Printed Media Versus Online Advertising

Achieving success for your business demands an intuitive focus on advertising.

Gone at the days when business owners stick with one form of publicity, time has come for a new concept. Your prospects are a bit wiser, very choosy and sees right through your offers even before you deliver to them. Have you ever considered printed media versus online advertising? Well, this blog post is aimed at showing you what works. Get ready for a treat of your life as you read further.

(1). The Effects of Printed Media
In years past and even today, printed media refers to those works that are in hard copy, printed formats in the form of books, newspapers, magazines, journals, business bulletins etc. This printed media formats have been the fulcrum of marketing, and honestly, it was effective.

But that was during the industrial age when the computer age was still unnoticed. That notwithstanding, printed media is still very much in use especially in the education and political sectors of the economy as well as other small business organizations.

The cost of advertising on printed media far outweighs that of internet advertising. Apart from that, the convenience associated with internet advertising is so obvious, everyone is looking at the internet as the fastest growing technology in this age, and more people are yet to join the internet advertising league. It takes some guts or chutzpah to trounce the web and attract a handful of your targeted prospects, but you can achieve success online nevertheless.

(2). Benefits of Online Advertising
Looking at the benefits of online advertising, it could be helpful in understanding this printed media versus online advertising concept. Having highlighted some few merits of showcasing your business over the web, you’re not just doing it for doing sake, there are benefits attached to it. Take a look:

– Reduced Cost:

The internet provides a cheap web advertising for small business, even multinationals like Amazon and Yahoo are utilizing the effective online advertising rates media kits to send their services across the globe. In fact, if you’re not making use of the internet as a promotional weapon, you’re losing so much prospects.

– Fast and Reliable:

Unlike printed media, online advertising is relatively fast. Consider how long it takes to send an email to your prospects, this can take less than 1 minute to get to them, especially when you’re using a good email marketing software. Doing business these days needs speed, reliability and accuracy and the internet provides all these for you. The first LLC I setup in 2009 enjoyed a faster growth because I was advertising solely on the internet.

– Reach A Wider Audience:

With online advertising, you can ultimately reach a wider audience at a cheaper, convenient and concise way. The presence of keyword research tools like  micro niche finder and buyer keyword tools helps you pinpoint what your targeted audience are desperately in need of. These are the terms (search queries) you should target to increase your chances of attracting the right prospects.

There is a great need for search engine optimization so that eventually, you could stop spending money on advertising especially when you are tight on budget, free organic search traffic is possible when you know how to get it.

– Free Tools Available
Some of the vital tools you need to promote your business can be gotten for free online. This is quite contrary to printed media where you have to purchase papers for printing, ink, printer, pay editors, writers and proofreaders who would handle the printed job. On the internet, reaching out can be low cost or entirely free.

For instance, keyword tools are free in most cases, like the one provided by the giant Google search engine. If you carry out your due research properly, these free tools helps in behavioral targeting for internet advertising and generates massive leads with less effort.

To start giving this a shot, I’m sure this printed media versus online advertising article has elucidated your mind on how to utilize the internet as a promotional weapon. The benefits are there for you to learn from. A rule of thumb is to start looking at the internet as a great source to grow your business, but don’t neglect printed media especially when your business does need it.