Sales Copy Formula: How One Sales Copy Generated $1,000,000 in 30 Days

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sales copy formula

How do you write copy that sells?

Learn from the master – Michael Hyatt.

This sales copy formula is actually a case study. You'll learn a lot.

Admit it.

What if you could make it in three years

Are you ready to achieve

The opening of your copy is the most important factor after your headline and will either increase curiosity or will push your customers away from reading your copy, so it’s worth breaking sweats over.

It is not uncommon to write and re-write the opening of your copy, even if you are a professional copywriter; after all, you only have eight seconds to grab the attention of your readers, and you want to make sure you have the strongest hook.


How Important is your Sales Copy?

Your sales copy is as important as the product you are trying to sell and deserves as much attention. Without a winning sales copy, it will be difficult to convince your target audience to see the results your product offers.

It is not uncommon for copywriters to be paid in excess of $5000 to write a single sales copy because a winning copy drives sales. In this post, I am going to evaluate the elements that made a single sales copy generate over $1,000,000 in product sales in thirty days.

Of course, the credibility of the person behind the product and the launch formula all contributed to the success of the product.

This sales copy was used by Michael Hyatt, virtual mentor and author, Platform University, to launch his course, 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever

Over the course of thirty days, 5000+ people signed up.

A simple calculation shows that this sales page generated over a $1,000,000 even if only the independent course (sold for $197) was bought by these 5000+ people.

Pay close attention to the flow of thoughts and transition from one point to the next. It will help you create good content whether it’s for a sales copy, post or article.

Note: I am not in any way affiliated to Michael Hyatt. This sales page got my attention and I decided to use it as an example because it had all the elements of a winning sales copy. Besides, this course is closed.



1. Strong Emotional Headline

For a long time, people have procrastinated on their goals, knowing exactly what to do but not having enough time and/or motivation to do it.

Michael Hyatt’s page starts with a strong headline that connects with its readers almost immediately. He does a masterful job of creating a desire to accomplish all your goals and this makes you want to dig deep into the copy. It’s a daring strategy and one that paid off big-time.

The headline is followed by a strong emotional connector- “Let’s be honest here,” which is guaranteed to put you on the edge of your seat because, again the next line that follows shows that there is a proven formula to accomplishing your goals and it’s easy- only five-steps.




2. Strong, Relatable Sub-headline

The second headline capitalizes on the reason why accomplishing your goals may seem like a daunting task.


Obviously, everyone is busy- chasing a promotion, settling the bills, pitching post ideas, planning a vacation, the list is endless.

But psychologically, calling out this busy-ness makes it more real. We all want someone else to agree with our troubles: That we are too busy to attend to our goal’s list.  

Oh, don’t be fooled. Michael may have agreed that you are very busy but he also has a solution for you. You still have the chance to do all you want, and achieve your bucket list of goals.



Presenting, the man who’s been there, done that and ready to reveal his secrets step-by-step – Michael Hyatt.

Notice the headline style has evolved from “edgy” to “Yes, you can.”



First, he shares your pain; then he emphasizes on the important time-sucking responsibilities and he relates with them first.

  • Former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers – Business person

  • Founder, – Entrepreneur

  • 500,000 monthly visitors – Blogger

  • Over 100,000 email subscribers – Speaker on live trainings and webinars

  • More than 230,000 twitter followers – Influencer

  • Over 50,000 facebook fans – Influencer

  • The picture with his wife – Family

  • New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal bestselling author – Accomplishments

Now as impressive as this portfolio sounds, it might begin to wear you down already, so he follows with another question that comes to mind: “How?”

Michael seemed to have positioned this sales copy as a live copy so the headline and the questions come in the right sequence.


This guy has got his facts together. He definitely knows what he is talking about. He has mastered goal setting to an art and he has a track record to prove it.


Goal setting and achieving your goals is a very sensitive topic and can get really upsetting when you remember that you are not even one-third where you want to be. It is interesting to note that Michael didn’t make mention of his course until he took you through a process that got your attention.


How This Sales Page Got So Good

From the look of the course curriculum, Michael and his team have been actively listening to their tribe. This added a whole new dimension to his sales page and attracted a lot of reaction (sales) from his audience. He succeeded in:

  • Assuring you that accomplishing your goal is as easy as making a latte (if you have the right formula)

  • Yes, you can make all your goals happen (but you need to know the right formula and in what order)

  • He’s simplified the whole process (now, it’s your turn to take action)

At this point, you are fully ready to hear the sales pitch. This is what it means to sell without feeling like a slime ball. Because you have connected with your prospects emotionally, you are ready to give your best offer that produces for them the best results.



The response to that question was roof-shattering.


Yes. A big Yes. A very big Yes.

More Reasons to Want “5 Days to Your Best Year Ever.”

