Rank Math Pricing: How Much Does it Cost [2023]?

There’s no assumptions in SEO. You either have the data or you don’t.

With Rank Math, you’ll have all the essential data about keywords, ranking positions, schema, content gaps, links, and so much more.

Before we explore how Rank Math can help you with advanced search engine optimization, how much does it cost per month?

Rank Math costs $549 per year for the Agency plan, which equates to approximately $45.75/month. The Business plan is $229 per year, translating to around $19.08/month, while the Pro plan is $69 per year, or roughly $5.75 per/month. These costs offer flexibility, catering to a range of users with varying online marketing needs and budgets.

How Much Does Rank Math Cost? A Breakdown

Let’s summarize the Rank Math pricing plans in a table chart:

PlanPrice/YearSuitable ForKey Features
Agency $549Marketing Agencies, SEO Pros with High Volume– Advanced SEO Features
– Unlimited Websites
– Priority Support
– Advanced Schema Markup
Business $229Freelancers, Businesses, Agency Owners– Essential SEO Tools
– Up to 5 Websites
– Email Support
Pro $69Individuals solopreneurs, Bloggers– Basic SEO Features
– Single Website
– Community Support

Rank Math Plans and Pricing Tiers Explained

Certainly, let’s delve a bit deeper into each of the Rank Math pricing plans:

Agency Plan ($549/year):

  • Ideal for marketing agencies, SEO professionals, and businesses with extensive online marketing needs.
  • Advanced SEO Features: The Agency Plan provides access to all the advanced SEO features Rank Math offers, allowing for comprehensive website optimization.
  • Unlimited Websites: You can use this plan to optimize an unlimited number of websites, making it perfect for agencies managing multiple clients.
  • Priority Support: Enjoy priority support, ensuring quick assistance if you encounter any issues.
  • Schema Markup: This plan includes advanced schema markup features, which can help enhance the appearance of your site in search results.

Business Plan ($229/year):

  • Tailored for freelancers, agency owners, and businesses looking to boost their online presence.
  • Essential SEO Tools: The Business Plan offers essential SEO tools, including keyword optimization and content analysis.
  • Five Websites: You can optimize up to five websites under this plan, making it suitable for businesses with a moderate online presence.
  • Email Support: You’ll have access to email support to help you with any questions or concerns.

Pro Plan ($69/year):

  • Designed for individuals, bloggers, and smaller businesses with basic SEO needs.
  • Basic SEO Features: The Pro Plan provides access to fundamental SEO features, making it a cost-effective choice for those starting their online marketing journey.
  • Single Website: This plan allows optimization for one website, which is perfect for individuals or small businesses.
  • Community Support: You’ll have access to the Rank Math community for support and assistance.

Each plan is tailored to meet the specific requirements of different users, ensuring that whether you’re a large agency or an individual blogger, you can find a Rank Math plan that suits your needs and budget.

Key Features of Rank Math Plugin

Let’s explore the unique features of Rank Math WordPress plugin:

1). Easy to Follow Setup Wizard:

Rank Math’s Easy to Follow Setup Wizard is a beacon of hope in the often complex world of SEO. It’s like a guiding light through a dark forest of technical jargon.

When you first embark on your SEO journey, this wizard holds your hand, leading you step by step, making you feel like you’re not alone in the digital wilderness.

It eliminates the fear and confusion that often accompany SEO setup.

2). Clean, & Simple User Interface:

Rank Math’s user interface is a breath of fresh air in a cluttered online marketing world. It’s like walking into a tidy, well-organized office after being in a chaotic one.

The simplicity brings joy as it saves you from the headache of navigating through a maze of complicated menus.

You can focus on your SEO tasks without feeling overwhelmed or frustrated.

3). Content AI:

Rank Math Content AI is like having a brilliant assistant who understands the intricacies of SEO. It’s not just a tool; it’s a partner in your content creation journey.

When you see it analyzing your content and suggesting improvements, you’ll feel a sense of amazement.

It’s like witnessing a magic trick where your content transforms into something more powerful and captivating.

4). Built-in Advanced SEO Analytics Module:

With Rank Math’s Advanced SEO Analytics Module, you’re no longer in the dark about your website’s performance.

It empowers you with data and insights, like a superhero receiving their superpowers.

You can make informed decisions, knowing exactly what’s working and what needs improvement. It’s a feeling of control and confidence in your online marketing efforts.

5). Google Index Status:

Google Index Status is like a report card for your website’s presence on the internet.

Checking it can be nerve-wracking, but with Rank Math, you’ll feel relief. It gives you clarity about which pages Google has indexed.

It’s like getting confirmation that your hard work is paying off, and your site is visible to the world.

6). Google Analytics 4 Integration:

Integrating Google Analytics 4 with Rank Math is like adding a guardian to your website.

You’ll experience peace of mind knowing that you’re collecting valuable data to understand your audience better.

