How My Coupon Blog Ranked On Google Top 10 With Rich Contents

I’ve a coupon blog. This post is a case study of  how I rank my web pages and how you too can! SEO-search-engine-optimization

Have you tried every marketing technique and still can’t make enough money to pay your bills? This post is going to help you out.

I run a coupon blog and promoting this blog have taught me a lot of things about running a successful business online.

With the growing number of coupon blogs, only few people are going to make substantial income to support their families.

In 5 steps, I’m going to reveal the exact strategy used to grow my blog from scratch, without investing any money on advertising.

In fact, 85% of my traffic comes from Google – which happens to be the best form of traffic, especially for coupon bloggers.

Here are the five steps used to supercharge my coupon blog.

  •    Create a coupon landing page
  •    Create a coupon e-book or short report
  •    Create epic content on coupon-related key terms
  •    Build relevant backlinks to your coupon blog, using anchor texts
  •    Strengthen your web presence with social media participation

Create a Coupon Landing Page


When I launched my coupon blog that reviews 4inkjets coupon code and 123inkjets discount codes, the first thing I did was to create a landing page. A landing page is that page where you redirect free traffic to.

It doesn’t matter where this traffic is coming from; search engines, forums, social media networks or blog – instead of sending a stranger to your blog, to read fresh contents, send them to the landing page to capture their personal information and afterwards, build relationships.

As a coupon blogger, the landing page I created is somewhat simple.

I only needed bait which would act as an incentive to get prospects to subscribe. People may not take action in their first visit to your review blog, so, capturing their email addresses and names is the easiest way to keep in touch.

That’s what I did in my coupon and discount blog, and success followed.


Create Coupon E-book or Short Report


If you get organized, you can create a coupon e-book in 24 hours and use it to build your list.

We talked about ‘bait’ earlier. What I was referring to is either e-book or a short report

There are other things you can exchange with, software and membership access is amongst the list, but they don’t work effectively like e-books do.

Online shoppers are looking for helpful tips on how to save when buying their favorite products online. They’re also searching for rebates, and ways to make more out of every order.

You could research these or similar issues, questions and problems in your niche and create a short report around it. That’s basically what a coupon product is, in the concept of what we’re studying – coupon and search engine optimization



After creating a coupon e-book, I embarked on keyword research. But this time, I did it with a different mindset and approach. My aim is to rank for coupon-related key phrases like 4inkjet coupon codes and 123inkjet coupon codes.

I was able to improve my ranking on Google search result pages (SERPs), because, I targeted long-tail keywords. Actually, they’re key phrases when it’s more than 3 words.

Quality content is what Google and other search engines want. In fact, prospects are looking for a coupon blog that offers more than discount codes – they also want helpful tips on how to shop better, wiser and save.

For your coupon blog or any other blog to grow meteorically, don’t negotiate quality content for anything.

Write a strong headline. Include the keyword which has coupon as a qualifier. The introduction of your article should have the keyword. Don’t be overly focused on keyword density.

It doesn’t count these days. If it appears more than five times, see if it sounds natural and smooth. If not, tweak and make it good.

Watch this video first, then continue…


This is pretty straightforward. It’s important you use the primary keyword you’re targeting as the anchor.

Then, you can link-back to your product review pages. Quality and relevant backlinks are what matters the most in your niche marketing. Instead of using link building tools to generate one thousand and one off-page links, do it manually by writing helpful and unique guest posts.

Contact niche bloggers and share your best posts. 95% of bloggers will allow 2 anchor links to your blog. It’s a great opportunity to improve your ‘money pages’ like I did with my coupon blog. A great way is to use coupons for and 123inkjet coupon codes as your anchor texts and link to your blog.



The last thing I did for my coupon-related key phrases to start ranking was to participate in social media discussions. It can be a waste of time if you market on Twitter and Facebook blindly. You need creativity to achieve success when promoting offers on these social media giants.

Google wants to see the engagement your content breeds. If you’re the only one who reads your coupon and discount posts, it means you’re not relevant.

And according to Google, your blog is about you, but not for you – so, creating valuable content which other people can share is the key to ranking highly on Google homepage.

There you’ve it, the five simple strategies I used to rank my coupon blog. If I can do it, then you can. See you ahead!

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