Internet Security Checklist – Protect Your Digital Content

The web is primarily powered by words and should be secured!norton internet security

Most people who use the internet does not take internet security to heart, but it’s a great step towards security your digital asset. If you’ve lost valuable data in the past, it could be as a result of neglect on your path.

But it doesn’t have to be like this all the time. You could easily leverage on helpful tools that’s available to you.

PC is a necessity for internet lovers and web writers – it’s your virtual office – you’ve got to protect the files and documents (data).

Why You Should Protect Data

Have you ever wondered why people secure files online? The reason is quite obvious and it varies from one person to the other. You have a reason for protecting your digital contents and I have mine too.

But we all have a similar line of vision. We want to have access to the data whenever the need arises. It doesn’t matter when we need it, but it’s important provisions be made. When I first came online, I wasn’t serious about internet security, and unknowingly, web hackers penetrated my database and made away with valuable information.

I call these people “wicked souls.”

There is no guarantee that the current file on your PC is secured, but when you backup, and store in a safe place, retrieving becomes blissful and profitable.

Internet Security for Bloggers

Did you see the recent news of how hackers are hijacking fabulous blogs across the web? You should protect your blog. If your blog is hosted on WordPress, this message if for you.

“Hackers are after your blog, they are having sleepless nights, just to hack and destroy the hard work you put into a particular blog – don’t allow them to rub your joy.

You can use several wordpress security plugins to protect your blog from hackers. But the very best internet security begins with your PC. Is there malware and malicious scripts on your operating system?

The quickest way to know if you’re at risk is to scan with updated virus. I would recommend Norton antivirus software and if you decide on using it, they are offering a great Norton antivirus 360 coupon deal. Use it to your advantage and protect your blog.

Online Backup for Freelance Writers

Freelance writers should be serious with internet security.

If you make money writing for clients, then you should understand the importance of protecting your portfolio. I know it’s possible to land paying projects without a portfolio, but it’s difficult. When I started writing professionally, I struggled to land my first clients because I had no sample.

The posts on your blog are part of what clients wants to see, to weigh your expertise and creativity.

Storing your samples on the hard disk is good, but it’s more expedient when you send it over to an online backup system. One of such is carbonate online backup system and offers a unique carbonite code, which can help you save on subscriptions.

Not only are online backup systems ideal, they also make for convenient use – whenever you’re on the go, use your mobile devices to access your account; download, share and upload files to different portals. Some of these online backup services also have applications for android and iPhone. Look around – you’ll find a good app!

Over to you

Have you been serious with internet security? Aside online backup services and wordpress plugins, what other ways can you protect valuable data from hackers? Share your comments below and let your readers know about this post.

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  1. I am not taking internet security seriously but after crash my all data i am worried about web security. Your information is effective for my pc web security.

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