How To R.A.N.K On Google Top 10 in 30 Days

Who says you can’t rank on Google Top 10, is there any proof that you can really achieve that result? Let me be very frank with you.

Gaining a top search engine position is not DIFFICULT.

Let’s take it slowly.

It is not D.I.F.F.I.C.U.L.T and I have everything to back it up in this post.

I’m I an SEO expert, off course I’m not and don’t even want to be considered as one. My joy is that several of my niche sites are ranking on #3 and #6 of Google’s homepage.

They are bringing me some decent monthly pay checks not greater than $1,560. Actually, that was July’s income report. I know the cash I earn is little compared to what experts earn, but read my lips, I’m just 19, no wife or kids to share the cash with. It’s just mine.

Phew! enough of my ranting and let me show you how to dominate Google top 10, in as little as 30 days for that particular keyword.

I said “particular” because, you have to map out a strategy to get a specific key term highly ranked. Sometimes, bloggers and website owners fail because they want all their web pages to rank on Google.Rank on Google

It’s not going to happen and that is the truth.

I consider ranking on Google as a business. Sometimes, your product is going to sell. Other days, no one is going to ask you what you’re selling no matter how much effort and cute it seems.

But the product you sell is of high quality, I think that’s your own opinion, the consumer has his – find it (it’s to your advantage).

I’m going to break this post into easy to understand format.

Our focus is how to R.A.N.K. on Google top 10 for one specific keyword. Now, let’s explain the concept of ranking with this acronym R.A.N.K.”

  • R – Research Specific Keyword
  • A – Attach On-page Love
  • N – Notify Other Websites
  • K – Kill Procrastination, Take RAPID ACTION

(1). R – Research and Choose One SPECIFIC KEYWORD

Like I said earlier, this is going to be your target. Let’s take for instance, if you’re into blogging, it’s so crazy trying to rank for “make money blogging.” There are several reasons why you can’t achieve a top position for this keyword, and even if you succeed, you’re not going to make any money.

That term is so vague. It’s broad and portrays nothing that triggers buying. The persons who type this keyword on Google are not ready yet to take any action, even subscribing to your email list is going to be a hard nut to crack.

So, don’t try to rank for the vague and unfocused keywords. Your time is so precious, why not invest that same time on keywords that has a promise of making sales. These are called “buyer keywords” and they can be easily judged.

Buyer keywords usually contain a prefix or suffix of a state, country or city. Take for instance, I have always wanted to rank my blog for search engine optimization, and its related keywords. But that was impossible until I re-programmed and approached it another way.

Right now, when you search on Google for the term “Placerville SEO,” my blog is ranking on Google #1 for that term. And you know another funny thing, I get nothing less than 50 unique visitors from that single geo-specific keyword. It’s a buyer keyword and I have referred about 7 buyers to hostgator. This is a simple and sweet passive income – who doesn’t want that?

Solution: Research a single keyword that shows interest of the searcher Rank on google top 10taking action. Target that single keyword and make sure you stick to it until you rank it highly on Google.

Some great keywords to rank for on Google top 10, especially under blogging are, setup a new blog, blog contests, how to earn by blogging, blogging software on budget etc.

(2). A – Attach On-page Love

Well, what’s on page love?

Simple, it’s the basic vital step taken to make a web page and content appear relevant to the internal blogging environment. That sounds like a professor’s English huh? Let me break it down so you could understand.

On-page optimization are those things you do to your web pages, so that when Google spider eventually visits, your page could be found relevant, great and index-able. After you have published a blog post or written an article, you don’t have to stop there, you need to make it relevant first.

This is vital to ranking on Google. Before building any backlinks whatsoever, you need to cross-link your web pages with each other. This creates a strong bond between these ONE BIG family. Don’t neglect this – it could the litmus test between a highly ranked site and one that is barely competing with N.E.X.X.X.X.X.T pages on Google.

So, how do you go about it?

  • – Insert your specific keyword on the title
  • – Insert the keyword naturally on the description
  • – Insert the keyword naturally on the body (x2)

That’s not all, now locate some of your published posts and articles online, especially on your blog, look for a similar keyword you are targeting and link back to it. Do this for at least 5 posts. You might not understand what is happening but believe me, you’re heading for huge success.

(3). N – Notify Other Websites

The “N” letter says you should notify other websites and blogs. How? don’t be deceived, I’m talking about building quality and authority backlinks back to your blog post. Write articles on another keyword and within the content, link back to your “SPECIFIC” keyword; the one you want to rank on Google.

I do not advocate using PLR articles, write unique one from scratch, it doesn’t take that much time. In less than 15 minutes, you must have written a great article to build backlinks to your specific keyword.

Submit guest posts to niche blogs (blogs with similar topic as yours). This makes it really relevant and Google would reward you accordingly. Submit your published work to social bookmarking sites and write press releases too.

Build hubs and lenses around this particular keyword and don’t be tired. You’ll reap very very soon.

(4). K – Kill Procrastination, Take RAPID ACTION

I wrote a blog posts the other day on how you can overcome procrastination. You can read it later to learn more.

>> 15 Things Bloggers Should Do To Overcome Procrastination

I’ve really explained how anyone can rank on Google top 10 for one “SPECIFIC” keyword within 30 days. It doesn’t have to take that long, I have personally seen huge success in 7 days or thereabout for some of my biche blogs.

The above strategies work, but until you take action, it’s only a blog post.

Will you take action today, or will you click off to another blog post? The ball is in your court, but if I were you I would stop reading right now and practice these simple tips. Even a 2-year old can do it if I know how to speak her sign language. Lol!

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