwise) with your own.

It's a sad fact that there will be people who will buy up domain names similar to a famous one in order to siphon off their business. It's best to anticipated such underhanded dealings well in advance in order to stave them off.

It's Time To Buy Yourself A Domain Name 

Finally, the last step is here: It's time to buy up your domain name (and a few similar sounding ones, just to be safe). Where and who can you turn to in order to get yourself a secured presence on the web, with an iron clad lock on your domain name?

There are quite a few companies who specialize in such pursuits, but there is one company in particular that you can trust for expert service and cost effective pricing.

Network Solutions: Your One Stop Domain Name Registry

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