13 Tips on How to Promote Your Content on Instagram

Challenging the bad omen that number 13 brings, these hand-picked tips are definitely dead serious. Adding up or reducing the number is not an option if these 13 tips are really what it takes for you to consider using Instagram as a marketing strategy in promoting the contents of your blog.

1. Fill in excellent and strikingly important content.

Picture your specific audience and make specific goals on how to influence them on things you want them to do. Plan everything. Think out of the box but remain in the box. Meaning, try to make your content unique and engaging but doesn’t wander aimlessly far from your real objective.

Align your Instagram post with your specific niche in a particular blog by sharing awesome stuffs like meaningful and beautiful photos. Be a highly creative visual content maker.

2). Present your most likable profile.

Keep your Instagram profile public. For starters, the right thing to do is to present a logo for a business account and a picture where they can see you, for a personal account. Adjust your photo such that it will suit well when Instagram will crop it to a circle.

Show your personality in your Instagram biography. Keep it short. Show them your interests. In the future, you’ll be glad that your name will first pop up in their mind because they can associate you with specific things.

In reward for having a likable profile, many will now follow you. The bio in Instagram is the sole area where you can enforce a clickable link. Make sure to use the right call to action in telling them to click that button!

3). Your images reimagined are at their best.

With photos providing more than 36% engagements than videos, images should really be bestowed with elegance. In here, amateur or mediocre shots don’t really post as a problem.

Instagram prides itself with handy and marvelous tools from clipping images to filtering styles to splendid layouts and many more.

Get that tinkering of Instagram cool features in editing photos mastered so that your gut instinct can finally decide of the right and perfect photo in no time. Also a decent camera for Instagram feeds is necessary to produce a good-quality image.

4). Post more frequently.

Instagram presents photos in one stream time. The first hour of posting is where you can get the majority of interactions. Because of this, there is definitely a need to post more frequently.

Adding up to the usual and common sense logic that more posts result to more exposures is also the strategy of timing the posts.

Lunch breaks and evenings after work are best times to make your Instagram posts because relaxing times are definitely conducive for relaxing activities like watching Instagram posts.

5). Share social proof. Show them the word-of-mouth about your post.

When people talk about your brand or whatever it is that you are trying to promote, you should celebrate and spread the good news even more. Instagram as a social network can enlarge these explorations and add up to the brand or brandings’ reputation.

In your Instagram posts, there are many ways you can present social proof.  A picture of credible experts using your product is one example; celebrity endorsement which might be related to your blog content is another. So just keep those ideas coming.

6). Transform the keywords of your content into Instagram hashtags.

Remember your old teacher always reminding you that the secret to fast memorization is through repetitions. Well, he is definitely right in many ways.

One way is that exact arrangements of words used in different sites actually function like a sick beat playing over and over again like for a last song syndrome.

Hashtags are very important in Instagram and most trendy pictures have hashtags caption only. Using that popularity will allow many Instagram fanatics to also follow your posts.

Maximize that potential because you are allowed up to 30 hashtags. Now you see that one big shot Instagram post can actually endorse a multitude of your blog posts.

7). Screen-shot your blogs.

No approach is more direct than this one. This follows the conventional idea that there is more power of persuasion by being more direct.

For a more innovative initiative, edit your screen capture to make it more appealing. Make use of layout application or other similar stuffs from Instagram to level up the playing field of making posts more attractive to the eyes of viewers.

Then after adding a maximum of 2,200 character caption and decent hashtags, tell people to click the link in your bio to read the post as explained in number 2 tip. Surely, you couldn’t be more direct than that.

Free stock photo of people, friends, happy, fun

8). Befriend other hashtag users who have the similar contents with yours.

It is called social networking for a reason and it’s definitely wise to be practical about it. Some of the ways to engage with other relevant hashtag users in your blogging niche are by liking and commenting on their contents. Following them is also a good idea.

With over 800 million active users, clearly, sharing a pool from this is not a bad thing. It actually strengthens the community of bloggers since two heads or more are better than one in terms of revolutionizing an idea.

9). Do not belittle the branding force of Instagram.

In this social platform, there are a lot of good vibes: One is the statistics saying that 60% of its users have come across on popular and even the not so popular products or services.

Another thing of noteworthy is that Instagram defeats Twitter and Facebook when talking about brand posts’ level of interactions.

Numbers truly are trustworthy indicators. Another thing to bear in mind is the information that 86% of top selling brands have Instagram! So try what is tested. Numbers don’t lie.

10). Acknowledge followers by mentioning them in your content.

Your followers are your friends and your followers have friends too. Sharing your emotions with them is not only a rational strategy but also a socially rewarding and a heart fattening activity.

You should use the right emojis in mentioning your followers in your comment. You don’t want to give them the slightest of a wrong idea.

These word substitutes are fantastic for thoughtful captions. They are also fantastic, because they reverberate with emotions to all of your viewers at a visual level.

Just don’t overdo it. A good suggestion is to highlight your followers’ name more and let the flow of traffic in evoking reactions work its magic.

11). Take Instagram’s shareable ability to greater heights through greater bonds of friendships.

If mentioning a follower in one of your posts is a brilliant way of showing your thanks to them, then how much more if you intend on sharing their photos? This does not only make you a lovable person but will actually help you extend your network of friends.

Your followers are your biggest support system so you should know how to take good care of them. That is why before posting, make sure that you have their blessing or permission.

Don’t linger too much on the notion that if you make someone famous then he owes you something in return. Spread the love without expecting something in return.

You may also embed their photos in your website or blogs to let them feel that you are sincere in making them feel appreciated. Respond to them promptly. This will make your relationships with them even livelier.

12). Use short, simple and catchy videos if needed.

Captions for a picture seen on your news feed are only available in the first three lines, other remaining lines if available is accessible only by clicking more. So trying to capture the essence of your Instagram post in the earliest 155 characters is a must. In other words this is a limitation only short videos can amend.

Undoubtedly, an action packed scene is represented better by a video than a picture. However the obvious downside of a video is the time it takes to watch one.

Creating a social platform popular for pictures yields the idea that a specific population right from the start is being targeted – these are the busy people.

So the dynamics of using the right tool on the right time in achieving a specific goal should be considered here.

13). Be true, dependable and consistent.

Get your passion straight. Get real in all honesty with what you really want to achieve. Be dependable by updating your posts from time to time especially if controversial facts or principles, or certain updates are available.

Be consistent by posting regularly. Don’t get too hyped for a number of years only to stop when you just feel like it. Everything that you have done to build a good name will be put to naught if that’s the case.

Too much of anything is not good also so don’t over post and tread the danger of overwhelming your viewers. Starting two per day is nice and increase gradually as soon as the number of your followers also increase.

Always be very engaging while having fun and do everything in your power that your posts will unquestionably last long and stay on that limelight as much as practicable.

Learning and knowing are only half of the battle. Start thinking of what to post, the idea is just there lurking in the corners! Let more Instagram followers come your way and let your blog posts’ viewers populate! Best of luck.

About the Author – I’m George Minton. I have been a camera enthusiast from 2008. Cameraseals is my personal blog where I share most of my interests and experiences from using cameras. You will find helpful topics even if you’re a beginner or long-time user.