When you have a product that is not niche-specific, make sure to include testimonials and case studies from different categories, so everyone can relate to your sales page.





For this copy, Michael Hyatt used the strategy of giving his audience options and letting them decide which option was best, depending on where they were currently at.



Which option is best for you?



And of course, exclusive bonuses for either option to make sure you are not missing out on any extra goodies.





The 100% Michael Hyatt Money Back Guarantee

Don’t you just love the custom-made stamp design?


Frequently Asked Questions

When you have a long sales copy, with a significant time and money commitment, there will be lots of questions. Make sure to include a FAQ on your sales page to answer basic questions.



Strong Call to Action

Perhaps, the most important element on this sales page is its call-to-action.

It is crystal clear.


Pictured in this screenshot is the exact reading of my heartbeat by the time I got to this paragraph:



Killer Close

Anticipation. No pressure. All your decision.



Signed: Michael Hyatt

Did you know, closing your sales page with your signature can increase sales, boost credibility and show a strong sign of authority


Some of the other things Michael had going for him

1. Great Photo: Michael had a professional photo go with this sales page, where he had a genuine smile and looked like he really had a great year. Clearly, this photo is a winner.


2. Emotional Connectors: at every point in the sales page, Michael made use of some strong emotional connectors that was subtly persuasive. Some of the power words used were:

  1. Accomplish

  2. Honest

  3. Proven

  4. Good news

  5. Leverage

  6. No risk

  7. Process

  8. Stories

  9. Powerful

  10. Goal

  11. Discover

  12. Time

  13. Actions

  14. Success

  15. Bonus

3. Different types of proof: In Ed Hallen’s post, the science of social proof, Ed noted that a lot of things go into a person’s decision to purchase a product, and social proof is certainly one of those important factors. Studies show that 70% of consumers say they look at product reviews before making a purchase.


The more social proof you have on your sales page, the better.

According to Ed, there are five types of social proof and Michael had them all on this sales page.


Expert: this is when your product gets a stamp of approval from a credible expert. Just a mention on the experts’ blog can get more eyes to your sales page.



Celebrity: endorsements from celebrities in a related industry can do wonders for the credibility of the product and provide direct and indirect sales.



User: this includes testimonials, case studies and online reviews. The more of this you have for your product, the greater the chances of increasing customer trust and getting more people to buy from you.




Wisdom of the crowd: This type of social proof is approval from large groups of other people. This includes Michael Hyatt’s friends, colleagues and affiliates who are familiar with the course and helped promote it.


Wisdom of your friends: knowing similar people that signed up for the course and are giving their testimonies also helped increase sales of the product.


4. Use of Colours: In Neil Patel’s brilliant post, The Psychology of Colours, Neil pointed out that when it comes to persuasion, emotion is the primary target. And nothing – not even words or images – appeals more to people’s emotions than colour.


However, the psychology of colour is often a subject of disagreement in marketing, because colour preference varies widely between individuals.

The colour scheme of this sales page didn’t necessarily drive sales, but the wrong colour can turn off a potential client from finding out more about the product.


5. Sprinklers of Assurance: knowing what was possible after taking this course creates an urge to be a part of it so you can achieve the same results.


Screenshots of assurance on “5 Days to Your Best Year Ever Sales Page.”




6. Table of Content: if you are writing a lengthy sales copy, include a table of content or navigation so people can go straight to the buy button, because some people were already part of the launch funnel and don’t need a lot of convincing. Every sales copy formula needs to have a TOC, at least to guide the reader.

7. Video: It’s been said that Video increases conversion rates by over five times than text, and the reason is pretty obvious. Video is engaging and breathes life into your sales page. Michael had a very engaging HD video that was entertaining and illustrated the picture he was trying to paint with his sales page.  

8. Design Element: the best sales copy begs for expression to be able to pass across its meaning to the audience it was meant for. Design is crucial for your target audience to be able to decipher what the copy is about.

9. Timing: 5 Days to your Best Year Ever is a course to help you clarify your goals and achieve so much in the New Year.


If this course was offered September, it definitely wouldn’t bring in much sales because most people already packed up for the year and are just struggling to see how much they can fit into their tight schedules.

This course built buzz and momentum in the month of November and was released December. It was also capped so that the last day of registration was first week in January to avoid procrastinators into the programme and get you off your butt as you step into the New Year.

5 days to Your Best Year Ever is a seasonal course and the team at Michael Hyatt couldn’t have targeted a better time to release it.

What is your thought on this sales page? At what point did you start to engage with the sales page and which elements will you put into action as you write your next copy?



About Hannah Edia (@hannahedia) – She is a freelance writer and is focused on helping you create, launch and grow your business with content that positions you as an authority in your field of expertise. Get on her blog pre-launch list and receive a copy of her eBook: Launch like a Pro, 7 steps to an evergreen business launch.

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