5 Best Tools To Schedule Instagram Posts From Facebook

The best tools to schedule Instagram posts from Facebook will save you time and energy.

Rather than sifting through your email inbox or constantly resetting your phone, schedule your posts in advance and avoid the headaches of a busy schedule.

Regardless of your needs, these tools will help you maximize the benefits of social media.


If you want to schedule Instagram posts from your Facebook page, Sendible is an excellent option.

The platform allows you to preview your posts before you schedule them, add locations before scheduling them, and extend your reach by adding hashtags to the first comment of each post.

It also features a built-in image editor. And for an additional fee, you can get analytics for your posts and customize them to your liking.

However, before you decide to purchase Sendible, you should consider your business needs, the number of social media accounts you have, and how you plan on scaling it.

Another benefit of Sendible is its ability to compose multiple posts at once. You can also bulk upload your content by using a CSV file. This feature makes it easier for you to manage your social media accounts by automating processes.

This tool also allows you to select a group of social media accounts and schedule your posts from the selected group.

The ability to create campaigns for multiple social media channels can save you time and money.

Despite being a bit pricey, Sendible is capable of connecting with many of the top social media platforms, including Instagram. The platform is dedicated to social media and offers unique apps that work seamlessly with it.

It also offers integration with popular blogging and social sites. However, it isn’t perfect for scheduling Instagram posts. Sendible is the best tool to schedule Instagram posts from Facebook. Its integrations are varied and extensive, but the best part is that it is completely free of charge.

It also has a large number of reposting options. You can set up reposts daily, hourly, weekly, monthly, and annually. You can even choose if you want them to appear every hour, every two hours, or every five hours.

Moreover, you can choose the starting and ending periods for your reposts. The app also provides a bulk scheduler, but Sendible’s bulk scheduling features are limited.


If you want to schedule your Instagram posts from Facebook, you need to use a social media scheduling app like Hootsuite. This program lets you create, write, and post content to several social media platforms at once.

It also allows you to choose when to publish your posts based on your knowledge of your audience.

After connecting your social media accounts, you can select the date and time you want your post to go live.

You can also upload photos to Instagram using Hootsuite. Once you’ve done that, click on the “Instagram” tab, then click “Add to Hootsuite.”

After connecting your accounts, you can set up publishing. You should make sure to download the latest version of Hootsuite and grant permission for the app to send push notifications. You can now schedule your Instagram posts from Facebook using this method.

With this feature, you can also schedule Instagram stories. To schedule your Instagram story, sign into Hootsuite and select the social media profile you want to schedule it to. Then, click the “compose” button.

Once you’ve written the message, you can then choose the time and date when you want the post to go live. If you want to schedule multiple posts, you can use the bulk-composer feature in Hootsuite.

While you can create multiple accounts on Hootsuite, you can only connect three on the free plan. Once you connect them, you can post a maximum of 30 pieces of content on three channels. That limits your social media management to 30 pieces a day, which is far less than most multi-tweeters need. If you’re using multiple accounts, it’s a great option to start out.


Later is one of the best tools for scheduling multiple social media accounts, including Instagram. Later offers easy scheduling, analytics, and other tools, as well as file storage. It lets you import photos, videos, and other media from anywhere.

You can organize the content in your media library by category, starred, and labeled posts.

This scheduling tool is available for free, but users may have to pay a fee if they want to use its video capabilities.

Later allows you to bulk-schedule your Instagram posts. It even allows you to schedule your first comment. Later allows you to choose the type of content you want to post and also creates an aesthetic for your posts.

It also lets you drag and drop images into your queue, so you’ll always have a good selection to choose from. After scheduling the posts, you can focus on analyzing the big picture and determining what works best for your audience.

Another tool for scheduling Instagram posts is Later. This scheduling tool enables you to set a date and time for your posts, and you can edit them whenever you want. It also offers free trials, so you can try the service risk-free before you decide whether it’s right for your business.

However, there are some drawbacks to using third-party tools for social media. For instance, third-party tools don’t support all the features of Instagram, including video posting and user tagging. Some of them even require downloading an app onto your phone.

SkedSocial is another tool that allows you to manage your social media accounts. It has a calendar view that lets you see your Instagram posts before they’re published.

You can also view your Instagram posts by calendar and edit photos, videos, notes, and links. Loomly is compatible with a number of social media sites, including Facebook and Instagram. Another feature it has is a workflow approval facility.


The interface of Agorapulse is modern and distinct. Its dynamic and intuitive workflow presents your queued and scheduled posts in a clear and concise manner.

After you click the orange Publish button, you’ll see a preview of your post and can decide whether you’d like to publish it immediately or wait until it’s ready. With a subscription plan, you can create as many posts as you like and even add videos.

Once you’ve signed up for an account, you’ll be able to easily set up a schedule by dragging and dropping your images into the scheduling tab. Then, you’ll be prompted to write a caption.

Then, you’ll see a notification on your mobile device with the date and time of the scheduled post. After that, you can continue publishing the post directly to Instagram.

There are a few things to keep in mind before signing up for a subscription with Agorapulse. First, it requires proof that you’re the owner of your Facebook page. Then, you must grant permission to Agorapulse to schedule your Instagram posts. You’ll need your Instagram Business Profile to connect with Agorapulse, but once you’ve done so, you’ll be able to publish directly to your Instagram profile.

Agorapulse is not free but later has a free plan for individuals and small businesses. Basic users get 30 posts per social profile, while their advanced plans start at $40 a month and have unlimited posts for six users. Additional users are $5 each. Both Agorapulse plans are great for small businesses and solopreneurs. They are easy to use and offer a variety of features.

SEMrush Social Media Scheduler

One of the best ways to share your content on Instagram is to use a scheduling tool. SEMrush social media scheduler offers four options for publishing your content: regularly, queue, and schedule. The scheduler lets you select a specific time of day for your content to be shared. Semrush will analyze your Facebook statistics to determine when your fans will be online. You can then schedule your posts for those times. You can also use the Social Media Poster tool to schedule your content.

SEMrush is a social media tool that integrates your marketing strategy into one single platform. Its scheduling feature works well for small to large businesses and freelancers alike. It offers a free trial and costs $9.99 per month. Tailwind has an Android app and a desktop version. It is easy to use and works on all major platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The tool also has powerful analytics and social scheduling features. This helps you understand the impact of your posts and can give you the confidence to schedule them accordingly. You can also use its image editor, which offers you the option to edit your images before posting them. Aside from scheduling, SEMrush also has an image editor. Make sure to focus on sharing your products or experiences, instead of selling a product. Use high-quality images and keep color saturation to attract the most followers.


Another great feature of SEMrush is its ability to create schedules. You can choose to schedule posts for specific days of the week, weekends, or any other time period. You can also add emojis and upload custom images.

These tools will help you create and schedule the best posts for your social media profiles.

Aside from that, SEMrush has a link shortener. You can integrate the Bitly URL with SEMrush to create an even more precise tracking system.