It’s like having a reliable ally who watches over your site’s performance 24/7.

7). Rank Tracker:

Rank Tracker is your virtual seat in the front row of the SEO race.

It’s like waiting for the results of a competition you’ve trained hard for.

The anticipation builds as you track your keywords, and every movement in the rankings fills you with excitement and motivation.

8). Ranking Keywords for Posts:

When you see your posts ranking for specific keywords, it’s a moment of validation. It’s like receiving applause for your hard work and creativity.

Rank Math’s feature provides that tangible proof that your content is resonating with your audience.

9). Schema Generator:

Creating schema markup can be intimidating, but with Rank Math’s Schema Generator, you’ll feel at ease.

It’s like having a tool that speaks the language of search engines for you. It simplifies the process, making you feel like a schema expert even if you’re not.

10). Custom Schema Builder:

The Custom Schema Builder is like giving you the keys to a powerful machine. You can customize schema markup to suit your unique needs.

It’s a feeling of empowerment, knowing that you can tailor your site’s appearance in search results.

11). Video Sitemap for Video Websites:

If your website includes videos, Rank Math’s Video Sitemap is your ticket to the spotlight. It’s like rolling out the red carpet for your videos in search results.

You’ll feel excitement as your video content gains more visibility and engagement.

Pros and Cons of Rank Math

Here are the pros and cons of Rank Math, summarized in a concise table:

1. Comprehensive SEO Features1. Learning Curve for Beginners
2. User-Friendly Interface2. Limited Customer Support Channels
3. Advanced Schema Markup Integration3. Some Features Limited in Free Version
4. Efficient Content Analysis
5. Frequent Updates and Improvements

Rank Math Use Case Examples

Here are four use cases for Rank Math in the realm of online marketing:

1). Content Optimization:

Use Rank Math to optimize your website’s content. It provides recommendations for improving on-page SEO, including optimizing meta titles, descriptions, and content readability. This use case helps boost organic search rankings and click-through rates.

2). Schema Markup Implementation:

Rank Math simplifies the process of adding schema markup to your website.

This structured data enhances your search results’ appearance, potentially leading to rich snippets like star ratings and product information, increasing click-through rates and visibility.

3). Keyword Tracking and Analysis:

Track your website’s performance in search results with Rank Math’s keyword tracking feature.

Monitor keyword rankings, discover which terms are driving traffic, and adjust your content strategy accordingly to maintain or improve your position in search results.

4). XML Sitemap Generation:

Rank Math automatically generates XML sitemaps for your website, helping search engines crawl and index your pages more efficiently.

This use case ensures that your content is discoverable and contributes to improved search engine visibility.

Rank Math vs. Yoast vs. All-in-One SEO Plugin: Comparison

Here’s a quick comparison of the key features of Rank Math, Yoast, and All-in-One SEO in a table chart:

FeatureRank MathYoastAll-in-One SEO
Easy Setup & Interface✔️ User-friendly✔️ User-friendly✔️ User-friendly
Advanced Schema Markup✔️ Comprehensive❌ Limited❌ Limited
Content Analysis & Recommendations✔️ Efficient✔️ In-depth✔️ Basic
Keyword Tracking & Analysis✔️ Included❌ Requires Premium❌ Requires Premium
XML Sitemap Generation✔️ Automated✔️ Built-in✔️ Basic
Free Version Availability✔️ Yes✔️ Yes✔️ Yes

FAQs About Rank Math Pricing

You have questions about Rank Math plans and pricing, here are the answers:

What are the available Rank Math pricing plans?

Rank Math offers three pricing plans: Agency at $549 per year, Business at $229 per year, and Pro at $69 per year. These plans cater to different user needs and budgets.

Can I try Rank Math for free?

Yes, Rank Math offers a free version with essential SEO features. You can use it to get started with optimizing your website’s SEO. However, there are premium plans with additional advanced features.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, Rank Math offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for its premium plans. If you’re not satisfied with the premium features within 30 days of purchase, you can request a refund.

Is Rank Math Pricing Worth it?

Rank Math’s pricing is worth it for many businesses and website owners. The value you receive depends on your specific SEO needs and budget.

The Agency plan, while the most expensive at $549/year, is an excellent choice for marketing agencies and those with extensive SEO requirements.

It provides access to a wide range of advanced features, unlimited website optimization, and priority support, making it a valuable investment for scaling businesses.

The Business plan, priced at $229/year, offers essential SEO tools and allows optimization for up to five websites.

This plan is suitable for small to medium-sized businesses seeking to enhance their online presence.

For individuals and smaller businesses with basic SEO needs, the Pro Plan at $69/year is a cost-effective option.

In all cases, Rank Math’s user-friendly interface, advanced schema markup, and efficient content analysis make it a compelling choice.

If you’re serious about improving your website’s SEO and have the budget, Rank Math’s pricing plans offer great value and a competitive edge in the digital landscape.