Search Engine Marketing – 5 Efficient Ways To Get Started

Want to get started with search engine marketing?

Getting your online business across to target prospects is my concern and yours too. If you know how to promote your corporate blog/website from the get-go, your entire success story can be written with blue pen.

When it comes to web promotion, search engine remains the best system that is proven to work.

It may not be instant like other systems, but the rewards are usually long-term.

We want to make search engine marketing fruitful, how? Follow these 5 efficient ways.

1. Why People Search

Do you know that thousands of buyers are looking for your products and services on search engine right now? Well, that’s the reality but have you ever asked yourself why they prefer search engine to other portals.

Well, the reason is simple: they want options where they can choose from. This is the reason why online shoppers like comparison blogs.

Search engine provides them with 10s of alternative results.

For everyone who has money to spend on a particular product/service; they want to be in charge. So, when marketing online using searches, give your readers room to make purchase decisions – it’s the first step.
2. Speak To Their Mindssearch engine marketing

How on earth are you going to speak to prospect’s mind, when you are not in their mind? Don’t take it too personal, I will explain.

The way to know what someone is thinking is by the words they use.

For instance, when someone is in need of a particular software and ready to buy, they often include the words “review, comparison, quick, buy, purchase” etc as a prefix or suffix.

That’s what they’ve in their minds. Everyone is wrapped around the words he/she uses.

For desperate buyers; those with problems like high blood pressure and arthritis; you’ll know how painful they feel inside when they search with keywords.

Effective search engine marketing has a lot to do with proper keywords research.

3. Have A Good Landing Page

Your landing page is a page that search engine visitors have to pass through before they see your actual product and services. A landing page or squeeze page is very important, and without it no meaningful success can be achieved.

A marketing fact is that: people do not respond to advertising campaigns the first time you present it to them. It takes a total of 7 delivery of the same offer for them to take action.

So, capture your prospect’s email address and follow up with your quality information, in order to convert them to customers.

4. Have Quality Contents

And because the visitors you attract are usually in a hurry, you need to engage them.

You do this by writing quality contents on your blog or corporate site. Quality content has no alternative, no matter how many people visit your web pages on a daily basis, without the right content, they would leave without notice.

People do not visit your blog, just because you’ve great design or wonderful products to sell. Although in the graphic design niche, beautiful theme plays a vital role. But in a general sense, informative & quality content is the magnetic onion for your traffic.

Keep producing unique and informative contents, and don’t neglect efficient web marketing.

5. Track Your Campaigns

A great free tool that works well to track your campaigns, is Google analytics. It’s owned by the aforementioned search firm. When you track your advertising campaigns, it becomes exceptionally easier to rank better and out-perform your competitors.

At the beginning, we talked about “reading the minds of your prospects.” The keywords they use is what they have in mind, you need to track these keywords to know the ones that are performing well on Google.

Tracking and split testing is critical to improving your internet business. You can use A/B split testing to determine your best colors, layouts, themes, font etc.

You can split test anything, provided you’ve the right tools in place.
The above 5 steps is all you need to make your search engine marketing a success.

But keep your mind open, there is so much to learn on your way to the top 10 of Google.

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