Referral Traffic Strategy – Get Over 1,000 Blog Readers From Authority Sites

For real, you need targeted traffic to build a successful blog.   referrals

But it’s easier said than done.

It takes hard work and a strategy to get lots of blog readers who will appreciate your efforts and buy whatever you’re selling.

Google is constantly changing their algorithm and I can imagine what they’ve in mind next time.

Resourceful and quality blogs were penalized, do you know that?

So, it’s not a question of whether your blog is good or informative, but what does Google team think?

One of the web design sites I love so much, 1stwebdesigner was penalized and lost over 30% of its organic traffic. Is this the kind of traffic generation system you can trust? I don’t think so.

Referral traffic is the best

Referral traffic is that which comes from websites and blog’s you’ve written for. For instance, when you write a guest post and people decide to visit your blog through the links on the bio, it is termed referral traffic.

I’ve been an avid guest blogger and 56% of my blog’s traffic and readers come from authority sites. It depends on your determination to make it work. This kind of traffic can transform your blog and it’s equally targeted like SEO traffic.

Referral traffic strategy works with a map. And since we’re aiming for 1000 targeted readers, you’ll have to focus on A-list blogs and write for them.

I’ll show you some of the sites that can send 100s of targeted readers on a daily basis to you. I’m a regular contributor to these blogs and I know they’re highly trafficked.

All you’ve to do is research and write 10 exceptional guest posts and publish on any of the blogs below. Make sure you study the audience first, and the popular posts to get your feet wet.

FreelanceSwitch – This is my favorite freelance resource. The blog is extremely targeted and active. The first guest post I wrote for FS brought 95 visits in 24 hours and 28 subscribers.

Although, I still have to work on my subscription box, I think that’s what matters the most. It’s not all about the thousands of visitors you get, but what you do with them.

If you write a quality and freelance related guest post for this site, your link will be placed right below the content. The author bio is within the post, which gives you a better SEO experience and great click-through rates.

And if your guest post gets approved and published, Freelanceswitch will pay you $50. It’s like using one stone to kill two birds. Isn’t it wonderful?

YoungPrePro – My best friend Onibalusi Bamidele runs a freelance writing site. You can steal some of his quality readers and channel them to your blog. But make sure you’ve set up a lead capture system. I discovered that Oni’s traffic doesn’t spend so much time when they visit your blog. See Oni’s blog here.

Since they’re writers, they love to read as well. So, offer first timers the opportunity to download a valuable report that can improve their writing, traffic and income. Provided your guest post is exclusive, insightful and stylish, it’ll be published in a short while.

And when it’s live, the comments will start to roll in. A lot of people would share on social media and cite the post when they write posts for their blogs. This is extra traffic to you and links as well.

JohnChow – You should already know who John is. He’s a successful blogger who makes money by telling others how he makes money.

You should write a quality guest post to publish there. The blog has over 200,000 daily readers and they’re actively involved in the discussions. Visit Johnchow here.

John also has a network of quality blogs where your guest post can be syndicated automatically, sending more targeted readers and clients to your blog. You’ll get a lot of backlinks from a single guest post.

The rule of thumb is to write what other people want to read. Write about money making for JC and be practicable.

Referral Traffic Blogs

Other A-list sites that can send referral traffic to you in hundreds are:,,,,,,, and so on.

Just make sure the blog has over 10,000 daily readers. See the number of comments also (10 – 400 comments is a great blog).

Think about conversion

As I said earlier, conversion is the only reason why you’re a blogger. It’s not about writing some epic shit, but making sure that people who visit your blog takes away something, and in turn give you their email addresses, their money or their opinions.

Why not focus on referral traffic and leave Google alone? Maybe not totally, but the situation on ground now shows that Google isn’t the best traffic source for online marketers and bloggers in particular.

Do you still attract organic traffic from Google? Share your comment below – see you at the top!

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11 thoughts on “Referral Traffic Strategy – Get Over 1,000 Blog Readers From Authority Sites”

  1. will you tell me please how i can convert my referral traffic to organic traffic ?

    i am waiting your helpful reply..

    thank you

  2. Even I have thought about this lot of times and I think that a business should not depend completely on search engine traffic because we can lose business if we lose the search engine rankings. Referral traffic is a good idea and this is something new I have learned. We just have to make sure that we should write some quality content for the guest posts. 🙂

  3. Good point about making sure a potential referring blog has a sizable readership. I ran into a blog recently where neither the posts nor the comments had date stamps. To tell the truth, it confused me. I like to know when a post was written or when a comment was made so I can match that information with my own experience to determine its validity.

    The posts had over 100 comments, but since there were no dates, the comments could have been left over a period of several years, which is a lot less impressive than getting 100 comments in a week. See what I mean? I just got the feeling this blogger was trying to fake importance. Or maybe this is an accepted blogger practice and I just didn’t get the memo.

  4. Hi Michael,

    The way Google likes to make changes to their algorithm, referral traffic is going to play more of a vital role in how we get new people to your blogs. That being said, guest posting done right will be the best methods of reaching people.

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